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Ultimate Being from the Tokonosu City Ultimate Being from the Tokonosu City original

Ultimate Being from the Tokonosu City

Author: akikan40

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Chapter 1: Not a good human

"Hey, Iinuma, did you listen to me?! How dare you ignore me?!" 

"Calm down, Teshima-sensei!" 

"Yeah, there is no need to be loud like this." 

"You guys are too lax! Just because he is an exceptional student doesn't mean he can do whatever he wants! If you let him like this, then what's the use of the rule of our school?!" 

The commotion between teachers became louder, but Iinuma Isao, simply ignoring them as a group of teachers, was nothing but another stranger after he graduated from high school. More importantly, something was happening to him this morning, and he couldn't care less about the bug in front of him. 

Yes, as you had expected, he, Iinuma Isao, had been reincarnated into this world. Naturally, like most reincarnations in the story, he was an orphan without parents, and he had to say that his life was quite challenging. 

In a world where money was everything, living was hard for him, an orphan without any support from his parents. Even though there was an orphanage that took care of his life during childhood, it didn't mean that he could live well, especially when everyone had to compete with each other if he wanted to eat well. 

Still, when one was exceptional, even if there was no support from parents to live, strangely enough, the world was kind.

While he knew that this might be narcissistic, he was handsome and smart. Moreover, due to his previous life experience, he was more mature and was able to live well by various means. 

Yes, various means. 

While being exceptional was great, it also attracted trouble. Those who had a complete family and children who didn't know society couldn't accept that someone without parents was better than them. Bullying was inevitable, and he became a target. 

So, what should he do?

It was simple, and that was to bully those who had bullied him. 

Yes, they had a complete family, so they had the support of their family, but at the same time, because of that, they had a burden, something that needed to be protected. 

Meanwhile, he, who had nothing, didn't have anything, so there was no need to worry about it. 

By then, evil was probably born. 

Isao used any means to take care of all of them, making them into sources of income. He started with violence, blackmail, threats, pyramid schemes, protection money, bootlegging, and many others. He used all of them as slaves who worked for his bidding, and slowly, his group grew. 


There was no such thing, especially when he got a handle to control their parents and family. If their parents and family didn't want to lose their jobs or their children's future, they had to listen to him.

Sometimes, their beautiful mothers or sisters came to him and tried to persuade him, but women had always been naive. They thought that they could make him kind and change him, but he was the one who changed them and made them into his bitch, who betrayed their husbands and families. Naturally, those who swore at him or had their mothers or sisters become his women had their lives improved. He made them live better and gave them a sense of superiority over others. 

This was probably his only good point, as he had always been fair and never broken his words. 

Still, his future was settled, especially when everything started to snowball in a better direction. Not only did he get his hands on many politicians who got their hands on prostitutes, giving him a chance to blackmail them, but it seemed the memory of his previous life was so great that he could remember many things vividly, so he made a lot of money on the football gamble, especially the World Cup in 2002. 

Today, four years have passed, and the 2006 World Cup is about to start. 

Isao couldn't wait for the famous headbutt to appear, and by then, he would make a lot more money. 

Yes, he might not be a good guy, but many people were worse than him. 

Unfortunately, everything was about to crumble when he realized which world he was reincarnated to. 

Initially, Isao thought that, like any other reincarnation story, there would be some characters that he might have seen in his previous life, so that was why he had never tried to copy novels or something similar in this life. Moreover, instead of being famous, he loved to make money in a low-key manner, but more importantly, when he saw how colorful the hair of the people who were living in this country was, he knew the possibilities of those characters living in this world existed. 

Yes, his hair was black, but many people had hair with a strange color, like pink, orange, or even purple. 

However, it was also because he saw such a strange hair color that he dreaded. 

At the beginning of his school, as he was chosen as the representative of the 1st grade, he saw pink, orange, and purple hair colors, respectively, and when he saw their hair colors and appearance, his complexion turned pale as if blood drained from his face. 

Isao thought the world he was in wouldn't be much different from his previous life, as the history was similar, and many recent events were the same, but he didn't expect that the world he would be in would be a world where there would be a zombie that brought the society into destruction.

By then, while he wanted to calm down, he couldn't, but his nature didn't allow him to show such a pathetic state, so he gave his speech while forcing himself as if nothing had happened. However, after he gave his speech, he wanted to go back to prepare everything as he knew that the outbreak of the event would start soon.

Yet, there was only a day before everything happened; what could he do in such a limited time?

As he lay inside his room alone, he gave up. 

He knew that nothing could be saved. 

All of his savings, wealth, and businesses couldn't be saved anymore. 

His shackles to his slaves would also be broken. 

Isao knew that he would lose everything, yet at the same time, everyone would also lose everything. 

When he had such a thought, he felt better somehow, but as he had been thinking about many things, he hadn't made his preparation. His only preparation was his memory and just an expandable baton, some food, drinks, and condoms. 

Yes, that's it. 

As for reminding others, he believed that they wouldn't believe him and they would think of him as a lunatic. Moreover, he didn't have a single connection in this world, as he had been despicable and evil. 

While he had a comfortable life, it was a lonely one. 

Yet, Isao didn't care since everything would end soon. Still, on his way to the school, he saw a dead black cat and dog on the road. While he hadn't seen how they died, he thought that they should be hit by a passing car. Still, no one paid attention, and everyone glanced at those two dead animals for a while before they walked away. 

However, he stopped and decided to bury those two animals. He wasn't sure why, but he stared at the two dead animals, thinking he hadn't done a good deed in a while. Even though he had a lot of money, all he spent was on his well-being, business, or women.

If a devil existed among humans, then it was him. 

Still, as the world was about to end soon, he thought about doing good deeds by burying those two animals in the proper location. He knew this might be a little late, especially for someone as horrible as him, to change, but he just wanted to do it somehow, especially when he thought everything would end soon. 

While the dead animals might appear a bit disgusting with many flies surrounding them, Isao went to the convenience store to get plastic bags and get ready to pick them up, but suddenly, he saw a fly landing on his arm. He wanted to swat it away, but—

[You have acquired the DNA of a fly.]

[Do you want to absorb it?]


While confused, Isao knew this should be a system, which usually appeared in the reincarnation story. Feeling excited yet also confused as to why it only appeared now, he decided to pick up the two dead animals, thinking of burying them first before studying his system, but similar things happened. 

[You have acquired the DNA of a Maine Coon Cat.]

[Do you want to absorb it?]

[You have acquired the DNA of a Tosa dog.]

[Do you want to absorb it?]

By then, Isao hadn't wasted his chance and went to the dilapidated shrine to check his system. Moreover, he decided to accept all the offers from the system that appeared in his head, and he was dumbfounded as he could feel his body become stronger. 

What was happening?

Did his body acquire all the DNA of those animals?


A fly, a cat, and a dog. 

Isao could feel that his body started to gain the characteristics of those three animals. It wasn't that he became ugly, like an alien or a failed human experiment, but his body became stronger, his sense of scent became sharper, and he could also change his eyes into the compound eyes of the fly. Moreover, if he wished to, he could even change to those three animals whose DNAs he had absorbed. 

Lastly, like a certain power in the pirate story, he could change his body into a half-human and a half-animal. 

Nevertheless, this didn't change the fact that he had become stronger. 

He had become an ultimate being who didn't fear the disaster that would happen soon, which made his blood boil with excitement, yet if he showed this power, he was afraid that he would be caught in the laboratory somehow. 

Yet, when he thought about what would happen after this, he could only shake his head since the world was about to be in trouble, and how could they have time to think about him? 

However, due to this newfound ability, he was late since he had been experimenting with how to use his new power, learning it so it wouldn't cause trouble in his everyday life. Fortunately, he was smart and talented, so everything was easy, but it didn't change the fact that he was being scolded by this teacher. 

Still, Isao only yawned, feeling bored. 

"Oi, are you looking down on me?! Who do you think you are talking to—" 

The teacher wanted to slap Isao, but his body shivered and stopped when Isao glanced into his eyes. Subconsciously, he stepped back, feeling his legs were weak, before he realized what he was doing.

However, when he realized everything, he quickly got angry, but—


*Bang! Bang! Bang!*

Suddenly, a loud banging noise attracted everyone. 

"Oi! Shut up!"

Everyone turned their heads, and they saw a man outside the gate who banged his body into the school gate like a madman. 

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