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Chapter 2: chapter 1 : Above the Human Condition

In a place outside of reality and any concept, three entities were sitting on an armchair in front of a screen, there was a table in front of them with something to snack on and drink.

Reality, Eternity and Death would begin the story of another secondary character to improve.

 Reality: The Walking dead... Game of thrones...Harry Potter, I wish we could try something else.

 Death: What else?


 Reality: As with The Walking Dead, we're doing a test in another universe. 

 Eternity: That sounds interesting.

 Death: Which universes do you propose?

 Reality: The Vampire Diaries. 


 Reality: SERIOUSLY ?

 Death: YEAH 

 Eternity : Good idea but what are the details? Who will be the secondary character who will be given a second chance ? 

 Reality : For this one, the expression "secondary character" is terribly weak for him because he was such a minor character.

 Death: Was he a vampire?

 Reality: Yes, Harper. He appears in the first season for 5 episodes but is killed by John Gilbert.

 Eternity: It's okay I remember him, for a vampire he had very good morals and great loyalty to Pearl and he really didn't deserve his treatment in the series.

 Death: I remember that too, he's an excellent candidate. What blessing will you give him?

 Reality: Nothing that is foreign to his universe, I will just modify his origin. You'll see, it will be interesting but the choices will be yours…

 Eternity: Go ahead, let's watch.

 [Alternative Reality]

 Hunger, have you ever experienced extreme hunger? Now try to merge it with excruciating thirst and multiply it by 100, that's how I feel.

My name is Harper Franklin, son of a former slave who died very early in my childhood. I didn't know who my father was but I was mixed race so it was obvious he was a white man.

 From childhood I could sense things around me that I couldn't explain, things in nature, as if it were alive and could communicate.

I was educated by a friend of my mother, also a former slave, and from what I learned from her later, I had a twin sister who died when we were born.

 I grew up in discretion and distrust, people of our skin color have a very special condition in our country even if we live in the more civilized and tolerant North, we were still only Negroes.

Then, one day in 1861 it happened, the civil war which pitted the states of the North against those of the South for the definitive abolition of slavery was proclaimed and of course, I very quickly volunteered as young black man.

 I had to take up arms to help free my people held in slavery in the South and it was in my infantry unit that I met the person who would change my life forever, Zakaria Reeves.

Zack was a very handsome white man in his thirties, he was always in a good mood and I didn't know why but he was always very nice to me, it was quite surprising for the time.

 During our training time, Zack taught me a lot of things, he knew how to handle the musket and the revolver better than our instructors, he was not very muscular but on several occasions I noticed that his strength, his speed and his reflexes were impressive.

I've rarely seen him eat but he was always in excellent physical shape, Most of the time Zack gave me his rations and it was a blessing because the white men's rations were of better quality than what they were willing to give us.

 Thanks to Zack's advice, I quickly became one of the best shooters in our militia and quickly distinguished myself from the other black soldiers under my command.

 During two years of nightmares, I fought on several fronts, I killed a frightening number of men and saw many brothers in arms die. Only, Zakaria was always there and I never saw him injured, I never saw him in difficulty.

He was a hero admired by all who was recognized for his skills but also for the near-suicidal operations he preferred to be in but he always survived.

 The day of my last battle had arrived, the day I was supposed to die as a human and join my ancestors had arrived. I was mortally wounded and quickly evacuated to the camp where my fate was decided.

The doctors didn't really examine me, medical resources were limited, and the lives of white soldiers were much more precious than ours, much more than those of Negroes like me.

 I was left to die on this stretcher and it was Zack who came to me, he had a sad smile on his lips when he saw me. In his eyes I could see that he had a deep hesitation, as if he wanted to do something he would regret.

 " Harper, I can save your life. I can help you survive and you'll return to fight with the others to serve as cannon fodder for these people. Whether they are from the North or the South, you will always remain what you are now for them, an inferior being. However, I can also make you into someone greater, strong enough to no longer be inferior to any human who calls you color, someone who will not bow to any of men's law , of these men who reduced people like you to objects. I leave the choice to you my friend..." He said to me looking at me sadly. 

 I didn't really understand what he was talking about but one thing was certain, he perfectly understood the frustration of the young black man that I was.

 "I…don't want to live like this anymore…help me…" I said weakly as a tear fell from my eye, I didn't want to die and I was horribly scared.

 Under my weak, desperate gaze, I saw Zack's face change, much to my horror. Black veins began to appear under his dark eyes and his canines elongated several millimeters before he bit his wrist to make me drink his blood.

 "I'm sorry, Harper…" That was the last thing I heard before he snapped my neck and everything went dark .

 The darkness, the pain in my neck and the complete lack of air in my lungs, I felt them all at once as I woke him up by taking a deep castling breath.

I was no longer at the army camp but in a dilapidated room of a certainly abandoned house and in the room, Zack was standing there and looked at me smiling.

 Zack: Welcome back, Harper.

 "Zack…ZACK you…my neck…your eyes…your teeth and…you-(he interrupted me)" 

 Zack: Calm down, Harper. Calm down my friend, I will explain everything in time but you are safe now. How are your injuries?

 Although this question perplexed me for a few seconds, I remembered my injuries and immediately checked to find to my shock that my injuries were gone.

 "My wounds!! What did you do to me Zack...?! What are you ?!!"

 Zack: I healed you, I gave you a gift of inestimable value. I have given you a status above simple human nature.

 " What ?!"

 Zack: I'll explain everything to you in time but you need to feed yourself first, Harper. You trust me ?

 I looked into Zack's eyes before nodding, he was one of the few people among his people who had shown me kindness, he was a true friend and he had saved my life . Obviously I trusted him.

 "Clyde, can you come…" He called for someone and an enemy Confederate soldier entered the room, much to my astonishment. I wanted to speak but Zack just asked me to do what he asked without asking any questions.

 He bit the soldier in the neck where blood started to flow before looking at me.

 "Drink…" He said to me and I looked at him in shocked silence. It is true that I was terribly hungry and thirsty, but what he asked me to do was shocking and disgusting.

 Seeing my hesitation and not wanting to waste time, he collected some blood on his finger and with a flick, drops of that blood fell on my face but as I flinched, I felt something in my mouth.

A few small drops landed on my tongue and I felt the taste of the most delicious thing on this earth. It was like a little burst of energy that put me in a daze, I wanted more...much more.

I crawled on the bed towards the soldier I looked at before. I wanted to tell him I was sorry but my need was much too strong.

 I dipped my finger in his blood before sucking my finger and checking if it was really the origin of the taste from earlier and the confirmation came very quickly as I savored the blood on my fingers in a deep breath.

 Zack: His blood is leaking, don't waste it...

 As soon as I heard this, I immediately bit into his neck. It was like a bestial instinct that I couldn't do anything about and the reward was enjoyable.

The taste of blood was euphoric, a powerful pleasure in the mouth and energy that I felt sucking from this poor soldier's veins as I squeezed him even tighter as if he could escape. 

 The suction was very fast and there was nothing left in his veins. An excruciating feeling of loss began to arise within me as I looked at Zack who still had the same smile on his lips.

 " More...i want more…"

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