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32.43% Torn between The Assistant and The Basketball Guy / Chapter 12: 11 Starting☺️

11 Starting☺️ - Torn between The Assistant and The Basketball Guy - Chapter 12 by Sharlaine_Llovit full book limited free

Chapter 12: 11 Starting☺️

At the Trinity University...

"Hi, did I wait you so long?" Were Ally heading towards to me as I sit on the bench near the pine tree.

"No, I just came a bit earlier than you"

"I didn't expect this school is not as big as others"

"Haha, shall we go!?"

"Yeah" and we're head to the office staff.

At the office staff..

"That right counter is for the old students and that left counter was for the transferee and the new students"

"Alright" then we head on separate ways.

Right after few minutes of processing my money and schedule, I went outside of the office. Upon logging in into my account on Facebook, I saw Yuri's post that a caption of he sees a beautiful girl while they practicing a dance. And the picture of him was close enough.

"Hey, your hungry? My treat"

"A little?! Hehe" then I log out.

"Is it alright to you if I take you to eat in *******?"

"Yeah it's alright and I'm fine to that"

"I'm glad you like it and shall we go!?"

"Let's go" then we head to *******.

At the *******...

"It's full" as we arrive.

"Where we should eat?"

"Might be in Ministop or others that you can afford"

"Hmm..I think we'll go in 7/11"

"It's fine to me" then we head there.

At the 7/11...

"We're just in time that it's few, sometimes it becomes full here too"

"Really!? But what do you want to eat and drink?"

"Hot choco and strawberry doughnut"

"Miss, I'll order of 1 hot choco, 1 great taste coffee, 1 strawberry doughnut and 1 ham and cheese burger, how much all of it?"

"Worth *** pesos sir" as Ally getting his money and meanwhile, the waitress was preparing for our order.

"I'll find a sitting place for us"

"Go on and I can handle this" and I head, then I found near the flower area and big window where it's nice.

"This place is good, nice choice huh!?" As Ally arrive with the tray which has the foods and drinks he bought and put down to the table.

"How's your enrolling?" Were I take mine.

"It's fine"

"What year are you this school year?"

"I'm 4th year college"

"Are you always go in here?"

"No, I go here sometimes when I'm waiting for my classmates in some matters"

"Like projects? Right!?"


"Do you have some place to go after this?"

"Yeah, I have something to buy, why? You can go with me if you still want to roam around in the city"

"Really!? You serious?"

"Yeah and we can hangout and knowing each other well as friends"


"Shall we go!?"

"Yup and we're just both done to eat and drink"

"Alright and by the way, thank you for the food and drink" as we both stand up and head towards to door and leave.

At the street ways..

"Your welcome, so where will we go next?"

"To the ******* Shop, I need to buy something"

"For girl thing, right!?"

"Haha, it's for my business"

"Oops, I'm wrong"

"Here we are"

At the ******* Shop...

"Hello good morning Miss and Sir" were the security guard greets us as we arrive.

"Good morning too" as me and Ally said in unison. Then we head to the parcel colors area.

At the parcel colors area..

[ziimm, ziimm]



From: Yuri

Good morning, cutie, who's with you today?


How did he know that I'm with someone? Is he guarding me? Maybe he's just asking.



To: Yuri

Good morning too. I'm with my new friend why? How about you? Who's with you?



"Is that your boyfriend which you exchanging messages?" As Ally notice.

"No, he's a friend"office

[ziimm, ziimm]



From: Yuri

I see, a guy friend right!? Seems you two are close, though it's a NEW friend


Is he jealous? And I am right that he's guarding me by using other person.



To: Yuri

Are you jealous?



"What did he say?"

"He was just asking something"

"I think he likes you, didn't he?!"

"He did confess to me yesterday after their game"


"That's just it" then I pick parcel colors where it's wonderful which worth *** pesos and it's a set.

"It's wonderful right!? And it's a set now which worth to the price"

"Yeah it's pretty even though I know nothing about the arts"

"Haha, it's alright and let's go" then we head to the counter to process the item which I will bought.

[ziimm, ziimm]



From: Yuri

What if I say I am?!


"It's *** pesos, Miss" the saleswoman said.

Then I lend the exact money she ask.

"I think I need to go home now, but what about you?"

"Here's your item, Miss, thank you and come again" and I get the small tote bag.

[briitt, briitt]

📞 Mr. *******

;good morning, Miss Larry, I think you forgot our meeting today but I'm still waiting for you, here at the restaurant, thought you want to get your payment!? See you later.

;wait!! Yeah I almost forgot and thank you for reminding me Mr. ******* and see you later, bye.


End call..

"I think I don't have to worry, but I'll take you first before I go home"

"Are you sure?"


"As you say, and thank you and we better go now" Then we head to the restaurant.

At the ******* Restaurant...

"Thank you again and take care" before I step in into the restaurant.

"Your welcome and thank you too, bye" when a jeepney stop in-front of us and he's head to step up into the jeepney. Then I'm way heading to step in into the restaurant.

"Good morning, Miss Larry, Mr. ******* is waiting for you at same seating place" as the receptionist greets me when I step in.

"Good morning too, and thank you" and I head to the seating place.

"Hi Mr. *******, I'm sorry I'm late"

"It's alright and take a sit"

"Thank you" and I sit.

Here's our seating position:


Mr. *******

"Before I lend to you of the payment, do eat first" then a waitress came with a tray of food and drink and put on the table where it's in-front of me.

"Thank you but I'm full"

"Alright but you can take home"


"Yes and well we don't have further to deal so here's the payment" and he lend the white medium envelope to me.

"Thank you"

"Let we pack you this food and drink before you leave, Thurpz will you give miss Ally here a food pack"

"Yes Mister" then the waiter leave as he follows the order of Mr. *******.

"I just remember that your still an student so you take enroll"

"Here's the food pack but I'll be the one who will pack" and he pack the food and drink.

"Here" then he lend to me.

"Thank you for the payment and this, the food and drink Mr. *******, I'll go ahead"

"Your welcome and take care" and I leave.

[ziimm, ziimm]



From: Yuri

How's the like date with your NEW friend?! Seems you enjoy and went to the restaurant to eat, right!?


He's been jealous though we're not in a relationship. But he's checking out to another girl. What he's up to?!

[beep, beep]

When a white car stop in-front of me and it's Rendy when the window opens at the passenger seat beside him and there I knows that it's him but the one who open the window was his girlfriend Audrey. Rendy was a friend of Yuri and Cyndrix and my friend too in social media and maybe on personal like today.

"Hop in" Audrey says.

"Oh wait, let me open the door for you" and she open the door right at the back of her seat.

"Thank you" Then I step in into the car and put aside my two small tote bag beside me and close the door. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Drive in" as we hit the road.

At Rendy's car...

"You don't have a date right!? Because the way of your clothes are not I think of" Rendy's comment upon my clothes.

"Yeah I don't but that's the way Yuri's thinking of and I know that you know that too, especially that I'm with my new friend an hour ago who join with me to take enroll because he's a freshmen in our University"

"Yeah I know but who's that new friend of yours? Is it a girl or a boy?" Rendy ask.

"It's a boy and sister Tessa ask a favor of me to join him to take enroll"

"Is he the assistant of our new priest?" Audrey ask.

"Yes he is"

"I see why Yuri got jealous"

"I know but it feels weird that he's jealous that I'm with someone which is a guy yet he's checking out to another girl!? What is that?"

"Your right, it's weird apart to me" Audrey agreed on me.

"I know and it's wrong even though he confess to you yesterday right!? and did not court you, but we're here"

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