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Twisted System Twisted System original

Twisted System

Author: rightoredye

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Chapter 1: Prologue

"Hohohohoho..." Out of the darkness, accompanied by the sound of rustling pages, a contented laugh echoed out. 

"A mech system? Hahahhaha, what even will these fellows think of next? A cat system?" The laugh boomed out through the space as the darkness shifted, unfolding into a gigantic being. An odd sound, almost like a whistle, sounded out.

However, this was no ordinary being, it was one of those that had created the first legends on earth, who had both led and destroyed humanity, ruling with absolute authority, more so than any kind of ruler. It was one of the gods.

"Hahahaha, its almost ready. Just a little longer." The mysterious god chuckled to itself, its voice rumbling through the air. It was shrouded in a heavy black robe, that swam with soft golden symbols. 

The hooded god strode across the polished floor of a massive cavern, stepping in and out of the moonlight that beamed down through the gaps in the ceiling. 

"Haaaaaah" the figure sighed, its breath forming a cloud in the crisp air, as it came to a stop before a raised platform spanning the entire width of the cavern. Pale white flames illuminated the platform, nested in carved hollows in the cave walls. 

It hummed to itself as it climbed up onto the platform, its feet hovering slightly above the ground, not touching the countless glowing and shifting symbols that covered the ground.

The glowing multi colored symbols formed a thick web, surrounding a raised pedestal of stone in the center.

"Perfection." The god looked down at the clump of writhing, purple flesh, a soft black light teasing its way out through the small cracks on the surface.

"With this, I can be just like-"

"Master! Master!" A shrill voice interrupted the figure, who swung around, a jet black staff materialising in its hand, and a two points of golden light flaring up within the depths of its hood as it glared toward the entrance of the cavern.

"RUPERT! HOW MANY TIMES!" The voice boomed, causing the walls of the cavern to shake, a shower of small stones and dust showering the small man, that was kneeling with forehead to the ground at the entrance.

"Oh Wise One, it is urgent!" Rupert squeaked out, peeking up at the enormous figure, flinching and causing his hood to fall back. 

The face revealed was soft and round, with a pair of round spectacles perched on a nose dripping with snot, and tears running down into a wispy white beard. 

"Filth. You know well how long I've been waiting for this day!" The voice was softer now, and the staff had disappeared, the Wise One made its way to the entrance of the cavern, shrinking as it did so, going from almost half the height of the cavern, to just taller than the kneeling man. 

"Master, I believe there's been a leak, scouts have been spotted, and the barriers have signs of attempted penetration." The man climbed to his feet, revealing the stack of papers he clutched tightly. 

"Let me see the reports." The tall figure reached out and a humanoid hand, tipped with dull black claws, gently lifted the papers from the Rupert's trembling hands.

"Hmmm, temporal disturbances, oneirmoancy, divination traces, causal imbalances..." The Wise One's voice trailed off, the tone shifting from annoyance to concern. 

"Oh. This is bad. Very bad. How long ago was this report?" The clawed hand pinched a paper from near the bottom of the stack, which was covered in bright red letters, with barely an empty space on either side of the page.

"That was..." Rupert paused, wiping his forehead with the sleeve of his robe, pulling out a pocket watch covered in strange characters from the depths of his robe.

"Precisely, two hundred, point, oh, three earth seconds ago." A firm, confident voice sounded out, completely different from the shaky voice Rupert had been speaking in.

"Shit! Okay Rupert, stay calm. Evacuate everyone immediately. Go use the planar gate. You know where to take them." The staff had reappeared, and the robes surrounding the Wise One swirled and shifted, the golden letters forming into plates of armor that covered every inch of the figure, a deep black cape sitting on its shoulders. Atop its shoulders was a triangular helmet, reminiscent of the head of a bird, the golden eyes shining out from a thin slit that was the only gap in the armor.

"But Master?" Rupert swallowed as he looked up at the being for the first time, taking in the armor, and fierce demeanor. 

"Go Rupert. I made my decision. And so I must face the consequences." One hand came to rest on Rupert's shoulder, gently pushing him back. 


The cavern shook, and Rupert's eyes widened. He bowed towards the being, and turned around swiftly, sprinting out of the cavern. He knew that even the slightest hesitation now could mean the end for everyone.


There was blinding flash of light, and the it seemed as though the entire world shook. Dust and floating, shining, gold symbols filled the air.

"Is that you? Zeus?" The Wise One had returned to its previous size, and hidden by the dust, its left hand formed strange signs, which manipulated some of the symbols that were swimming through the air, converging on the pedestal, covering the lump of purple flesh in a layer of gold.

The dust slowly settled, revealing a gaping hole where the roof of the cavern once was, countless figures hovering in the night sky above.

Their were all sorts of silhouettes above, some mostly humanoid, others humans with animal features, and even odd beings that a human might recognize as some sort of object or abomination.

"You promised! We only allowed this because of the oath you made!" A heavy voice thundered out, clouds converging over the cavern, obscuring the moonlight that had been beaming down from the full moon. But it was still as light as day as some of the figures above radiated a bright light, of all sorts of colors, others were shrouded in mist or smoke, while others were barely visible at all, their appearances shifting the more you tried to focus on them.

"Ah, it is you. What oath? I can't seem to recall?" The staff was now held in both hands, the Wise One striding up into the sky, as if walking on invisible stairs. It was headed straight towards the muscular figure in the center of the countless beings.

"Where. Is. It." Zeus hissed, electricity crackling all over. He wore a molded bronze breastplate, and a flowing locks of bone white hair framed his regal face. A crackling lightning bolt was held in his right, and a metallic spear in his left. The short, tidy beard on his face barely hid his sharp jaw. His bushy brows were currently furrowed with rage, and his teeth were bared. 

"Not even going to ask me how I'm doing? Or about how to improve on your conduction te-" The spear swung towards the armored being's head, as who lazily swung his head back, not even phased by the sudden strike.

"Zeus, slow down. We don't know the full situation yet." A slender woman, shining brighter than all the others, had appeared next to Zeus, gently resting a hand on his shoulder. She shone so brightly that one could barely make out her features, but to anyone, it was clear she was beautiful. 

"Oh, My lady, how kind of you to grace me with your presence. You grow ever more radiant every time I am blessed to lay eyes on you." The Wise One bowed deeply towards the goddess, who cracked the slightest smile, but Zeus roughly shook her hand off, and stepped ever close to the Wise One. 

"Stop playing games, if you don't straighten things out now, every deity on this planet will be after your head" The goddess sighed, waving her long sleeves at the surrounding gods. But nevertheless the Wise One only chuckled.

"I know you're buying time. Now, tell me, before I obliterate everything below." The tip of the spear was pointed right at the armored being's throat. But even though its face was hidden, it was clear that it was completely unfazed by the threat.

"Go on then. " There was a smile in the Wise One's voice, and Zeus's eye's narrowed in confusion, and started to dart around. Then, they widened, as he noticed the golden glow below. 

The glow radiated from the purple lump of flesh, that Zeus had failed to notice, amongst the countless rocks strewn around, the range of odd tools, telescopes, magical machinery and every sort of odd thing.

"NO!" Zeus yelled, as the light rapidly grew to blinding intensity, and countless figures sped down through the air, some carried by the wind, others riding strange and fantastical beasts. 

But there efforts were in vain, as the shining light seemed to act like a thick syrup, slowing them down, and then with a bright flash, the lump of flesh disappeared. 

"Graaaaaaaaaagghhhhh!" Zeus roared with fury, the clouds that had covered the sky shifting in color, going from a pale grey to almost a black color. Thunder rumbled, and flashes of light filled the sky. The lightning bolt thrust out toward the Wise One's chest, sizzling as it turned the air ahead of it to plasma. 

rightoredye rightoredye

A little teaser of some of the characters we'll come across much, much later in the story...

Hiatus - Lack of Interest

Let me know if you would like to see more.

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