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CULTIVATION TRAINING CONTINUES....(PART 2) - TRANSCENDENT WAR GOD:-SAGA OF DEV YAKSH. - Chapter 9 by Abhilash_Sarjan full book limited free


Ashu was perspiring all over his body, but still there was a joy on his face; as day by day, his body's meridians were getting stronger, his reserve for spirit qi was also increasing and he was feeling very energetic. In Dev Tribe, childrens are born with their meridians, as their natural born gift; which depicts greatness of the path of child's journey and his overall potential. Ashu was born with 'Primordial Constellation Meridians', a kind of ancient meridians with mysterious and strongest origins, but they are so old, that even ancestors are not easily able to identify them. From outwards they appear very crude and simple, but from inside, as if the 'Supreme Meridians', complete and strongest reign over Astral Powers. They are very mysterious with power to evolve continuously, because they are 'Primordial', where everything was born, similar to life, continuous and developing; They are also called, 'Ancestral Meridians'.

Ashu, after resting for few hours stepped on 7th step; the pressure increased from all over surroundings 7th fold and covered him completely. Surrounding qi started to gather inside his body and convert into essence energy, due to saturation of qi. On the 8th step, these essence energy started to crystallize and these crystals started to flow in the meridians; roaming all over the network of blood vessels. On the 9th step, these essence energy crystals started to deposit in the centre of chest of cultivator and the previous 'Astral Core' was dissolved and reformed itself into a new 'Energy seed'; as it was already damaged in previous life, due to fight with 'Celestial God Clan', 'Prince Rougan'. So, to completely abolish hidden problems during cultivation; on the 10th step, these energy crystals started to aggregate all energies in the body, Ashu reformed it's energy seed, by breaking his previous 'Astral Core', which further provided high quality astral essence energy and it was still gathering due to Astral qi, 'Ghost Stone' also merged with astral essence energy and provided ghost essence energy from Ghost qi, 'Spirit qi seed' was born due to crystallisation and deposition of spirit essence energy from Spirit qi, which merged with astral essence energy and finally 'Divine seed' also emerged from Soul Sea, while divine essence energy was still being released from soul sea through Divine qi and it also merged with astral essence energy, leading to transformation and formation of high quality energy seed at the centre of his chest.

This energy seed had 4 hemispheres, which divided energy seed into 4 parts such as, Astral Sphere, Spirit Sphere, Divine Sphere and Ghost Sphere. All these spheres became parts of energy seed. On 11th day, pressure increased 11th fold on 11th step and Ashu heard the sound of 'cracking' from his body and 6th stage of 'Tempered Body Realm' was achieved; there was rise in his strength and speed. As Ashu's all acupuncture points were already opened, the flow of essence energy through meridian channels of bones and flesh acupuncture points started to flow smoothly towards energy seed and energy seed started to store energy in crystallised form and nourished the whole body. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Ashu adjusted himself on the 11th step whole day and next day bravely moved towards 12th step. As he stepped over 12th step, his blood vessels started to strain and cracked, which led to the disturbance of energy flow, but soon he gulped down mouthful of Mortal Pills. Until now previous 10,000 Mortal Pills were already finished and now he had to take out 10,000 more Mortal Pills, to continue his training; to successfully complete his training, he had to sacrifice his resources. After medicinal pills entered his body, his meridian channels started to repair itself automatically and his meridians also started to get stronger with increase in their capacity. Ashu stepped on 13th day to 13th step and found his energy seed stabilised and the meridians completed their full network in the body. The system of meridian cycle had 2 different systems, which are such as 'Energy receiving meridian network' and the other 'Energy supplying meridian network'. These Meridian networks are connected to energy source of energy seed; generally, energy receiving meridian network is active during cultivation practises and energy supplying meridian network is active during fights and other auxillary work activities. The energy received always get stored in energy seed, it get's crystallised and energy seed develops according to the cultivation of cultivator. These stored energy is also supplied and used, while during work and activities.

On the 14th day of 14th step, Ashu felt pressure increased of 14th fold; he immediately channeled his energy in bones from energy seed and found smooth supply of qi from energy seed, towards outwards of his body due to his acupuncture points being already opened. Soon, he heard the sound of electric spark, 'crackle' 'crackle' from his body and found himself at the 7th stage of 'Tempered Body Realm', his strength and speed increased distinctively. In his 'Divine Sphere', his 'Divine Plantlet' increased 7 inches and 14 divine leaflets; while 'Ghost Sphere' had 'Ghost Plantlet' increased 4 inches and 8 ghost leaflets. His 'Astral Sphere' became sturdy and similarly his body became stronger and his 'Spirit Sphere' increased in size due to increase in spirit qi; finally energy seed increased in size due to breakthrough.

On the 15th step, energy seed started to tremble and essence energy started to increase due to rise in pressure and energy seed's space was in the centre of chest, it became unstable; therefore it started to move downwards. On the 16th step, pressure continued to rise and energy seed continued to move downward through meridian channels. 17 step, led the energy seed to mid section i.e., below chest region of body and breakthrough of 8th stage of 'Tempered Body Realm' was achieved. Energy seeds pathway was to enter 'Dantian' through travelling meridian channels.18th step increased pressure 18th fold; it felt like, he was standing on sand and his leg bogged down in sandy marshes. 19th step pressure led energy seed more downward near to stomach and he felt there was nobody to help. On 20th day at 20 step, which was final day for Ashu's cultivation in cauldron. Ashu felt that pressure has increased tremendously and he found himself helpless, which made him unable to move single step. At the end of day, he found his energy seed trapped in between and very close towards it's path of dantian; he felt resistance from his body, which had increased tremendously. He rested on the 20th step and finally on the next day, there was an increase in his aura; strength and speed increased additionally. He had a breakthrough to 9th stage of 'Tempered Body Realm'; even though, energy seed was stuck near navel centre below stomach, but soon his energy seed will be able to enter dantian and breakthrough to 'Qi Condensation Realm'. His 'Divine Sphere' had 'Divine Plantlet' increased 9 inches and 18 divine leaflets and 'Ghost Sphere' had 'Ghost Plantlet' increased 6 inches and 12 ghost leaflets. 'Astral Sphere' size increased and his body also become sturdy with strength and 'Spirit Sphere' had increase in Spirit qi greatly.

Ashu felt himself, pulled by suction force from cauldron into darkness and became unconscious, while being thrown out cauldron. There was sunrise outside tree house, but there were gloomy dark clouds floating in the sky. There were many beast carcasses abandoned in the forest; there was blood on the walls of trees. The river was captured by some opponents, where their team's flag was hoisted; Ashu was thrown unconscious from cauldron and fell on the floor of tree house. His rest continued until afternoon, but in his heart, there was a desire to meet his friends, Once again.

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