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Chapter 164: Tournament

While in South Korea on March 12, 1992, an presidential candidates debate was in place. At the Samstar Headquarters, Han Woon-Sook, the current chairman of the Samstar Group, was engaged in a discussion with his family. Han Woon-Sook, a middle-aged man, expressed, "Once Man Hwan wins the presidential election, Japanese companies that don't agree to sell exclusively in the South Korean market through us will have to bid farewell."

Han Woon-Sook's younger brother, Han Myung-Ki, added, "I've heard that a Japanese company named KiShin is making significant strides with their latest products in the Japanese market, even beating bigger players like Tora and Suzuki in the video game industry."

Han Jin-Sang, the elder son of Han Woon-Sook, cautioned, "Their later products entry into our market could pose considerable challenges."

Han Woon-Sook nodded and emphasized, "Exactly. That's why it's crucial for Man Hwan to win."

His brothers and elder son nodded in agreement.


Meanwhile, in Tokyo, Japan, intense competition for the highest score leaderboard in KiShin's video games, such as Super Mario and 'The Legend of Zelda,' was taking place in various cities across Tokyo.

The main tournament took place in Toshima Ward, Tokyo, Japan, and it was the most bustling location since it was home to KiShin's main headquarters and where the founder and CEO of KiShin currently resided. This is also where the 'Street Fighter II: The World Warrior' and 'Tetris' competitions were being held.

The tournament in Toshima Ward, Tokyo, Japan, was hosted at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, a large venue capable of accommodating a substantial audience.

Meanwhile, Shin found himself backstage at the tournament venue. To be honest, Shin felt somewhat helpless; after his public reveal, it had become increasingly challenging to move around freely without drawing attention.

Shin had come to realize that he was constantly recognized when outside. He couldn't help but wonder if he had inadvertently become a celebrity, given his current level of popularity.

Outside, a large crowd had already gathered, eagerly watching the stage on the LED big screens, which were continuously showcasing KiShin video games.

The moment was finely orchestrated, and then a countdown appeared on the screen, "3... 2... 1... ZERO!!! Let's welcome KiShin's founder and CEO, Shinro Suzuki!!!"

Shin made a grand entrance, slipping through the sliding huge LED screen, and the players below erupted in excitement, shouting, "Wooo!!!"


"Marry me!!!"

The crowd expressed their adoration as Shin stepped forward, holding a microphone, and said, "Hello, players."

The cheers from the crowd continued, and Shin chuckled wryly at the enthusiastic response before adding, "I've witnessed how KiShin's video games have become so popular that they've even pushed two of our competitors to the brink of bankruptcy!"

When Shin made that statement, the crowd responded with a soft laughter. While it was unrealistic for big corporations like Tora and Suzuki to go bankrupt, it was undoubtedly a significant financial setback for them.

With a mischievous grin, Shin continued, "Soon, we'll dominate the world, leaving these two imitators—cough, I mean competitors in the video game industry—far behind!"

The crowd erupted with excitement, feeling a sense of connection to KiShin's success, especially those who had been fans since the company's early days.

Amid the cheering, Shin humbly remarked, "But enough of my boasting!" He paused, wearing a smile, and continued, "I'm here because I personally initiated a competition tournament for KiShin's video games, with a special focus on 'Street Fighter II: The World Warrior'!"

As Shin spoke, the players who had signed up for the competition displayed a serious demeanor. Among them were Mayada Ameya, Junpei Nakamoto, and several others who had entered the tournament.

On the stage, Shin proudly presented two arcade machines and announced, "These are the arcade machines that the competing players will use!"

KiShin's workers then unveiled several more arcade machines, all concealed under wide red cloths.

With an enthusiastic tone, Shin added, "But before that, we'll kick things off with a 'Tetris' competition! After a week of intense competition, the winner will walk away with a 1 million prize and the coveted 'Tetris' Best Player Trophy!"

The crowd erupted in cheers, and shortly after, the players who had registered for the 'Tetris' tournament competition made their appearance.

Some individuals in the crowd gasped in surprise upon realizing that the majority of 'Tetris' competitors were from the older generation, including middle-aged participants, with the youngest among them being in their 20s or 30s.

As the 'Tetris' rounds were relatively short, the audience could enjoy watching the head-to-head battles between the two 'Tetris' players each time.

With Shin's introduction completed, the KiShin-employed commentator or host took over the role and welcomed the players.

Two players took their seats at their respective arcade machines, and the 'Tetris' video game was already set up and ready to go.

People observed with anticipation as the 'Tetris' round finally commenced, with two middle-aged players engaged in a spirited battle.

As time passed, the 'Tetris' battle unfolded, and those who had initially harbored doubts about the excitement of a 'Tetris' or any video game competition found themselves cheering enthusiastically as the two 'Tetris' players engaged in a thrilling match.

What truly added to the excitement was the skilled commentary provided by the commentator.

"Oh! Edo-san managed to score at least one... But Kai-san is catching up! Wait, did Edo-san just pull off a combo!?" exclaimed the Japanese commentator as the 'Tetris' player's intense battle played out on the massive LED screen. This captivating commentary drew the attention of the audience, and many were now engrossed in the game, eagerly anticipating its outcome.

Some skilled 'Tetris' players among the audience began to regret their decision not to sign up for the tournament. Initially, they had thought it would be dull, but now, with the game looking so entertaining and the crowd's enthusiastic cheers alongside the lively commentator, they realized they had been mistaken. They couldn't help but imagine themselves on the stage, competing in 'Tetris' and triumphing over their opponents, a feeling that promised exhilaration.

Meanwhile, as the 'Tetris' competition unfolded, Itori Tanaka sat in the audience, engrossed in the round of 'Tetris' while casually munching on popcorn. He mumbled, "This Shinro really is something... to come up with such an intriguing concept." He gazed at the cheering crowd and the excitement filling the venue, finding himself genuinely impressed by Shinro.

Itori had usually only held admiration for his father and the wealthiest individuals in the United States, but now he couldn't help but admire Shinro, even if he wasn't among the top 10 richest people on Earth.

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