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77.77% Transmigration in Against the Gods (AU) / Chapter 70: Shocking

Shocking - Transmigration in Against the Gods (AU) - Chapter 70 by darvom full book limited free

Chapter 70: Shocking

'Oh? This human's body is already comparable to the body of a true dragon...But it has yet to mature. So effortlessly destroying opponent one great realm above him...I wonder how he will fare in the last wave.' Residual soul thought while watching Meng defeat the dragon stone warrior.

It suddenly looked towards Yufeng and a sly glint flashed in its azure eyes.

'...One human has traces of Phoenix on his body which probably makes him eligible to skip the 3rd stage but that woman is completely regular human but it looks like she adores the human in front of her...' Residual soul thought, already having plans for the third stage in case they pass the first 2 stages.

After a while, a yellow light flashed once again and 4 Stone Dragon Warriors appeared in front of Meng and Yufeng.

Yufeng and Meng both took out 2 each.

Yellow rays of light flashed once again and this time, 8 warriors stood in front of them. This caused them to look at each other.

"So that's it...The number of them is going to double each time we defeat them, I wonder when will it stop..." Meng muttered while Yufeng frowned as going against too many of them would prove to be difficult for her. Although they had no suitable weapons and tools like her, they were ultimately still at the early stages of the emperor profound realm. She could use her domain but that depletes a lot of profound energy and they have no idea how many stone warriors they will have to destroy

They once again took care of them together...then 16 came out.



It continued like this until the 7th wave when 128 stone warriors appeared all around them, surrounding them while they were standing in the middle of encirclement back to back. Meng still had his faint smile but Yufeng was already sweating from the number of opponents.

'I won't be able to continue fighting for much longer...' Yufeng thought and thus no longer held back on her energy consumption and started fighting with everything she had.

Earth below them was completely devastated with deep cuts caused by the sword energy slashes.

*Huff* *huff* At the end of the wave, Yufeng was gasping for breath while she could while Meng was keeping his guard up in Yufeng's stead, looking around with a faint smile and few beads of sweat rolling down his temple. Both of them had divined a portion of their profound energy to keep looking for each other in case one of them messed up so the other could respond in time.

'Hmm, their teamwork isn't bad but that woman is too restless. She probably feels like it's her duty to take on more of the stone warriors than the other human since her cultivation base is stronger.' Residual soul thought and wondered how will they fare against the next waves that have yet to come.

It wasn't as if Yufeng didn't trust Meng but she more like wanted to prove to him that she wasn't as weak as she used to be even though he has never seen her strength before. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

8th wave quickly arrived with numerous flashes of yellow light and some of the dragon stone warriors had a different weapon, a metal ball attached to the chains.

They didn't give them any time to rest and they started to run towards both of them, closing in on them from all sides.

When Meng was about to use his bigger scale attacks, he heard Yufeng mumble something behind him.

"...-domain" She wielded her sword right in front of her while vertically pointing with its tip towards the skies and Meng felt her sword intent forming an actual barrier around them that was spreading at a fast rate, quickly enveloping the stone warriors and they started being shredded by what looked like wind blades made out of sword intent.

Just within a minute, all of 256 stone warriors were shredded to pieces.

'She took care of the entire wave but it must have caused her to enter into a state of complete exhaustion.' Meng thought and glanced at Yufeng who finally undid her domain and started panting.

9th stage...Before they had time to rest for a bit, 512 stone warriors appeared all around them, causing Yufeng to widen her eyes before she clenched her hand into a fist, lightly biting her lower lip.

'I used up all my remaining profound energy reserves in that previous attack...' Yufeng thought with an irritated expression but her resolve never dimmed in her eyes.

"3rd move - S-?!" Meng decided to take care of this quickly as Yufeng now had no way how to defend herself but before he could create the spear out of his pure yang energy, he felt with his Spiritual Sense several objects flying towards them at high speed which caused him to stop what he was doing and he quickly wrapped his arm around Yufeng's waist before intending to jump far away from the encirclement.

Although he was fast enough to shield Yufeng, several arrows still managed to reach him in time and were capable of easily penetrating his profound energy natural defenses, however, once they made contact with his back, only the tips of the arrowheads pricked his skin but all 20 arrows that managed to hit him didn't even get stuck in his back and fell down on the ground.

"Meng?! Are you alright?!" Yufeng widened her eyes as she saw all those arrows hit his back.

"I am fine, such superficial wounds will heal in a matter of seconds. Hold on to me tight." Meng said with a faint smile and as he said, the wounds on his skin quickly closed up.

"...You should just let me down, I will slow you down, I depleted all my profound energy." Yufeng said while clenching her teeth.

"You depleted all your energy because you kept using it to kill more and more stone warriors than me. I have yet to even put my energy into use so hold on to me! It's my time to take care of opponents." Meng said with a raised voice which caused Yufeng to look down and just silently put her arms around his neck.

Just when he finished talking, he extended his left arm in front of him and an illusionary image of the moon blocked tens of arrows flying at them. Seeing this, residual soul's eyes widened in shock as it could identify the energy Meng used in this defensive move.

"So, do you trust me, Yufeng?" Meng asked while calmly looking at the hundreds of stone warriors were rushing towards them.

"...I have never doubted you ever before and I don't plan to." Yufeng closed her eyes and replied in a calm tone as her entire body relaxed as far as to getting rid of that small amount of profound energy that was still naturally protecting her body and she started slowly recovering her profound energy without a care in the world.

"Heh" Meng looked down at her focused face before he chuckled lightly after seeing the amount of trust she has in him.

'I guess I shouldn't disappoint lady...' Meng thought with a faint cold smile while looking at the horde a few hundred meters away. Within a flash, a glowing amber-colored spear appeared in his right hand before he threw it towards the archers first.

*BOOM* The spear flew at an even faster speed than Meng's own speed. When the spear pierced the ground nearby the archers, the spear started releasing a dangerous strong light before it completely exploded, turning everything in its radius to ashes before turning ashes into nothingness.

More than 50 stone warriors completely disappeared without a trace just in a few seconds.

"4th move...Heaven's Retribution" Meng didn't even wait for the results before channeling his profound energy once again and a bright circle appeared in the sky before numerous small amber spears started falling down on stone warriors' heads. Another more than a hundred stone warriors had their bodies pierced by numerous spears before crumbling down.

'...To be able to decimate so many opponents of one higher realm in just one move is truly a great spectacle. He might as well be the perfect inheritor, alas, I doubt he would have agreed even if he were to pass the trial due to his bloodline. Well, that woman who is following him isn't that bad either, maybe a bit hot-headed, she still took care of 256 opponents at her own level within just 1 minute...' Residual soul thought while observing them.

'Still, more than 350 stone warriors remaining...This is taking a bit too long, let's change the strategy.' Meng thought and hid his spear into his inventory before forming a handsign in front of him with the right index and middle fingers.

"5th move...Heavenly Mandate" Meng extended his arm towards the remaining stone warriors coming at him and spread his hand, his palm facing the ground.

'?! What is this foreign power flowing inside my domain from the outside? Is that human actually borrowing power from an outside source to do his bidding?!' Residual soul obviously felt the power invading its domain and in all honesty, it got a bit startled by that power's presence so he didn't even try to interfere with it just to be safe.

"Hmph!" Meng narrowed his glowing amber eyes and brought his right hand down, slamming the ground with his palm. Suddenly the gravity increased by a massive amount for all the beings under the skies of this domain except for Meng and obviously Yufeng who was clinging to him. The stone warriors started falling to their knees before falling flat on the ground but that wasn't the end as their bodies started pressing even harder against the earth, so much that a few cracks started to appear on their bodies as they were making small dents in the ground.

"Ha!" Meng released a low shout clenching his right hand into a fist, exceptionally multiplying the already increased gravity so much that the bodies of stone warriors turned to dust and an extremely strong earthquake struck the entire domain along with the light behaving a bit strange due to being affected by the large gravity but everything quickly stopped as Meng multiplied it only for a split second.

*inhale* *exhale* Meng was calming his breath while Yufeng was staring at the scene in disbelief while also subconsciously tightening her hold on Meng.

Even the Residual soul of Dragon God was staring at the scene in silence without announcing anything.

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