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Chapter 29: Grief and revenge

Jake turned his head towards Qu Quan who was the source of the gasping sound.

What he saw left him in as much shock as the others.

Shivi stood there, looking around at Qu Quan, Jake and the others with a confused look on his face as if to say 'What's all the fuss about??'

However, before he could put the question into words, he fell to the ground motionless.

Shivi's body lay there with an arrow embedded in his skull with the tip peaking out on the other side. His left eye being nothing more than a bloodied mass of flesh, nothing in resemblance to its previous self just moments before.

He was as dead as dead could be.

Jake, Will and Qu Quan were all in a deep shock as Lumen looked off into the distance at the archer who fired that shot.

He bared his hatred towards this archer, but all of his hatred was bore towards Michael, the man who ordered the archer to undertake such a tragic killing.

He couldn't hesitate any longer as he shouted towards the others.


His shout was a wake up call for the remaining four as sadness and tears could be seen forming under Qu Quan's eyes she knew they had no choice but to leave Shivi's body there and fight back if they wanted a chance to leave this situation alive.

Sure enough, Qu Quan, Will and Jake no longer focused on the sadness of Shivi's death and instead placed their attention with Lumen. Avenging Shivi was now their main concern.

Without wasting any time, the group of five turned four now darted in the same direction with looks on their faces that could scare the devil.

Nothing could stop their rapid march, not the trees, bushes, undergrowth. Nothing.

The three archers made moves to separate into different directions as they knew that a direct confrontation with a well structured team would only lead to losses on their side.

Lumen neared in to an archer's position with speed surpassing that of even Qu Quan.

Although he may not be an archer himself, his starting stats gave him quite the advantage against other normal humans and seeing as this was still only a little over two days into the tutorial, the gap in stats hadn't quite been closed between Lumen and these ordinary level 6 archers.

Very soon, he came within 3 metres of the archer as he was unable to match Lumen's speed and instead chose to turn around and face him with his dagger.

It was this archer who had fired the shot that killed Shivi.

"Your first mistake is thinking you can do anything with that dagger."

Lumen said as he lunged forwards with his spear towards the man's wrist, penetrating his artery and knocking the dagger out of his hand.

A wail of pain came from the archer's mouth as Lumen continued speaking.

"Your second mistake was thinking you were the hunter this whole time. Spoiler warning! You were not."

His second strike with his spear landed on the man's other wrist, spoiling any attempt he could make at summoning another dagger into his other hand with his inventory.

"Your third mistake was following the orders of that man, Michael. Engrave that name into your brain as he is the reason this is happening to you."

His spear struck again, this time meeting the man's chest, narrowly missing his heart.

The wails of pain were soon changed into gurgles as blood soon mixed with the air the man breathed.

"Your last mistake was killing my friend. This strike won't miss."

For the last and most horrifying time of the archer's moments, Lumen struck his spear straight through the man's skull, penetrating his left eye and poking out of the other side.

His first act of revenge for Shivi had been enacted.

He didn't even spare another glance at the man's body, not even looting his inventory as he focused his attention on the other two archers.

One of them was struggling to keep a lead on Qu Quan, the gap in levels being too close for the man to gain any distance between them.

However it seemed that she seemed to have some sort of fear tactic on the man as his face showed nothing but fear as he did his best to run back to Michael and his group.

What Lumen didn't know however was that the man wasn't scared if Qu Quan. Instead he was scared of what would happen to him if Lumen caught him.

Seeing that Qu Quan seemed to be holding the Fort down with that archer, Lumen turned to help Jake and will who were struggling to catch up to his opponent, the difference in speed between a heavy warrior/mage and an archer being too great.

Lumen ran over alongside them in no time and ordered them.

"Go and help Qu Quan deal with the last guy! I'll deal with this one. Go, now!"

They didn't even stop for a second to think as they obeyed his words with no complaint and turned to Qu Quan's direction, speeding off.

Seeing Lumen now hot on his tail, the archer who Jake and Will had just been following looked horrified as he somehow increased his speed even more in an attempt to gain distance between them.

Fortunately it seemed his attempt worked as the distance between them was widening, it was slow, but at least it was widening.

9 metres...

10 metres...

11 metres...

The distance kept getting wider as the archer's shock soon turned into a smug smile when he turned to look back at Lumen behind him.

However when he saw what was in Lumen's other hand, his smile froze as confusion and soon after horror returned to his face.

From behind, Lumen wouldn't let this chance to kill this archer slip away and so he decided to use a hidden card only the dead and his team mates knew of.

A mana bolt was forming in his left hand as it fully turned into a condensed ball of mana in no time and not wanting to be too late with his attack, he shot it at the archer.

Thankfully, he was still just barely within range of the skill at 14 metres away as the bolt struck the back of the man's head, splattering it like a watermelon instantly.

He didn't even spare a glance at the body as he knew for sure from the gory scene as well as the system notifications that the man was dead.

'One more to go.'

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