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Chapter 80: The Valiant Ah Meow

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

At the door, Rose first took out a file with information on the community. "There is only one person living in this house. My colleague checked this detail, and confirmed that the resident is a male that tends to stay indoors. Nothing seems to be a problem."

"Which colleague came here? Tell him to come over." Li Du said as he knocked on the door.

Rose said in surprise. "What?"

"There is something wrong with this house." Li Du continued knocking.

Rose's body shuddered slightly. She suppressed her agitated emotions and asked, "Are you sure? You haven't even opened the door to see what's inside."

Li Du asked, "With such a wide gap in between the floor and the door, do you really think that I can't see what's inside?"

His increasingly rapid knocking finally alerted the three people on the second floor. The young white man threw away his cigarette butt calmly and opened a small, metal door leading to the attic. The two black males then crawled in.

Rose said some words into her radio, and a white lady with a fit build came rushing over.

When Rose was about to say something to her, the door was flung open. The white young man walked out, so Rose had to keep silent.

Seeing the trio, the white young man asked with a surprised expression, "Ms. Alison? Is there anything else?"

The fit, white female cop, Alison, smiled slightly and said, "Haha—it's like this, Mr. Robert…"

Li Du pushed the white young man into the house and rudely interrupted Alison. "Mr. Robert, right? See this cat? It's a sniffer cat. Sorry, but it has smelled a heavy amount of marijuana from outside this house. You will need to explain yourself."

Alison's jaw was opened wider than the width of her large fist.

Li Du was sure that the three had been smoking marijuana. He had seen those paper rolls in Flagstaff when he had first arrived.

Arizona state, which Flagstaff was located in, had not completely legalized marijuana. They had just approved medical use of marijuana in 2011, permitting special privileges to residents who had the prescription from doctors.

According to the state law, if anyone was caught smoking or possessing marijuana by the police, they could be sentenced to prison anywhere from three months to thirteen years.

However, cops wouldn't normally enter a household just to search for marijuana. Arizona had a positive attitude toward legalizing marijuana, and the government was pushing toward legalizing marijuana for entertainment use.

But as the voting had not begun, the original laws were still in place.

The white young man, Robert, was shocked, and hastily denied this. "No, no. We didn't smoke any marijuana!"

"We?" Li Du asked. "How many people are in here?'

He had grasped a very lethal verbal slip, but Robert seemed to be calm. He gave an embarrassed smile that looked natural and said, "I'm used to using 'we' when talking about myself. This is due to my habit—"

Li Du said, "Sorry, we don't care about your private issues. Now we need to perform a search of your house with this sniffer cat."

Robert retreated to the living room and showed a resigned expression. "Of course, yeah. Sure. But we will need to see a search warrant."

Li Du was just about to speak, when from the floor above, at the top of the staircase, a rifle barrel suddenly stuck out!

The appearance of the barrel was sudden. Rose immediately pushed Li Du and Alison to the floor and shouted, "Careful!"

Bang! The gun sounded like a firework, and the wooden floor of the house had a huge hole in it.

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Robert cussed "sh*t" and ran upstairs.

Now, even a fool would know something was amiss. Alison hastily took out her radio and shouted, "Command, command! This is… This is…"

"Number 25! This is d*mn apartment number 25!" Rose bellowed while swiftly taking out a black Glock from her purse.

"We are at apartment number 25, and two officers are under gunfire!" Allison continued shouting into her radio. "The thieves are likely hiding here! Requesting backup! Requesting backup!"

Robert's shouts came from upstairs. "Scar, you idiot! Why the h*ll did you shoot!?"

"Shut it, whitey! The cops are already at the door, and you really think that they're here to search for some d*mn marijuana? Quick, get rid of them and run!"

"It's just three of them, use the height advantage to get rid of them!"

Hearing the shouts, Rose raised her weapon and fired. "Rush in! I'll cover! Rush in!"

More rifle barrels stuck out from upstairs. One of them was a semi-automatic. Gun sparks flew, and bullets sprayed all over the wooden floor.

Luckily, they took under cover in a blind spot behind a large sofa. They were not hit.

The men upstairs also realized, so one used the semi-automatic to keep them trapped behind the couch while two crouched down under the spray of bullets and began to come downstairs.

"We can't let them come down!" Alison shouted.

They couldn't even lift their heads; bullets were flying right above them. Li Du had no other means to help, and yelled to Ah Meow, "Run!"

Ah Meow stared widely and ran from his bag. It then crawled under the sofa.

The ocelot was silent, and ran as fast as lightning toward the stairs after climbing out from under the sofa.

The two had no time to react before Ah Meow sprang into the air in front of their eyes.

The scar-faced man raised his hunting rifle and pulled the trigger. Bang!

"Ah Meow!" Li Du yelled.

The ocelot did not jump toward them directly, but instead jumped onto the stairs and successfully evaded the shot.

Ah Meow leapt into the air, did a magical 180-degree spin, and grabbed onto the smooth railing. It then made another split-second decision and jumped toward Scarface, giving a swipe with its claw.

A wail sounded, and he screamed, "Argh, f*ck!"

Ah Meow used Scarface as a platform and then jumped onto the back of Robert. With claws like Wolverine, it made two swipes. Robert threw away his gun and covered his face, wailing pitifully like Scarface had. "My eyes! I'm blind!"

Just a moment later and the struggle was over. Ah Meow did not stop, but instead ran rapidly up the stairs, its long tail sidewinding like a snake.

The man upstairs had not made any counterattack. Only a shout of surprise was heard, and followed by a whimper. "Ahhh, it hurts! D*mn this son of a b*tch! Get off!"

Rose gritted her teeth, held her gun, and rushed in to disarm the gun from Scarface.

Alison followed behind her; at this point, Scarface and Robert had already lost their ability to resist. They could only sit there, whimpering in pain while covering their faces.

The two handcuffed them. It was then that the police vehicle had arrive, and a group of officers armed to the teeth came and shouted from outside, "Rose! Alison! How's the situation!?"

Ah Meow was biting on an AR-15 rifle gleefully and poked its head out from upstairs. But since it was not as long as the rifle, it waddled unstably down the stairs, finally slipping and falling when it lost its footing.

Li Du rushed upstairs and called out to it, "What the h*ll!? You wild child, didn't I tell you to run?!"

Rose cuffed the man with the afro who was hiding upstairs, and Alison shouted outside, "It's fine to enter! The situation is now completely under control!"

A group of officers rushed in. When they saw the two bloodied faces of the ruffians, they unconsciously swallowed their saliva. "Sh*t, that's tragic!"

Rose coldly said, "The one upstairs is even worse—call an ambulance, quick!"

The officers began searching the house. Soon, a young man from the attic dug out a backpack and yelled, "Boss, the jewelry that was stolen in LA is all here!"

The middle-aged white officer sternly nodded, then looked to Rose and said, "Situation report!"

Rose saluted and was about to speak, when Li Du cut in, "It's like this, officer: We were on our way back to you when we ran into Officer Alison. She then explained to us the condition of this house. We felt that something was amiss, so we came together to check again."

The white officer looked at him, and then back to Rose, "Was that what happened?"

Rose bit her lip and said, "Yes, sir!"

The white officer patted Rose and Alison's shoulders. "Great job!"

Li Du said, "Don't say these pretty words just yet, sir. We had an agreement before, so now is the time to fulfill it, right?

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