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Chapter 3 - Uchiha Madara in TENSURA (that time i reincarnated as a slime) - Chapter 4 by Ismail_EL full book limited free

Chapter 4: Chapter 3

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After taking a look at Rimuru's memories, Madara got a lot of useful information, he knows what happened between him and the dragon, and how he was able to swallow him, but more importantly he now has a better understanding of the concept of skills.

this made him think that there is someone who controls this world or at least tries to by limiting they're potential, sure it might seem like it is giving them power and helping them, but in truth it is just containing them, but what confused him is the skills of Rimuru, they're such cheats that it made him think that maybe reincarnated people are an exception, or maybe the entity doesn't have complete control.

shaking his head lightly he throws such thoughts to the back of his head, thinking about such things won't help him right now, it's not like he's 100% sure, it's all theories after all, but he smirks thinking about how strong the slime could become in the future with the help of his skill or even better if trained properly, he would surely offer a good dance, maybe even better than Hashirama.

Meanwhile Rimuru didn't feel anything out of the ordinary, even his skill didn't notice the disturbance in his consciousness as it isn't familiar with chakra. After the embarrassing scene earlier he didn't know what to do until Madara spoke.

Madara: "We should look for an exit."

Rimuru: "eh? ah! yes yes, let's go", 'haaa, thankfully he didn't take it seriously, or else that would've been awkward.'

It was then when Rimuru finally took a good look at Madara, 'why is he naked?' he thought 'forget it, let's not bring it up. But damn he looks good, and those perfect symmetric lean muscles, no wonder he was surprised that i didn't recognize him, must've been a celebrity. WAIT! i'm not gay! i'm not gay!....'

the two then began walking in a random direction looking for a way out, on the way Rimuru occasionally consumed some herbs and ores, and they encountered some monsters again, except that this time Madara suppressed his presence so they wouldn't notice him, a voice then resounded in his head.

[common skill: presence concealment learned]

[Extra skill: absolute stealth learned]

this made him amused, it was telling him as a ninja that he now knows stealth, it seems that it doesn't know everything about him.

Madara then turned his attention back to the snake that was attracted by Rimuru's aura, he wanted to see Rimuru's skill [predator] in action by himself, and he kind of wants him to become stronger so he could fight him, the sooner the better.

The snake attacks Rimuru with it's poison breath which he evades in a hurry still frightened as not to get hit, he then calms down a bit after taking a good look at the snake and finding that it wasn't so scary after all, it even looked cute in comparison with Veldora.

Finally resolving himself he jumps high above the snake's head and shoots a water blade at it effectively severing it's head from the rest of it's body, the snake's corpse then drops to the ground signifying the end of it's life.

'phew! [water blade]'s power is stronger than i had thought, but this fellow's attack had some really strong corrosive power too. where's Madara Btw i don't see him' his thoughts were cut off by the [great sage]'s voice.

[inform. suggesting using [Predator] to predate the storm snake]

'eh? you even knew the type of demon... say, what does [Predator] even do, great sage?' wonders Rimuru.

[Answer. after predating the target, through analyze it is possible to learn the target's skills]

'for real? then I shouldn't wait... itadakimaasu!' he thinks as he proceeds to swallow the lifeless corpse of the snake, after completely consuming it he hears [Great sage]'s voice once again.

[Acquired skills [heat sensing] and [poison mist breath]]

While Rimuru was consuming the snake, Madara was observing the whole process with his sharingan activated, he noticed that every single cell of the snake was disintegrated and turned into an energy which feels foreign yet familiar, and then absorbed by the slime.

After he acquired the [heat sensing skill] he tried sensing his surroundings, and tht is when he felt Madara standing by his side, 'he was here the whole time? how didn't i notice him great sage?' he asked wondering.

[Report. individual named [Madara Uchiha] was using the skill [stealth] which prevented the master from noticing him]

'so that's why, but why would he do something like that? didn't you say that he is stronger than me? it surely wasn't because he wanted to hide from the snake.' asked Rimuru

[report. judging from the previous behavior of the individual [Madara Uchiha], it is possible that he was testing your strength]

'testing me? but wait a minute how does he know a skill already, didn't he say that he too just reincarnated?'

[report. information unavailable]

'huh, i'll just ask'

"etto, Madara-san, how were you able to hide your presence like that ? were you a soldier in the past?" asked Rimuru

'oh? he noticed me? hmm, it seems that he is sensing my body heat..' thought Madara, then he answered "I am a ninja, and not just any ninja, I'm the strongest of them all".

Rimuru: "ninjas? those still exist?"

Madara: "the world i came from is different from yours, in my world ninjas are the main military force used in wars, there are samurai but they're not as effective as ninja's are, additionally we use a special energy called chakra to perform techniques called jutsu, it is sort of like magic".

(A/N: Rare for Madara to speak such a long sentence that's not about Hashirama, :):):))

Rimuru: "huh? there are other worlds? so you're like super strong right?"

Madara: "mnm"

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".."the voice of great sage was heard once again in Rimuru's head.

[inform. it is possible to mimic the analyzed target]

'Mimicry? ok, let's try it'

he then turned into the same snake he killed moments ago.

'so close to the original' he thought before he saw a few bats flying near him, then suddenly he had yet another great idea and fired poison breath at one of the bats which nearly melts the whole thing.

he then uses [Predate] on the grotesque remains of what used to be an animal, and glances back at Madara only to find him already walking in the direction they were heading to earlier.

"Madara, wait for me" screams Rimuru and hurries after Madara.

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