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Trust Me [BL]

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Author: Coffee_Fox

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~ A book about male-to-male relationships in the paranormal world where shapeshifters or other fantasy/paranormal creatures aren't anything unusual.~

Gabriel is a young man in his twenties with a slightly destroyed mind. The story begins after he moved to the new city.

He is a wolf shapeshifter who rejects his wolf nature, but this does not absolve him of his obligation to obey the shapeshifter laws. He must meet the Alpha of the local herd to obtain permission to reside in its territory.

He doesn't know yet how much it will change his life so far.

Who will he meet?

And will this person bring joy to his life and heal him?

Or maybe it will only cause more pain and will plunge into darkness without hope?

Will he give himself a chance for happiness or will he reject it?

Parents Strongly Cautioned
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    Great book!! I enjoyed reading it and found the plot interesting. The characters intrigued me. Can’t wait to read more from this author ❤️❤️

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    Found this novel few days ago. Beautifully written novel!! You really did a good job even if english wasn't your first language Thank you for your hard work, author.

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    Hi, This is Tiffany, an editor from another platform that focuses on LGBT Fictions.One of my colleagues happened to read your book a week ago, then recommended it to me. As a reader, I have to say that your book was really a page-turner. You are so talented that I admire you very much. So I send this message to ask whether you are willing to distribute your work on our platform. we will be devoted to getting your work more exposures and promotion! We would rather invite you to write on our website as a professional writer. If you are interested, please contact me via tiffanylala2020@outlook.com, or leave me your email for communication. I am glad to discuss it with you in detail. Sincerely Tiffany

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    Niccccccccccceeeeee, goooooooooooooooood stooooooooooryyyyyyyyyyyyy😊😉 .............................. I likkke the story development and the ennnddd

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    This story was kinda confusing at some parts, but it was still good! There were also some spelling mistakes, but the book was good so I don’ really mind.

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    Really enjoyed the overall concept, and it is an enjoyable read. The author is writing this in a second language and has its associated challenges but they were not overly distracting. However, a good native English speaker as editor would really help tighten things up. There are a few cultural references that seem a little out of place for the rest of the setting, but not excessively distracting. You can feel the MC growing/changing from the events. This isn't a superhero OP transformation. Our MC is still not anyone would say is "normal" or totally "healthy" by the end, but he has plenty of time to continue to grow and heal as a person. The happily ever after is context and character driven instead of a taken for granted. It is a satisfactory ending that leaves you with lots of spin-off potential for just about every character and setting. I would have loved to know more about the magic of the world, the herd/pack, the cafe, the forest, the backstories of the partners... so many possibilities. Really enjoyed this.

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    I couldn't make it through the first chapter of this web novel because the writing quality is so bad. Each paragraph is a single run on sentence. I have never seen so many commas in my life. There are nonrestrictive clauses and appositives within each other to the point where it's impossible to know what's actually being described once you get to the end of the 10+ line sentence. The adjectives the writer uses make no sense and very much sound like they were haphazardly picked out of a thesaurus. Even though it was only chapter 1 and it was so difficult to read I could tell there was a good amount of character building and the plot would likely be interesting... But I just couldn't struggle through the horrible writing to enjoy it.

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    Author Coffee_Fox