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Chapter 314: Planning to adapt

After the release of "GTA III," the releases of "Final Fantasy V" and "Final Fantasy VI" are also out.

RPG gamers, especially in Japan, are quite excited about the latest RPG video game release.

Not to mention the fact that these two are sequels to the same video game, "Final Fantasy." This video game series has been quite popular, especially in Japan and some parts of Asia and the USA.

The gameplay of the video game "Final Fantasy" is still in 2D pixelated style, which suits RPGs well. Gamers prefer playing RPGs in 2D pixelated graphics because they're more accustomed to it, and the KS1 graphics are not yet perfect.


Shin looked at the sales report of the video games they've released so far, and each of the video games' sales has been quite good.

As for "Final Fantasy V" and "Final Fantasy VI," they are actually selling even better than the other KS1 released video games.

Shin attributes this to the fact that "Final Fantasy V" and "Final Fantasy VI" also have a cartridge version for the SKES.

Also, the CD version of the video game "Final Fantasy," the latest sequel in the series for KS1, had sales that were actually quite behind the other latest KS1 video games. However, the "Final Fantasy" latest sequels were selling quite well for SKES.

The SKES gamers worldwide actually surpassed the KS1 gamers globally, even in Japan. Hence, it's not surprising that its video games would still sell quite well.

While the "Final Fantasy" latest sequels were available on SKES, there was a noticeable difference when the video game was played on KS1.

In KS1, the "Final Fantasy" video game graphics were much better than when played on SKES, which is only a 16-bit console.

The sound quality of "Final Fantasy" in KS1 was also much superior to SKES, and the controls were more versatile in KS1 than in SKES.

Overall, the quality of the video game "Final Fantasy" was significantly better for KS1 than for SKES.

In Shin's previous life, the "Final Fantasy" US version, such as "Final Fantasy III" and "Final Fantasy IV" in Japan, was actually titled as "Final Fantasy I" and "Final Fantasy II" in the USA version.

But the "Final Fantasy" series didn't encounter such confusion in this world. Thanks to Shin, KiShin was able to translate the entire "Final Fantasy" series into the USA version and the EU version.

As a result, many RPG gamers in the USA didn't face the same problem Shin experienced in his previous life.


Time passed, and it was finally Christmas. Shin and Mira celebrated Christmas together. After Christmas ended, in their house, the two-year-old Shinichi was playing in the living room.

"Shin, I really like this book. I recommend it to you!" Mira, absorbed in reading, exclaimed to Shin, who was playing Super Smash Bros! on the prototype K64.

Shin paused the video game and looked over. He asked, "Which book?" He had been busy testing the video game on the unfinished console, so he hadn't noticed what Mira was reading at the time.

"It's an English book called 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'..." Mira then read the title of the book aloud in English.

Shin, upon hearing it, wasn't really surprised by such a familiar name, as it was quite famous in his previous life. He just smiled and resumed playing the video game, saying, "Oh? That book? I've already read it; it was published by one of our company, after all..."

Mira, not paying much attention to the book's publishers, nodded and said, "I see. This book was just gifted to me by one of the woman executives in the company. I didn't expect it to be published by the subsidiary... And it's in English too?"

Shin nodded and said, "That's right. It is in English, first published in the United Kingdom. So far, it has decent sales in the country and has received a good response..."

"I see. I can say that it deserved it, considering the interesting concepts introduced by the book," Mira said thoughtfully, paused, and then added with a chuckle, "And to be honest, I am quite surprised that this book is considered children's literature."

Shin also smiled and replied, "Well, the characters were still pretty much kids, after all..."

Then Shin suddenly mentioned, "I am actually thinking of making a movie adaptation of that book."

Upon hearing this, Mira was genuinely surprised, yet a bit excited at the same time. She exclaimed, "Really!?"

Shin nodded and said with a faint smile, "Yes. If you want, we'll be the first to watch it before it's screened in cinemas..."

With twinkling eyes, Mira exclaimed, "Let's watch it in the home theatre together!!!"

"Of course..." Shin added, "The filming location will actually be in the UK. I've already prepared the KiShin Picture film studio there for quite some time now. Probably, the only steps remaining before the film project begins are script acquisition, script refinement, and determining the film's budget..."

When Mira heard all of that, she asked worriedly, "Is it really okay? To plan to film a movie on a whim just because I like the book?" Pausing, she added, "What if the movie doesn't make much? Aren't you basically profiting nothing?"

Although Mira had become much more relaxed in her life due to the fact that Shin had essentially become a wealthy man, she still thought in business perspectives. She didn't want to jeopardize the things that her husband had worked so hard to build.

Shin smiled when he heard that and said, "Don't worry. Planning a film adaptation of the book you're reading was not just a whim of mine. I saw the potential of the book, and I could see it making enough profit..."

"But won't making such a film adaptation cost too much due to the involvement of magic and stuff? I heard that CGI costs a lot," Mira said with furrowed brows.

"Don't worry too much. Don't you remember? We own a CGI company, and because of our Unreal Engine, the CGI costs have reduced a lot," Shin reassured with a smile.

"Alright... But you really don't have to go too far for me, you know..." Mira said with a warm smile.

"Anything for you..." Shin smiled as he embraced Mira. It seemed Mira misunderstood that he was going to adapt a movie just for her, but she didn't know that the plan to adapt the film was always in place. Shin didn't mind such misunderstandings; to him, it could only mean that Mira would be more passionate in bed this time.

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