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Chapter 23: Change of plans

Lumen's proficiency in his skill had seen a great increase from his battle against other humans than compared to fighting those two beasts before.

First of all, his proficiency in his spear mastery had gone from 6% all the way up to 27.5%, a stark increase of 21.5%!

His footwork had taken even more of an increase, with it sitting currently at 33%, up from the previous 5%. Clearly battle against humans provided more proficiency in skills, which Lumen could guess the reason was that they were sentient like him, unlike the mindless beasts and so they would require more strategy and skill to beat.

However what he was most excited to see was his proficiency in his magic skills!

[Mana Bolt (Lv.1 12%) (Common)]

[Mana Reinforcement (Lv.1 9%)]

The percentages weren't very high compared to that of his other warrior skills but considering how little he had used them it could be seen as even more of an increase compared to the others in the ratio of time using skill to proficiency gained.

He had only used his mana bolt twice while he used the mana reinforcement once since he had received them from the system, which is little in comparison to the amount of times he used his footwork and spear mastery skill, especially considering these are passive skills and so theoretically his proficiency would slowly be increasing even while walking or holding his spear. The increase would be miniscule though.

Lumen had finished inspecting his status and went to the rest of the dead bodies to loot whatever they had in their inventories. Unfortunately other than the leader, the others only had a few health and mana potions each, with the axe warrior having a little more. In total from the 8 bodies he had gained another 16 health potions and 23 mana potions.

It was clear that these people had used some potions here and there but not many mana potions as they were clearly all physical combat focused classes.

When he finished throwing all of the dead bodies to the forest, he walked back to the others to have a talk about what they would be doing moving forward.

It seemed they had the same thoughts as they approached him first with Will being the one to speak.

"What do you suggest we do now?" Will stepped up and asked. The tone in his voice being genuine and not angry or resentful for what Lumen had done. At first he had somewhat appointed himself the leader of the group but at some point after each battle he started asking Lumen more and more for advice and guidance for their situation. The others had also followed his lead and now it seemed the title of leader belonged to Lumen.

"I suggest we do everything we can to level up and survive this f*cked up tutorial. It's understandable if you don't wish to fight other people, but you at least need the skill to defend yourself when they come looking for a fight with you. If you can't tell what I'm getting at here, its to hunt beasts. We can't stay here at this small makeshift camp wallowing away for 2 months while other people spend their time gaining experience, accumulating power and levelling up." Lumen finished but added one more thing afterwards.

"We do what the system wants us to do, that is the best chance we have to survive until the end of this shit."

Qu Quan seemed to have been going through many emotions over the past two days but at this moment, she seemed to have suppressed those as she bit her lip and spoke.

"I agree with Lumen!" She chimed in.

"He's right, this place is clearly meant to test us, otherwise why would it be called a 'tutorial'. If this is the tutorial, then what comes after? Clearly this is only the beginning. We need to learn to fend for ourselves. What if Lumen wasn't here to take care of those two most powerful enemies earlier? We would all be finished already, I would have probably suffered a fate worse than death..." She shivered as she finished her speech.

Clearly she didn't even want to imagine what would have happened to her if not for Lumen.

Lumen hoped this experience had been a wake up call for them, as it had for sure been one for him.

He had been sent into another universe, to an Earth identical to that of his previous one millions of years prior, and yet before he could even enjoy his freedom he had been thrown into this.

He already knew it but his infinite lifespan meant nothing if he fell in combat. His body may not age, but it was nothing near true immortality.

Lumen gave the others space to think as he excused himself to pack up his things, putting everything he deemed valuable into his inventory. Once he was done, he turned to the group once more and spoke.

"The day has just begun, but we have a lot of work to do if we don't want to end up like these guys." He finished as he pointed at the 8 dead bodies in the distant forest.

"Pack up your things and get ready to leave. We will spend this day learning how to fight properly like a team, to make the best use out of our abilities. We should aim to get everyone to level 4 at the least before the sun sets."

His plan for now was to spend their second day in the tutorial constantly hunting beasts. His main goal being to upgrade the power of their group as a whole as clearly the ambush last night had only been won because of his power alone. He needed to bring the others up to a level where they could fend for themselves.

"We will try our best to interact with other people as little as possible for now. In this place, anybody could be an enemy so its not worth trying to make friends yet, lest we end up with a sword in our backs when we sleep."

During this entire time, not once did anybody care to ask Lumen about his class. They knew he clearly had some special class in order to be able to have abilities from two different classes, but after seeing the slaughter he had performed the previous night as well as the fact he had saved all of their lives, they didn't bother asking him unless he mentioned it to them himself.

Lumen finished discussing his plans with the others as they packed up everything they needed and once ready, set off in a random direction in search of beasts to hunt.

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