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Chapter 332: Renting

In the year 1996, the internet gradually grew in users, and more companies started to notice its potential. These companies established their own websites, typically focusing on customer support contacts and company introductions.

However, during this time, these companies didn't fully leverage the internet's potential. According to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), the number of internet users alone in the USA was already around 36-40 million—an astonishing growth.

A significant contributor to this surge was the intense competition among internet service providers (ISPs) like America Online, Prodigy, etc. One ISP that stood out in this period was WorldCom.

After being acquired by KiShin, WorldCom began providing better service and faster internet speeds. KiShin's promotion of WorldCom attracted many subscribers in the USA, and they were not disappointed. People felt that, compared to their previous ISPs, WorldCom offered superior services. The customer service agents were also notably more respectful and patient.

What customers observed was that the customer service agents had accents from Southeast Asia or India. However, that wasn't the main point; the crucial aspect was that the customers were satisfied.

One such content WorldCom user was Jack Murray, a 30-year-old who disliked being out of the loop with global trends. Always wanting to stay ahead, he recently discovered the internet and became fascinated by the ability to explore various content with just a computer.

Previously thinking he could only access such content through newspapers or magazines, Jack registered on Yahoo! to stay updated with trends. While surfing for the latest news, he received a message from a friend through Yahoo! mail, inviting him to check out an interesting website.

Curious, Jack assumed it might be a KiShin website related to video game discussions, but he still clicked the link that his friend had sent him.

This led Jack to the website called "Netflix," leaving him both confused and curious. He thought, "Oh? Not KiShin sites? Good."

As the website loaded, Jack explored it and discovered it offered services like renting DVDs and video game CDs. Intrigued, he pondered, "Renting online? Well, this is a bit interesting. But how can I subscribe online? Is it checks through snail mail?"

Reflecting on e-commerce practices, Jack remembered that platforms like Amazon accepted checks through snail mail or slow credit card payment methods. However, he wondered if "Netflix" followed the same approach.

After registering on the website, Jack clicked on subscribing to the basic tier. To his surprise, the webpage changed, revealing that "Netflix" offered a variety of payment methods, more than other online sites. Users could pay through a specific bank linked to KiShin stores or branches, or to a bank, similar to the payment of bills. Additionally, if users were customers of certain banks with online access, such as Stanford Federal Credit, Wells Fargo, or Presidential Bank, they had more payment options available.

These are the banks with which KiShin has partnered for "Netflix" payments. KiShin has established strong connections with these banks, given its borrowing and repayment history with them. Naturally, these banks hold a favorable opinion of KiShin. Now, KiShin invites them to join its endeavor, and considering KiShin's successful track record, these banks would be unwise to refuse.

Customers with accounts at these partnered banks enjoy more convenient payment options, although it remains somewhat slow compared to e-commerce platforms not directly affiliated with major banks. Credit cards associated with the partnered banks of "Netflix" are also accepted.

Upon discovering this, Jack was a bit surprised. Since a few major banks were partnered with "Netflix," and Jack had an account with one of them, he decided to fill in the details and register on the legitimate website of that bank. Jack then proceeded through the meticulous process to pay for the basic tier of "Netflix."

After about half an hour, Jack finally managed to subscribe to the lower tier of "Netflix." The process was somewhat cumbersome—he had to register on the bank website, fill in details for the existing bank account, and then wait for a call to verify his identity. Shortly after, the bank's customer service called to confirm his registration on the bank website. Following this, he could link his bank website user and the email he used for "Netflix" payment, achieving success as the bank website verified the "Netflix" tier subscription.

Relieved, Jack sighed, and now he could explore the films, TV shows, DVDs, or video game CDs on the website.

Jack, seldom interested in video games, scrolled through the titles of shows and films available for rent. Although there were no pictures to display the CD covers, the films were labeled with the studios they belonged to—hundreds upon hundreds from various studios like Disney, Hanna-Barbera, and others that had partnered with KiShin.

Among them were Pixar and KiShin Pictures, but they only had a limited selection, including films like Jurassic Park, Toy Story, and Mortal Kombat.

As Jack navigated through the text links with film titles, he suddenly spotted his favorite movie, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." Excitedly, he exclaimed, "Great! This film is actually available on this site?"

Clicking on the film's title link, he rented it immediately. The site assured him that within a day or two, if Jack was close to a retail store of DVDs, he could receive it much faster.

Feeling enthusiastic, Jack rented a few more films. However, he was soon reminded that he only had a basic tier.

"Damn, I didn't expect to go on a renting spree here," Jack chuckled, now regretting that he had only subscribed to the basic tier.

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