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Chapter 1: 1 Prologue

[Opportunities are given equally]

It was something taught to every child at a young age.

Like children who don't even have a developed brain could ever comprehend the complexity of those words and the blatant lies they are.

What would they even do other than innocently believe that absurd fantasy?

As they grow up believing those lies, they think they can do anything if they work hard. They think they can climb the mountains of worldly norms with their sheer efforts alone. They are taught, they are conditioned to think that way.

They say everyone is equal. They quote the wise man who once said "Heaven doesn't create one person above or below the other". People just like to throw his words around.

But… are human beings truly equal?

Believing those words of the older people they heard as children, they grow up and see the reality of the world and society.

They understand the meritocracy that has been ruling the world for a long time, the hypocrites who grow from propaganda, and nepotism that has always been deeply rooted in the so-called 'fair society'.

The ones who work hard, ones who devote their entire beings to achieve something, burn their souls for the goals they have always dreamed to achieve, people of perseverance and effort, what does this filthy world reward their efforts with?

What do they get for all that? Their dreams that they had longed for? Do they actually achieve it or ever find it as 'beautiful' as they had always thought about?

Let's say some people do achieve what they had dreamed of, but... would they be satisfied with that tiny little happiness? That momentary bliss against their lifelong labor?

That minuscule result against that mountainous effort they had put in and worked their ass off?

Can they beat the higher talent, money, and influence others had as upper members of the society?

Maybe they can...

Maybe they can reach where they dreamed with just effort; with just perseverance and powerful will.

But... will they be the same person, the same human they once were after this process?

Will they have the will, kindness, virtue, or the warm smile they once had?

Maybe they would.

Maybe the world was wrong and someone achieved everything with their sheer efforts alone.


And that person is the protagonist of a fairy tale.

A legendary fairytale that no one knew, no one heard, no one felt.

But... how many protagonists there can be?

One? Two? A group?

Can every single person that achieved nothing, or maybe something, be the protagonist?

[You're the protagonist of your own story.]

That's what people say. It's their eternal calling to 'say' these things.

But the people that put monstrous efforts into anything they wanted to achieve, in anything they wanted to be and things they ended up without... did their story have any worth?

Did anyone know of this dead story?

Was there any person who gained anything from this doomed tale?

Well, no one can know that.

Because the protagonist of the story... died.


[An exceptional talent finds its happiness in execution.]

People say those with exceptional talent are bound to achieve splendid success.

A brilliant talent that can achieve anything it wants.

Potential to reach wherever they wanted.

Everyone believes those with exceptional talent do nothing but achieve success just with that so-called 'talent'.

People believe that happiness dances in the palms of those with talent, influence, and status, but... does it?

Did people see what the person with this so-called 'gift' did to achieve what they wanted?

Did the person themselves get what they wanted?

Or did the one that possessed exceptional talent ever use it?

What if the person who had an extraordinary talent for art did nothing related to art?

What if someone who understood that complicated quantum science just from a look never actually did anything related to science?

What if someone who could have done something which could change the world for the better never gave a shit about the world itself?

The talent that never received a chance or the talent that no one other than the person possessing it understood.

What if the talent was there but the lack of effort never let it bloom into what it might have been?

A chance that was never received, a talent that never blossomed, and the art that was so great that no one understood it... would that be different if they put on monstrous efforts?

Having talent might not be everything all the time.

Maybe even talented envy those who can work to their bones.

So, what did the talent amount to if there was never an execution?

What if the chance was stolen, or the person lost themselves in that process?

There is no answer to this question too, because... the genius soul had left the mortal body.


-An open garden area.

"Am I late~?" A cheerful, female voice ranges in the silent area of the enormous garden.

"O-oh, no. I just got here myself!" A nervous male voice replied.

The area was quiet and the light of the yellow moon shined on the metallic surfaces and floating displays that illuminated normal surroundings.

This was an extensive garden and at a distance away, construction work of another skyscraper was on its way.

Everything was normal, and the man and woman were standing close to each other.

It was the calm of the night, serene winds filled the area, small noises gave proof of the reality, and the eyes of two attractive people reflected their acquaintance.

"So~ mister hard work, what's the occasion? Calling out suddenly like this?" she asked with a mischievous smile on her gorgeous face.

"So, miss ultra-talented. I think... today is the day." He whispered with the same mischievous smile as he took a step closer to her.

"W-wait. No. Why so suddenly?!" The smiling face blushed instantly as she took a step back.

"What can I do, dear? I can't hold it any more than I am." With another step, he hugged her.

"Can we...? Will you..." She wanted to say something but the warm tears of overwhelming emotions on her cheek never stopped.

"Will you marry me?" He asked, tightening the grip around her small body.

She was shorter than him and it was evident what was going on.

And to his sincere request, the warm smile returned to her face.

"Don't misunderstand. You're marrying me, not the other way around~." She laughed.

"It would be my greatest honor, my lady."

And just after this reply, with a paroxysm of happiness, she closed her eyes and joined her lips with his.

Not even thinking, he gave up on her soft, warm lips… just like he always did.

The night was tranquil, the moon hid behind the clouds, and... the world was envious of their love, so it did the act.




It was a good place to propose to your loved one but unfortunately, the world can't see these two getting together.

Giant pieces of metal that were being lifted by the AI automated crane malfunctioned and flew all over the surrounding area.

The world was cruel and wrong, and this time... it was also a bitch.

The entire area was devastated, and not even the colossal statue in the middle remained standing.

The couple wasn't the only ones in this area and the metal fragments weren't 'big' either.

The simple errors in AI caused not only this area's demise but also the fall of the entire building that was under construction.

The enormous explosions, smoke, and bloodstained ground were an unexpected catastrophe for this modern world.

Countless families were torn, many lives were lost, people were killed, and innumerable things were destroyed.

Stories were broken, dreams were forgotten, intangible souls were separated from fragile mortal bodies, and the 'protagonists' were lost from the undeserving world.

But as someone has said: sometimes, death could be the greatest bliss and the scariest curse at the same time…

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