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Eyesight Training - Uncle-Master, Please Help Us - Chapter 11 by Heng Sao Tian Ya full book limited free

Chapter 11: Eyesight Training

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Some top experts throughout Great Yan Prefecture might be able to do the same thing with their spirit alone, but this youth didn't use any true essence at all. He seemed to be using only his physical strength and a conventional tool…

This was even scarier!

Not only were his eyesight, movement, speed, and timing were ridiculously precise beyond belief, the use of his own muscles and the response of his nerves were also shockingly specific!

So many chops were executed in just a few breaths before the dead tree could even hit the ground. If he had made a tiny error—even if it's just the breadth of a hair, the result could've been different than what was the result right now.

In other words, he didn't make any mistake at all!

The control that he has over his strength was beyond anyone's imagination!

Furthermore, the most jarring point was that even after having completed all of these. He didn't look happy at all. Instead, he shook his head and looked a little disappointed. This obviously meant that what he had done meant nothing to him.


Since when was there such a powerful person in the Immortal Guardian Sect?

"Is that… Is that Senior?"

Peerless sword immortals were rarely seen even in the Great Yan Prefecture. It was impossible for two to appear in one place. He might just be the master in that residence who had given her some guidance in her swordplay, he must be that master who didn't show himself to her!

As for his youthful looks… It was understandable since a lot of experts that had lived for hundreds of years looked younger than their age. In fact, there was once a great demon who had lived for several thousand years, yet he still looked like a boy.

This was why one couldn't judge someone's strength and age based on their appearance.

"If it's that person, it would be great…"

Earlier, she was wracking her brains to think of ways on how she could enter the residence and let him take her as his disciple. But now, she didn't expect that she would be so lucky as to actually meet him here.

This was a great opportunity that she couldn't afford to miss!

With that, she stopped hesitating…

She quickly moved two steps forward and fell onto her knees. "Immortal Guardian Sect disciple, Liu Yi is immensely fortunate to have received guidance in swordplay from Senior and has gained a lot of insights. I hope that Senior can accept me as his disciple!"

Su Yin was shocked.

This person… when did he come?

How scary!

Su Yin was now convinced that it would be best for him to stop wandering around outside before he had any ability. Otherwise, he might die without knowing why!

Suppressing his shock, Su Yin waved his hand. "Friend, have you gotten the wrong person?"

He had no cultivation base at all, how could he teach?

Liu Yiyi was also stunned.

The voice that taught her swordplay last night sounded sharp and shrill. The young man's voice in front of her was gentle and warm. Obviously, the voice that she heard back then belonged to someone else.

"This disciple has understood a part of the words that Senior told me last night…"

After a pause, Liu Yiyi asked in doubt.

"You must have gotten the wrong person. I have never seen you before, let alone teach you swordplay…" Su Yin bitterly smiled.

She tried to acknowledge the wrong person as her master?


Liu Yiyi was confused seeing the look of certainty on Su Yin's face.

A person with such great power would never lie to a small fry like her.

After all, such an act was unnecessary and would only invite disdain from others. In short, he really wasn't the person that she met yesterday?

The Immortal Guardian Sect has two peerless sword immortals hidden from the eyes of the outside world? This sect surely was a sect whose history spanned for tens of thousands of years! To think that it would have such deep secrets.

But now that the situation has come to this, who should she acknowledge as her master?

Liu Yiyi felt conflicted.

She had no idea how powerful the Senior that taught her yesterday, but a few words from him was enough to let her break the shackles of her cultivation and defeat Zhou Yuan. This alone was sufficient proof that the Senior that she met yesterday was powerful.

As for this man—without the help of true essence, divine consciousness, or anything. He managed to have such precise control over his strength just by using his muscles. From this, it was obvious that the level and might of his swordplay was also at an unimaginable stage.

It didn't matter who became her master, both of them would still be able to help her advance and become a true powerhouse!

Liu Yiyi was just feeling conflicted since one could only choose one master. Otherwise, if she acted half-heartedly, then she might garner the annoyance of her master and she might quite possibly be expelled from his tutelage.

"I was too rash…"

Realizing that she had made a mistake, Liu Yiyi bowed deeply out of embarrassment. "Just now, I saw that Senior can easily chop trees without using any strength. Was that… was that Supreme Swordplay?"

Su Yin did not expect that he would make such an absurd assumption. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It was just chopping some firewood. Swordplay? What swordplay?!

He shook his head and explained. "It's just a few tricks, nothing worth mentioning!"

Liu Yiyi's eyelids twitched. She couldn't help but gasp.

The realm of an expert was really different!

Things that were extraordinary and difficult to accomplish for her were just ordinary skills that weren't even worth mentioning in the eyes of true experts. Even when they talked about it, instead of being excited, they were even embarrassed.

This candor… was admirable.

"Then… Senior, can you teach me?"

The more Liu Yiyi thought about it, the more excited she felt.

An expert at his level might not think too much of what he had just done, but it was different for Liu Yiyi. If she managed to learn a little bit of it, she might be able to take her revenge sooner or later!

"You want to learn how to chop wood?" Su Yin was stunned.

Cultivating to become an immortal was such a great thing…

One could go wherever they wished to and do whatever they wanted to do.

Something must be wrong with this person's head since he wanted to learn how to chop wood instead of cultivating to become an immortal!

But ignorant to Su Yin's thoughts, Liu Yiyi quickly nodded in agreement.

"This is very simple to learn, but if you want to do what I can… It will probably take you at least a few months of hard work. How about this? Let me teach you the basics first!"

Seeing that Liu Yiyi was serious about learning from him, Su Yin could only shake his head.

Remembering the time when he was the one learning…

He asked with a smile. "What do you think is the first thing you should practice when learning to chop wood?"

Knowing that this was a test, Liu Yiyi pondered for a moment before she replied carefully. "The posture of holding the sword… No, the hatchet?"

In order to learn swordplay, one must first practice the basics. How to hold the sword and how to draw the sword.

Drawing the sword was the most important thing among the basics…

It was the foundation of the 36 Stances of the Immortal Guardian.

"Wrong!" Shaking his head, Su Yin said, "You need to practice your eyesight first! If you don't know where the firewood is… how can you chop it? Even if you can see where it is, but if you're unable to locate the best spot to chop. How can you possibly chop it well?"

"One's eyesight is crucial when chopping wood…"

"Only by looking carefully at the position of the wood, finding its grain structure, and calculating the best spot to chop the wood according to how it would move when struck—could we possibly execute a better chopping action in order to split the wood in the best manner possible."

"It's like butchering meat!"

"If you do not know where the bones and joints are, and only relied on brute force to chop it… not only will you be unable to butcher the meat properly, but you will also end up making a mess!"

This was what the soul remnant named Li Qiaofu taught him the first day he learned to chop firewood.

In order to practice his eyesight, he suffered quite a lot.


Liu Yiyi's figure shook and there was a boom in her brain.

She felt as if the door to a new world was slowly being opened.

That's right!

You must practice your eyesight first when training in swordplay!

Only by predicting her enemy's movements in advance and what they were planning to do could she anticipate her enemy's actions and act according to it!

This short phrase expressed the deepest meaning of swordplay.

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He was indeed an expert.

He used chopping wood as a metaphor for swordplay, every word that he said was so clear, yet profound.


Realizing these, all of her doubts about the Sword Dao in the past vanished in an instant as they all smoothly fused with her. Her aura surged once more and she soon broke the shackles of Gathering Breath Realm Class 5 to arrive at Class 6.

With a flip of her wrist, she successfully executed the sixth and seventh stances of the 36 Stances Immortal Guardian sword technique.

For a moment, the sword energy in the forest seemed to have become omnipresent.

The air rustled and the surrounding vegetation was forcibly flattened.

"So powerful…"

Su Yin was envious.

This was a cultivator!

All he did was chop firewood.

Yet this person only had to move ever so slightly and the plants bowed their heads for him!

Both of them were about eighteen or nineteen years old…

They were roughly the same age, so why was there such a huge difference between the two of them?

What a disgrace!

What an embarrassment!

Just when he was feeling embarrassed, Liu Yiyi who had just executed her stances bent her knees and knelt down. Words weren't enough to express the gratitude contained within her eyes as she said.

"Thank you for explaining, Senior! Liu Yi is grateful…"

She was full of admiration!

The fact that she was able to make such a quick breakthrough was not only she comprehended the true meaning of the Sword Dao…

But it was also because she had absorbed some of the Sage's Truth that had scattered in the surroundings when Su Yin chopped some firewood.

Therefore, her gratitude was boundless!


Just as Su Yin was looking at her in admiration, she suddenly knelt down in front of him.

Su Yin was baffled.

Was this gesture really necessary?

I… what did I explain?

I only told him about the basics of chopping wood. I told him that one of the basics was training one's eyesight and he said that he understood…

What did he understand?


Could it be that this person knew that he was the Grand Uncle-Master and he was like Chen Yu and Wu Yuan who purposely came here to put on an act with him?

If that was the case…

This Immortal Guardian Sect is really going all out!

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