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22.5% Uncle-Master, Please Help Us / Chapter 9: Inferior to Manure!

Inferior to Manure! - Uncle-Master, Please Help Us - Chapter 9 by Heng Sao Tian Ya full book limited free

Chapter 9: Inferior to Manure!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The donkey didn't seem to mind Nirvana Demon King's feelings and complaints as it was so frightened to the point that it was about to go mad. All of its hooves and even its tail continuously smashed onto the Demon King for three full minutes.

"Big Black, take it easy. The guy seems really weak. You've already kicked him to the brink of death." The parrot hurriedly said.


The donkey reluctantly opened one of its closed eyes.

All it saw was the demon who had wanted to eat it lying spread-eagled on the ground. The demon's body was covered with hoof marks. His ribs, arms, and all the bones in his legs had almost completely shattered.

"He's still breathing. Wait…"

The donkey said.

Then, it leaped onto the demon once more. A grim look was on its face. "Fierce Donkey Crosses the Driver, Great Donkey Hoof of the Universe, Roar of the Donkey's Tail…"

The parrot and the tortoise looked at each other.

Afterwards, they covered their eyes with their appendage.

This fellow had always been like this. When faced with danger, it would always go crazy and execute every single move it knew as fast as possible. To be honest, it was just a little too cautious!

"Wait for a little more! Galloping Wild Donkeys, Dragon Subduing 18 Hooves…"

Ten minutes later, Big Black finally stopped and it heaved a sigh of relief.

"It's a good thing that he's weak. Otherwise, we would've been in danger…"

The parrot and tortoise nodded in agreement. "Bloodline is important to demonic beasts. We are just ordinary animals who later became demonic beasts. Our strength is limited and we might not even be the match of the weakest cultivator out there!"

As ordinary animals, they knew their limits.


The Nirvana Demon King, who was still alive, felt like dying.

I'm… weak?

If he was weak, then how was he able to escape the ambush of all the top experts in Qianyuan Continent alive?

Why would he be sealed for 8000 years if he was weak?

How was he able to escape from hundreds of powerful experts if he was weak?

Although his strength had been significantly reduced, he was still a former top master. He wasn't weak in combat at all…

But in the end, he was still defeated in an instant.

What the f**k!

Just how are you an ordinary animal? Please tell me how are you ordinary?

Even I, the Nirvana Demon King was unable to withstand an attack from your hooves… yet you call yourself ordinary?!

The Nirvana Demon King was so depressed that he wanted to die.

Then, the voice beside him spoke once more…

"I think this guy's not here to make trouble for us!

"Interesting… You're just a donkey, are you saying that he's here to look for you? For what? To cultivate the land or pull the mill? Stop being so narcissistic! But he might not necessarily be looking for Master either…"

"I think… this yard is haunted."

"Really? I'm afraid of ghosts…"

"Whether it is true or not, Master has yet to start cultivating. We should be more cautious!"

"Yes! Then… what do we do with this guy?"

"Bury him in the garden as fertilizer! Also, don't tell Master about this! Otherwise, we're definitely going to be scolded. He will say that we dirtied his flowers!"

"Manure is the best fertilizer after all."

"This guy is not as good as manure."

"That makes sense."

The three beast pets continued to discuss their next course of action.


The Nirvana Demon King was really about to go mad.

He was a Demon King, a supreme being who once ruled over the world throughout an entire era.

But in their eyes, he was inferior to manure…


"I'm going to kill you! Barbecue the donkey, soup the tortoise, and grill the parrot!"

He screamed inwardly with his teeth clenched together.

Just as he was raging, he felt his body being carried off the ground. After a while, he was carelessly thrown into a pit in the ground and buried.

He was really being treated as plant fertilizer!

What's worse was that there were big lumps of manure around him. It stank…

"Not only do I want to kill you, but I also want to torture you too! I want you to wish that you were dead, but I won't let you die…"

The Nirvana Demon King roared inwardly.

But suddenly, he stopped.

"How is there such a dense spiritual aura and Sage's Truth in this manure?"

Although his surroundings were so stinky it was suffocating, the spiritual aura and the Sage's Truth in the manure around him were denser than anything that he had encountered before.

He took a deep breath and in an instant, he felt his body ignite with vigor.

The injuries that he had sustained became insignificant.

"With this, my injuries will recover quickly…"

The Nirvana Demon King trembled with excitement. He suddenly felt that being buried underneath a pile of manure was not a punishment, but his lucky break!

It was no wonder the three beasts said that he was inferior to manure.

If they were talking about the Sage's Truth, he really was inferior.


The Nirvana Demon King decided to set aside his grievances for a while as he opened his mouth and quickly absorbed the surrounding Sage's Truth. The pungent odor, together with the spiritual aura in the area slowly permeated through every meridian in his body.

Sure enough… when the Sage's Truth entered his body, the injuries that he had sustained after being beaten up earlier recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Even his foundation, which had been damaged after being suppressed for 8000 years, was slowly being repaired.

After an unknown amount of time and after having absorbed an unknown amount of pungent gas, the Nirvana Demon King was finally able to move again. He crawled out of the ground with great difficulty and looked at the dark night sky with reddened eyes.

"Those that have wronged me, I'll settle the scores sooner or later. Those who have crossed me, I will kill them in the future! I want the sky to tremble for me, and the earth to fear me! I want to let the world know that, I—the Nirvana Demon King… is back!

Having sworn an oath, the Great Demon King clenched his teeth tight. He planned on finding more traces of Sage's Truth so he could completely recover from his injuries when he suddenly saw a huge green foxtail in front of him.

The foxtail whistled through the air and descended onto him.

For an instant, the surrounding air abruptly froze.

The space around him seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

The Nirvana Demon King, who had just somewhat recovered from his injuries, saw darkness once again.

A huge mountain descended onto him.


His head was beaten into his chest. He was lying on the floor once again. In a daze, he heard a slightly angered voice in the direction of the green foxtail.

"Stop making a ruckus! If you disturb Master's sleep, I'll eat you up!"

The Nirvana Demon King cried. His divine consciousness reached out and he vaguely saw countless flowers around him. The flowers stood tall and as they turned to look at him, it seemed as if they had completely towered over the sky.

The auras they exuded were incredibly formidable and they seemed to be giving him a warning that if he dared to utter more nonsense, they would swallow him whole. However, they didn't seem to be willing to do such a thing—as if they found him unpalatable than fertilizer.

"What the heck is this place?"

The Nirvana Demon King's vision turned black, he fainted once again.

I want to return to the Jade Sea…

I would rather be imprisoned again.

I don't want to play anymore…

In the Weapon Practice Hall of the Immortal Guardian Sect, Lu Yiyi stood motionless.

Her right hand held a longsword. After returning from the Secluded Immortal Abode, she had been standing like this for about ten hours now.

"Swordplay is about accuracy and speed!"

"With intent comes godliness. What the heart desires stems from what the mind wants. When the heart and the mind fuses…"

The words of the Senior kept spinning in her mind, but her own brains were full of mush and she could not comprehend those words.

"No, that Senior mentioned the word 'bird' several times. He specifically talked about the wings…"

In a heartbeat, the other party's words appeared in her mind.

"Could it be that the metaphor of a bird was deliberately used to say that the usage of a sword technique should be instinctive like the flapping of a bird's wings? There should not be any thinking each time a move is performed…"

"Only then can there be a true fusion of the heart and mind…"

"Turning the sword into a part of the body, an extension of the spirit…"

A ray of understanding appeared in her mind. Liu Yiyi's whole body trembled and the longsword in her hand shook slightly. It emitted a soft wail like the roar of a dragon.


The sword danced. The piercing sound of the wind reverberated.

The 36 Stances of the Immortal Guardian!

This was the sword technique that every disciple of the Immortal Guardian Sect trained in.

Every move was more difficult than the last.

Furthermore, not only did it require true essence… The mind, qi, and spirit were also indispensable for the sword technique.

Gathering Breath disciples would be ranked among the top few of their peers if they were able to execute twelve stances. Even within the rest of Great Yan Prefecture, they would be able to raise their heads high up in pride.

It has been three years since Liu Yiyi joined the sect…

Limited by her strength and ability, she was only able to smoothly execute three stances. She had not been able to execute the fourth so far.

This time, she finally comprehended the fourth stance.

With her heart and mind as one, she managed to smoothly perform the following sword techniques.

First Stance: White Cloud Grey Dogs.

Second Stance: Crossing the River.

Third Stance: Shooting Star Chases the Sea.

The sword techniques that previously took a lot of effort to execute wasn't as difficult as it was anymore. In addition, not only it felt more natural to her, it seemed to have become several times more powerful.

"Fourth Stance…"

Every time she tried to execute the fourth stance, she would always be injured.

This time, she had to execute it properly no matter what.

Without a pause, the longsword followed a special trajectory as it changed positions. In the very next moment, it pointed diagonally overhead, as if it was an arrow about to be shot from a bow.

Fourth Stance: Rush Above the Heavens!

Successfully executed!

Trembling with excitement, Liu Yiyi brought her longsword downward. She put all of her strength into her sword and it gently trembled. It morphed into a circle in front of her as if it had become the sun that was about to set.

Fifth Stance: Light of the Setting Sun!


Once the move was executed successfully, the strength that she had in her body reached its limits. A shrill sound rang out in her belly as copious amounts of spiritual aura flowed.

Her cultivation level, which had always been stuck at the Gathering Breath Realm Class 3, broke its shackles and advanced rapidly. It flowed like a flood that had broken through its dike.

Gathering Breath Class 4!

Gathering Breath Class 5!

In just two short hours, she advanced two Classes at once!


When Liu Yiyi came back to her senses, she noticed the comprehension of the sword technique in her mind and the changes that the true essence in her dantian underwent through. Realizing all of these, she started trembling once more in excitement.

She painstakingly trained for two whole years, yet she was unable to make a breakthrough to Class 4. But after listening to a few words from the Senior, she not only advanced to Class 5, but she even made a breakthrough in her comprehension of the sword!

In the past, she wouldn't even dare to dream that this could happen.

But now for the first time, she felt that cultivation wasn't difficult at all!

"If he could become my teacher…"

When her excitement subsided, she suddenly had an idea.

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If she only asked Senior for advice, even if she could actually improve. How far could she go?

The best thing to do would be to make that Senior her teacher…

If she succeeded, her dreams of taking revenge would no longer be an impossible dream.

Liu Yiyi knew that there were certain matters that could not be delayed. The longer one waited for an opportunity, the more chances there would be that the opportunity wouldn't even appear in the first place. This was why, without any hesitation—Liu Yiyi strode out.

Even if she had to kneel at the door, she had to make him her teacher!

She quickly moved out.

But before she could even step out of the Weapon Practice Hall, an unfriendly peal of laughter rang out.

"Isn't this Liu Yiyi? What? You lost to me yesterday and the pain spurred you on to practice all night? With your kind of talent, what can you do in one night? Even if you cultivate for another three years, it'll still be impossible to beat me!"

Brows knitted, Liu Yiyi looked up.

She saw a white-clothed youth appear in front of her not too far away.

The corners of the youth's mouth were raised into a sneer.

The young man's identity was none other than the same fellow disciple that she sparred against, and lost to, yesterday!

Zhou Yuan!

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