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True Love


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The Beginning

True Love

Venice: Thank you everyone for watching and please like and subscribe!

I shut down my camera.

Venice: Huh...i'm so tired!

Monica: You done yet?

This is Monica, my sister.

Venice: That was a one hour stream.

Monica: Cup of coffee at Mille's cafe?

Venice: Sure!

Mille's cafe is a coffee place in my city. Which is the best coffee place in the world.


Monica: So having fun with your channel?

Venice: Yes I've been noticing that I'm getting more subscribers lately.

Monica: That's great!

Venice: You wanna be in a video again?

Monica: Oh I can't, I'm really busy.

Venice: Come on so many people enjoyed us doing a video together.

Monica: Maybe but I have to see Charlie soon.

Venice: ohh...going on a little date?

Monica: No...i'm actually just meeting him for lunch.

Venice: Whatever you say weirdo hehe.

Monica looked tired.

Venice: You okay?

Monica: Yeah why?

Venice: Just noticed that you've been kind of tired.

Monica: I'm doing fine.

Venice: You guys could always work with me.

Monica: Youtube really?

Venice: Why not?

Monica: Hmm....might think about it.

Venice: Well thanks for the coffee and I will see you at home.




Monica: Hi Charlie!

Charlie: Hello!

Charlie is my closest friend that I've known ever since I was a kid.

Charlie: How are you doing?

Monica: I'm doing good you know.

Charlie: So how's work friend?

Monica: Not gonna lie, it's very stressful.

Charlie: Sounds like you need a vacation.

Monica: Too busy with work. But you know my sister offered me a job to work with her on youtube.

Charlie: Woah what did you say?

Monica: Haha I said no obviously.

Charlie: Wait why?

Monica: I'm just not sure about pursuing a career in youtube.

Charlie: Why not? You went to college for editing and film.

Monica: Yeah but things change when you know....

Charlie: sorry.

Monica: Huh...what about you?

Charlie: What about me?

Monica: Would you like to start a life as a youtuber?

Charlie: I post some vids here and there but yeah I would love too.

Monica: It does actually sound fun.


Monica: Venice?

Venice: I'm in here!

I went to her room and she was editing a video.

Venice: Back from work?

Monica: Yeah. Did you visit mom?

Venice: Yeah I went earlier to get some groceries for her.

Monica: Umm...

Venice: Yes???

Monica: Is your offer still on the table?

Venice: Yeah. You really want to do this?

Monica: Yep.

So the next day Venice set up the camera and we recorded.

Venice: Hi everyone!

Monica: Hello!

Venice: As you know this is my sister Monica and she is going to be joining me on youtube!

Monica: Yes and I am very excited to start with my sister.

Venice closed her camera.

Venice hugged me.

Monica: What's that for?

Venice: Welcome to youtube!




Charlie: What!? That's great!

Monica: You know Venice said we could use another pair of hands.

Charlie: I would love too!

Monica: Great see you soon!

Monica hung up.




Monica: Hello mom?

Sandy: Hello dear.

Sandy is my mom.

Monica: I left my job to join Venice on youtube.

Sandy: Is that what you wanna do?

Monica: Yes mom.

Sandy: Well then don't let anything stop you.

Monica: Thanks for being supportive. Love you mom.

I hung up.

Venice: Was that mom?

Monica: Yeah just letting her know, by the way I called Charlie and he said he would be on board.

Venice: That's great! More people to help out with and not only that did you see our video!?

Monica: No why?

Venice: Its trending number one!

Monica: No way.

Venice: Yep! Told you people would love to see you.

Monica: Thanks sis.

Venice: Alright well Charlie said he might come later so call me and we all can talk.

Monica: Got it.

I went grocery shopping.

Venice: Hmm I should make something for tonight.

I was walking past the sports section and stopped.

Venice: Wow I haven't played sports since High School.

I started walking around and saw a volleyball.

Venice: (woah cool. Haven't played in years!)

I went to grab it but someone else grabbed it.

Venice: Oh, I'm sorry.

Jin: No my bad I didn't mean to.

Venice: (wow he's cute)

Jin: Did you want the ball?

Venice: No I was browsing through.

Jin: Are you interested in volleyball?

Venice: Actually yeah.

Jin: Well the local gym has a volleyball court that anyone is welcome too.

Venice: Cool!

Jin: I'm sorry where are my manners, My name is Jin.

Venice: Im Venice. Are you new here?

Jin: Um no I grew up in California. Just moved over here recently.

Venice: Well it was nice to meet you.

Jin: You as well.




Charlie: Hello?

Venice: Please come in!

Charlie: So I guess this is our little company.

Monica: Yep and hopefully it grows big.

Venice: I know it will.

Charlie: Well then let's get started.

Venice and Monica: YEAH!!!!

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