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75% Ultimate player / Chapter 18: Chapter-18 : Preparation for grander scheme of things

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Chapter 18: Chapter-18 : Preparation for grander scheme of things

After 2 hours of flight, I reached Paris.

More like I was dropped at Paris, Paris was still under Nazi control, and the plane I boarded was a supply plane, so I was dropped off along with cargo 15 miles south of Paris.

I was going to Paris cause of two reasons, first that there were a lot of things I wanted to see in Paris, second, second, it was currently one of the capitals of Nazi's.

I could extract tons of data and crucial information with my skill set.

Not only that, in here were some top of the line machines and equipments that I could make use of to create some supplies for me and my basterds.

Espionage and infiltration with spying and disguise was my speciality, I can look like a purebred German one day, and a native African the next.

All I needed were some cosmetics that I could make use of, wigs, hair color, some dresses and voila, a totally different man.

Right now I was inside a small laboratory, which was closed for God knows how long, but all the equipments were in usable state, just needed a thorough cleanup and oiling and were good to go.

The lab was on the outskirts as it once handled flammable substances, there was only one guard, which 'mysteriously' is falling asleep on his night duties for past 3 nights, he was old and drunk, so no worries.

It took me a night to make the equipments usabe, another to gather raw materials I would need, and last to make the ones I couldn't gather.

Tonight, was the final night when I would make all the things I wanted.

First was a charger, cause guess what, I still had my smartphone with me, during the world travel, it lost all its power and needed to be charged again, but there was no appropriate thing that could charge it till now, so first I made a pretty normal charger for it and plugged it in.

Seeing the charging sign, I smiled, I would finally be able to use it now.

Then was time for my guns and rifles. I used preexisting gun parts, fine tuned them as per my requirements, and then made advanced automatic rifles and pistols using my kinetic models.

These were special guns that made very less sounds, recoil or loss of energy. They converted most of the energy release by the propellent into Kinetic energy for the bullet, keeping wastage of energy to minimum and increasing the damage and speed of the bullets.

Not only ARs and Pistols, I even sniper rifles, these were so silent and had so less recoil, you won't be able to tell that you are firing a bullet or releasing it, but the best part was that these guns could work like this with normal bullets. Meaning, as long as the guns are fine, we can keep using them with ammos from wherever we want.

Of course, I made some special rounds, some better explosive ones that could explode like a grenade, it housed a special chemical that exploded as soon as it comes in contact with air as it sparks a chain reaction which generates a grenade worth of energy.

These special rounds were for my personal use, I designed then so I could finally see someone sent flying cause of being shot with a rifle.

Everything I made, had the my insignia on it, with inglourious basterds etched on the side of each gun I made.

After these were some wireless communicators that had an absolute range of 10 miles and lastly some trackers and bugs that I could use with my phone as a receiver. I already had a few in the case of my phone, so I just made another ones.

There were also advanced Kevlar vests that I made now, with both the inner and the outer armor.

These were same level that I wore while fighting with High table. And the one I made for me was even special. The one I made for myself was an extra thin pair of inners that I could wear inside any cloth, it was a combination of both armor and absorber, though it's performance was a bit low than the previous one, this was more flexible and suitable to my style.

After 7 hours of constant work, all the preparations were completed as I finished making everything I could use for my operations.

My phone was almost fully charged now, well, one may ask why it took so long for the phone to charge?, well the answer was simple, after each charge, the phone could go on for months if used correctly.

I switched it on as I checked if all the things worked right or not, and after a few checks, it worked perfectly, of course there was no connection available or no internet, but it was still full of many time passing things.

I put everything in preservation boxes and buried them deep out in the jungle with trackers so I could track them later when I need them.

I lighted a cigar, as I moved back to the lab, the guard was still sleeping outside, well, I just knocked him out softly.

I moved inside as I cleared evidences of my presence, and to be extra sure, I opened the valves on the barrels as I took one last smoke out of the cigar and threw it at the gate as I walked away from the scene.

A few minutes later, the whole lab exploded, well, the guard will survive as he was sleeping in the tower outside.

The barrels there were full of unused ether, just waiting to be ignited.

I went to the capital as I rented a room in the tavern with my new look and my new countryside persona, nothing was too special about it to stand out.

The things I was carrying with me are simple, a pair of my inner body armor, a pair of nice clothes, well, some stolen ones for appearances, a cosmetic kit for my disguises, my phone, two advanced silent pistols, 1 AR, and a few loaded magazines along with special ammos I created. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

These were all stored in my briefcase, which was now disguised as a trunk for now.

The sunrays hit the ground as the morning came, I was going to meet with the one of the british spies in Paris, codenamed 'Orchid', he was the one that would arrange my visit to America and back.

The secret service knew of as an outstanding soldier who could lay down hundreds of bodies, but what they didn't knew was of my intelligence and my worth in other fields.

I reached the rendezvous spot, as I knocked on the door in a rhythmic pattern, the door opened a bit with a creak.

"what business you have mister?" the man in front of me asked.

"I was searching for a florist today, but couldn't find one, would it be possible you can let me take some orchids off your lawn??" As I said the correct sentence.

"Come in..." he said as opened the door and let me in.

"Let's go beneath, no one will be there" he said as he closed the door and lead me down in the basement.

In the basement, he opened a floor panel as there was a ladder that lead even more down.

"Whewww, you have created a hell of a house here, no, it should be called a bunker..." I said as I slided down the ladder.

The whole basement was divided in two sections, one was full of guns and ammos, while other was full of alcohol barrels.

"Well, it's is supposed to be a bunker, it's a safe house for agents like you and me." he said as he took out a small bag and handed it over to me.

"These are the necessary papers for your trip, in two hours a car for you will arrive which would take you to British borders by tonight through a safe passage, there you will meet British soldiers who would take you to London by tomorrow morning, there is a cargo plane that will wait for you till 8 AM, it will take you back to America."

I nodded as I kept the papers in my briefcase.

"Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself, My name is Henry McConnell, codename 'Orchid', nice to meet you" He said as he extended his hand for a shake.

"Yes, likewise, My name is Bartholomew Banning, people call be 'Bobby'." I said as I shook his hand.

"Well, if you need anything, don't be shy to take it, I will be upstairs." he said as he left me alone.

And while all this happened, I extracted a few new cards from him.

[Detective mind]

[Scenario analysis]

[Psychological warfare]


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