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73.07% Ultimate player / Chapter 19: Chapter-19 : The man, the myth, the legend himself...

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Chapter 19: Chapter-19 : The man, the myth, the legend himself...

From his cards, it was pretty apparent that he worked for the T&I department.

His cards were special as they were a bit offstream and were just a but shy of bright yellow, that meant he was a master detective along with being able to extract information from almost anyone with enough time.

He didn't even look that old, 40 at max, but his cards were all best there were, it looked like he was one of the more talented people who selected their talent for income.

And thus, I copied these cards from him, I had some of these cards, but they were all white grade, now, I didn't have to go out collect alot of different cards in the field to evolve the grade of card, with his yellow cards, and me already having their base cards, it took much less time to copy.

I sat down as I thought on my plans once again, I had assimilated all the cards for strategy and planning now, so I made some corrections to my plans, even if it isn't the most efficient or the most effective plan, the harvest I will get will increase.

I rested a few minutes as I looked around the cellar, there were all kinds of alcohol in these barrels, they were all being aged, and it smelled really nice, some barrels were even 40 yrs old.

No matter how much I wanted to taste it, there was a special rung in hell for those who stole good aged alcohol, so I just kept the urge to myself as I developed an idea in my mind.

I looked around the arsenal trying to find some interesting, but sadly there wasn't anything even remotely interesting, the only thing I took with me was another bag full of loaded magazines.

## A day later ##

I reached America finally, there were many people I wanted to visit, but that would be for a day later, I wanted to sleep soundly first, I couldn't catch any sleep in past 36 hours. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Even though I only need a few hours of sleep everyday, I am a person that enjoys his sleep, and now with this power, even my dreams are quite good.

I woke up fresh next morning as I made myself breakfast, my cooking skills were brightest of yellow available, my food was equal to any world class chef that made food with all his effort.

And this was also the reason I became cook for the basterds, I could make use of the rations and dried meat to make something something as bland as those things into slightly flavorful dishes.

Thank god they didn't knew my actual cooking prowess, or they wouldn't have let me go.

I made a frittata enough for 4, which was damn delicious and ate it whole, my appetite was equal to that of three normal humans, and it was natural considering my energy consumption.

Even if I don't have to train to acquire the powers, I still train a few hours so that I can keep my body at its peak always, because if you don't practice your physical ability cards once in a week, they start to lose their shine, even if a very small bit.

And with the power output of my body, this kind of energy intake was natural.

I dressed as a normal looking man as stole a car from some rich dude as I put my two briefcases on the backseat as I drove off towards New Jersey in full speed.

There was my first victim, or should I say, benefactor. The man, the myth, the legend himself, Albert 'fucking' Einstein.

His genius was so great that even after after decades he was still called one of the most intelligent people to ever exist.

His theories on space and time relativity, quantum mechanics, gravity and motion were all exceptional, so much so that people actually said that if he lived a few decades more, humans could have been living on other planets, which I don't totally disagree with.

I wanted to see that what was it that made him so special, was it his brain?? His thinking process?? Some bullshit talent?? Some natural blessing that I could copy?? Or something else different, not only this, I even wanted to discuss some of my own theories with him.

Even if I wasn't as much as a big brain like him, I was from future, and except the extreme knowledge of stuff like nuclear bombs and subnuclear bombs, I had skill [Genius Mind] which made it a breeze for me to understand and develop new theories of mine and new technology.

It was the reason why I was able to develop my own guns, new armor new tech for myself.

With his cards I am sure I will be able to make a major breakthrough in my thinking power.

After an hour and half of driving while listening to songs in my phone, I reached Princeton in New Jersey.

I went to a nice hotel and booked a room for myself, it was done easily as kept my stuff over there as I went to meet the person I came all the way here to meet.

I drove my car to the outside of the Institute of Advanced Study as I parked the car.

I took the briefcase I bought with me in my hands as I walked towards the entrance.

Two guards stopped me as asked the purpose of my visit and checked me and my briefcase thoroughly.

Sure they weren't able to find anything, if they could, I wouldn't be a good assassin.

I didn't went directly towards him cause this was an Institute where people came for a sole purpose of pursuing knowledge and satisfy their curiosity, there are bound to be special talents here and there which I can copy.

Sure enough I was able to get cards like [Basic Energy theory] [Fundamental Magnetism] and many other science related ones that I copied and stored in the storage slot, I purposefully emptied my slots for today as I knew I will get a lot of cards new today.

Then I found the man who I came for, giving a lecture on his 'basic' energy theory.

I just stood at the outside of the Hall as I let him complete his lecture.

He closed the file in his hands as he finished the lecture and answering the doubts, he came outside the hall as he looked towards me.

"Do I know you??" He asked me

"No Sir, but I am sure you will, My name is Bartholomew Banning, you can call me 'bobby' or 'Bart' as you like" I said as I offered a handshake

He shook my hand and said "So Bart, what purpose do you have for the visit today??"

"I am a fellow seeker of knowledge like you sir, I would like to have a talk with you in detail, and I know you don't want to be disturbed, but please give this a read before you consider anything else" I said as I took a file out of my briefcase and handed it over to him.

The file contained Stephen Hawking's theories of black holes and the physics related to it. Poor him that he was still a baby right now.

He looked at the file for a minute as he had an expression of shock on his face.

"Yes, sure, let's talk in detail about it, wait, lets go to my room first." He said as he lead me towards his room fastly.

He sat on his chai as he lit the lamp on his table as he started reading the file page by page.

And while he was doing this, I was looking at the treasure I front of me through my screen.

His was full of many unproven but arguably better theories than even those in the future.

Like [Space-Time theories] [Advanced energy theory] [Matter and antimatter] and etc... All of which were bright yellow individually, but the cards that made me drool were two special cards.

The description of these skills were even more amazing.

[ Card : Super Active Brain

Type : Ability/Physical

Color : Yellow

Description : Makes your brain more active than others, gives high thinking capacity with making it much easier to understand and develop new ideas. Makes gaining knowledge much easier

Copy : Yes / No ]

This was the first yellow grade physical ability card that I had seen, not only that, it was even halfway through yellow grade.

I immediately start copied it as I opened the description of the other card

[ Card : Super focus

Type : Skill

Color : Purple

Description : Increases ability to focus on a single subject by silencing unnecessary thoughts and activities that uses brain power.

Copy : Yes / No ]

And this was a different gem all together, it was a purple grade skill card, though the description was nothing special, the skill was something else.

For normal understanding, if our brain was a computer, then it's brain power was it's RAM, this skill cleared up the RAM of all the unnecessary things directly increasing ability to focus on a single thing by dozens of times.

Each little activity and thought of ours consumed some brain power, by clearing them up, you actually free the RAM, giving it ability to focus more.

In more simple words, this was why Einstein became Einstein we know.

Not only these but there were at least a dozen more cards here which I could see that worked synergistically with these cards, like [Parallel thinking : 4] [Faster thinking] [Save and Discard] and etc...

These all worked together perfectly to increase the brain power to a very high degree than normally possible, hence creating a scientist that we will remember for centuries to come.

I watched him as he looked into the empty air while sitting still and contemplating on the theories that I proposed in there.



I said as I pulled him out of his daze.

"Absolut genial !!!, ich hätte nie gedacht, dass es so sein könnte, Herr Banning, kann ich diese Datei für ein paar Tage aufbewahren? Ich werde es zurückgeben..... Wait, I was saying...." He said in German, as he realised and went back to English.

(Absolutely genius!!!, I never thought it like to be like this, Mr Banning, can I keep this file for a few days?? I'll return it in.....)

"Es gibt keine Notwendigkeit Professor, ich spreche ziemlich fließend Deutsch, Sie können sprechen, wie Sie wollen. Eigentlich können Sie die Datei mit diesen Büchern hier behalten" I said in a perfectly fluent German as I took out three more books from my briefcase.

(There is no need professor, i am pretty fluent in german too, you can speak however you want. Actually, you can keep the file, with these books here.)

He looked at the books with a shine in his eyes.

We both sat down once again as we both continued talking on the theories in front of us, and while we were talking, a part of me was getting excited seeing all these great cards being copied.

The purple one was estimated to be copied in 1hr 30min, but that wasn't too much seeing that we were just trading blows with scientific terms and theories with a bit of debate involved.

He was a nice person to talk with, and his well of knowledge was really too deep, but since I had copied a lot of professors before coming in this world, I was able to face him without embarrassing myself.

After three hours of talking, thinking and having a nice discussion on many different topics, we finally called it a day.

His room was in shambles currently, there were books and papers opened everywhere, the blackboard, the wall, the cabinet, all were now riddled with formulas and theorems.

All in all, today was very fruitful, all of my active slots were full, working full-time to assimilate all the knowledge I gathered.

"Vielen Dank, dass Sie sich die Zeit für mich genommen haben, Sir. Es gibt einen letzten Gefallen, den ich von Ihnen möchte..."

(Thank you for taking out your time your time for me sir, there is one last favour I want from you...)

He looked at me as he said "Klar, wenn es in meiner Macht steht, werde ich es für dich tun"

(Sure, if it's in my power, I will do it for you)

"Also, was ich will ist..."

(So, what I want is...)

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