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44.55% Under His Wings / Chapter 45: Danger

Danger - Under His Wings - Chapter 45 by novel_lights full book limited free

Chapter 45: Danger

"So what have brought you here, today?"

Marisiana and Hardon look at each other and then back at the boss.

"We came to congratulate you on your successful wedding with Miss Jane... " Jane smiles hearing this but deep within, some suspicion rises in her towards these two.

"And also to see our bosses' face for the very first time. You look good, Mr Jer"

Raven feels her bluey nature go red in anger within Jane. Did she just tell her husband that he looks good? In front of his her?!

How infuriating and annoying can that be?

"Thank you, Mrs Von. I appreciate it"

Raven didn't refrain herself from pinching James.. How dare he accept a compliment for his looks that isn't from her? How dare he?!

Kancial turns to her, feeling the physical pain on James body. Why did she do that?

He knits his eyebrows in confusion, but Von and his wife distracts him immediately they notice he wants to get distracted from them through the means of his wife's pinch.

"We will like to discuss business with you, Mr James. We will more than love it if your wife excuses us"

"What? Why?"

"It's a private and business discussion, Mrs JerMcCharles. Only people in the business are allowed"

"So the both of you are in the business?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Marisiana and Hardon nods from within the bodies they possess, controlling all moves that the physical body display.

And another thing, what business are they talking about?

Jane, however, turns to James, waiting for his response.

Or rather rejection to their proposal and making her stay.

But, James turns to her with pity in his eyes as he leans back and rests his back on the cushion. He turns to Jane who is also facing him wanting to hear his reply.

"Can you give us a minute, Dear?"

Jane says nothing but nod, passing unto her husband a glare that signifies that she will so, deal with him if he tries to do any nonsense with anybody.

Both Male, And Female!

She rises up and walks away back to the dining room where she and James just came out from.

Hate and envy with every stride she takes to her seat until she finally sits down.

Hate for not remembering anything and envy for the person that she thinks she loves, sitting with another woman. Why isn't the thought of she sitting with another man than he, coming to her mind? Oh, I know! Because she thinks it'd be cheating to sit with another man than your husband.

She just thinks that sitting with another woman is unfaithfulness. That's all.

{She's an Angel, what do you expect?}

Jane sighs deeply like she has been betrayed and abandoned, then she eyes the food on the desk.

Probably this substance can help ease her pain.

She takes a bite with her chop sticks and chew it slowly. Swallowing it, she licks her lips lightly with her tongue, barely making it to touch her lips like she's trying to attract someone to her.

"Well, well. Good morning madam"

Raven controls Jane, lifting her eyes up just to meet the eyes of a butler.

If Raven isn't already in love with James deeply, she would have gone for this guy, cause gosh! Is he gorgeous or what?!

"Oh! Hello! May I help you?" little exclamations follows the question Jane asks to the butler.

"Yes, Madam. I will need your help for something that I think you can't resist"

Raven squints her eyes, though Jane doesn't. Scanning the face this guy put on and matching it with what he has said about helping him.

If she's gonna help him...

The help saying isn't genuine. Does... Does he wants her to...

"What do you want me to do for you?"

The butler smiles.

Easy, baby. Don't rush anywhere.

Meanwhile, as the Mistress and Butler of the house had their experience, Kancial speaks from within James and Marisiana and Hardon speaks from within the bodies they possess.

"The Creator sent you here, didn't he now?"

"Yes, my Prince. He asked us to tell you that the witches and few Demons are on Earth, so we have to keep Raven safe... "

Kancial says nothing but feels a pang of regret hit him.

Why? Because he's taking Raven out at noon and midnight.

Midnight is the worse, because that's when the witches roam around the surface of the Earth. Mostly to get blood to suck and then go back to the devil.

For the fact that it's a bar makes it more worse, because the witches of lust and immorality is gonna be there doing different things.

God, what has he place Raven into?!

The party is for all rich men in the US, plus, this James that he posseses is the biggest client!!!

What will he do now?! How will he change all the settings and arrangements that has been made?!

"So... Taking her out at noon and midnight is-"

"It's a risk, your highness. A mistake we can't afford to make"

Kancial says nothing because his throat has gone completely sore, God!

What will he do now? If he didn't tell Raven that they will go out, he would have given the tickets to another rich man that can't afford to miss the party.

Or rather, give Hardon to go and represent him. Because, according to the memory of James, this Mr Kon Von is the representative of him whenever he isn't available. He is the second in charge when it comes to business all over the US.

But he has told Raven, and there is no way he will tell her that witches are in the party so they can't go, it will make her remember everything about the Angels and Demons and why she possessed this lady called Jane.

And then she will return to Heaven to fight Xuvicer, Hasma and Hell altogether.

And if that happens... Raven will be defeated and taken away from him.

And that is not what he wants to hear nor happen. It is not even in his vocabulary to let her go yet.

"So I have to cancel all the plans I have made by taking her out at midnight and noon? Just like that?"

Hardon says nothing but just stares at Kancial. The staring responds to Kancial and that's a big "YES!!!"

"I can't do that, Hardon. What if she already know about the party coming up?"

"It doesn't matter, Prince Kancial. You have to make a list of safer places to go to and let her select, than take her out at midnight"

Kancial rethinks this. He is also here for a good time, right? If he takes her there, he will have to be by her side at all times.

"Thank you for your advice, Hardon. But we are all here to witness both safety..."

Hardon watches the mouth of Kancial as he says the next word. Marisiana gulping hard even if what she swallows is of very little quantity.

She can't just hear the next word Kancial want to say. It'd kill her!

"And Danger"

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