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100% Treasures of Valeria / Chapter 37: Balthazar's Laboratory

Treasures of Valeria Chapter 37 - Balthazar's Laboratory

Chapter 37: Balthazar's Laboratory

"So, can we do something practical now?" said Isabelle as she was holding the small arcane stone Balthazar gave her before.

Balthazar shook his head in disagreement. "I gave that to you to help you feel and regulate the arcane energy in your body, depending on it all the time to cast spells and magic will not help you improve your control over your power"

"Come on, just this once. I want to do some fancy magic stuffs"

Balthazar did not reply. But Isabelle moved closer to him and looked up into his eyes that was hidden behind his mask. She then begged in a soft tone "please"

Isabelle possessed an unrivalled beauty in all Althrea, if Celestina is described as mature beauty, Isabelle's was cute beauty. Pair it with the cute act and tone of her voice she showed Balthazar right now and it would melt those who've seen it.

It may look like Isabelle's scheme by charming Balthazar that is on par with a succubus, but for Isabelle, she did not do it on purpose.

She may not look like it sometimes, but Isabelle is still a proper noble lady with enough education about proper etiquette on how nobles should act.

But because of her personality and mischiefs, it did not look like she received proper education at all.

But Balthazar was steadfast. Isabelle's act did not waver him at all. He observed the girl whose eyes were glittering with hope. And towards his arms that were frozen before.

He was about to reject the girl's request but he suddenly changed his mind. Balthazar let out a soft sigh

"Alright, I suppose we can do something "fancy" but you won't be using that stone"

Isabelle's face lit up in excitement. "I hope you still remember the feeling you felt when your arcane power rampaged in the stadium"

Isabelle frowned her brows "ermmm Somehow"

"What was it like?"

Isabelle tried to recollect the strange feeling she felt "hmm, it was like a slight tingle in my body, as if something was going around my body"

Balthazar let out a satisfied hum "En, good."

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After some time, the two went out the room and head to a familiar place.

I think I've seen this place before. But I can't remember exactly when and where.

Balthazar stopped at yet another familiar door.

That's it! The one from before, the suspicious room where I met him.

"Why are we here, The others where?" Isabelle asked.

"You said you wanted to come here and I promised to take you here"

This old man remembered that and kept his words?

Isabelle's impression of Balthazar continues to improve.

Balthazar handed her an object that looks to be a mask, no. A gas mask to be exact

Isabelle took the mask "What's this for?" she asked.

"Protection" He answered

"Protection? For what?"

"You'll soon see, but for now put it on"

When Balthazar opened the door, a sinister green gas came out of it.

Inside the room was laboratory filled with brewing potions and variety of herbs. One edge of the room was covered by a translucent material hiding something within.

"This place is?"

"My laboratory where I make my potions and medicine" Balthazar continued "The green gas before is extremely lethal, an air full of it would paralyze or even kill a person"

"You're making a poisonous gas?"

"No" Balthazar replied. He walked towards a covered desk then carefully lifted a small vial concealed in a multi-layered container.

"This is a new disease that's been plaguing the north, A virus born from means of magic" Balthazar then pointed at the machine that's been producing the green smoke "that green smoke can kill this magic born virus, I've been modifying or tuning it for months now in order for it to become non-lethal to living beings"

"Wait a minute, what gave you an idea to use a deadly substance that can kill a person as a remedy? Others might say that this is beyond sanity"

"Knife is a tool that can harm someone else is it not? Same as magic, it can harm others but some used it as means to help or even greatly reduced efforts done to finish a task. The same logic applies to here, like I said it is lethal yes, but if you can make it so that it is not while still having the same power to kill the virus, it would make a great cure for disease"

Isabelle scratched her head, for those who do not know it. Isabelle isn't the knowledgeable type, but she isn't that stupid either. She understood some of it but not all of it specially the magic born disease part.

"You said something about magic born disease, is it like a disease that came from a magic spell?"

"Yes, but not exactly" Balthazar replied

"If that's the case, why not use null magic?"

Isabelle thought, Isn't that a common sense? If it's been made by magic, then a simple nullifying spell can end it right?

"Two reasons," said Balthazar. "One, because nullifying spell can only prevent magic from being cast so that means if the spell is already casted then the effect is still there, you should know this one if you've been listening in your classes. Two, it's not exactly from a magic spell, it is but also not. I know, kind of complicated"

Isabelle's brain melted even more. "What do you mean it is a spell but also not a spell?!"

Balthazar sighed "it's still way too early for you to know but, knowing you..."

Yes indeed, right now, Isabelle's curious soul is burning brighter than ever. She might not be the smartest woman alive; she was still the queen of gossips. She must sate her curious soul for her to have a goodnight sleep.

Balthazar sighed again. "It's from an ancient Valerian magic, not exactly valerian magic but a copy that is worse. It's more of a curse than a spell"

When Isabelle heard the word Valeria her eyes widened.

"Balthy, you believed in those stories and songs? Aren't the legends of Valeria only a folktale?"

"yes" Balthazar bluntly replied

"Oh... ok" Isabelle continued "so in simple terms, the plague was caused by a knock-off Valerian magic called curse?"

Balthazar nodded.

"So, this was the reason why you asked me why I'm here during our first encounter"

"En, to keep you safe, and you shouldn't be in that place to begin with. This area was far from the stadium"

Isabelle averted his gaze trying to hide her embarrassment. "Well, at that time you really do look like a terrorist that's been causing a havoc across Vreyane. Look at you, the description of those cultists matched you perfectly and pair it with the things that I saw at that time. It's no wonder I mistook you for a terrorist"

"No, it's not," said Balthazar

Isabelle frowned her brows "what do you mean no?"

"Our mask is not the same"

Isabelle: -_-

"That's not the point Balthy!"

"Is it? Then what about now?" asked Balthazar

Isabelle frowned again "what about it?"

"Had your impressions of me changed? Am I still 'the green man' to you?"

Isabelle looked at him for a moment then smiled "yes, dramatically in fact, in a good way"

"Oh? Then what would it be"

Isabelle cheekily smiled "That's a secret"

"En, okay then" Balthazar checked the time on the clock that was hanging on the wall. It was 4 in the evening. "How about we join the others and do your 'fancy stuff?"

Isabelle joyfully nodded and smiled "lets!"

Near Balthazar's portal to his garden. Ishkaria and Frey were practicing their magic under the supervision of Celestina. Both of them used primal magic so their training was somewhat similar to each other. Fret possessed a soul of nature while Ishkaria had the same power of her father, Altirion. The soul of the beast.

Celestina chose Ishkaria as her apprentice based on the fact that she had the same prowess as the great monk Altirion, Ishkaria's father. Celestina was also one of the few professors of Althrea that is capable of mentoring Ishkaria to unlock her full potential.

As they were training, they saw Balthazar and Isabelle walking besides each other and was approaching them. Celestina wave towards the two and Balthazar nodded in return.

"Can we join you three?" asked Balthazar.

"Ah, yes, sure" Celestina answered.

Celestina was slightly baffled, after all, it was her first-time seeing professor Balthazar teaching another mage aside from her. Such a sight was indeed very rare.

"Cast a simple barrier, but this time no using the stone, try to feel your arcane energy flowing into your body"

Isabelle protested "What, barrier again? I thought we were going to do some fancy stuff like throwing ice spikes, moulding ice creations, freezing stuffs. You know, like the one some snow queen from a certain lone kingdom did?"

"Then make the barrier a little fancy"

NappingUncle NappingUncle

Woah, it's been too long since the last update..

Sorry folks there's been a lot going on, my PC broke then the deadlines was nearing..

BUT NOW! I have more free time to write!

I humbly apologize if it took way too long.

As always! hope you enjoy todays chapter :>

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