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Discovery - Underground Heros - Chapter 3 by Mirage_Art full book limited free

Chapter 3: Discovery

The rest of the night was a blur. I ran so fast that my feet no longer touched the ground. I blinked and I was flying 14 feet in the air. Not knowing how or why just flying like it was natural. At least till I pulled a Tarzan, flying straight into a billboard. Causing me to go crashing back to earth, but stopping just before hitting the concrete. Somehow getting upright and even getting home. I was in shock and with no idea what to do next, I did the only thing I was good at crashing on the couch and sleeping.

I slept without dreaming, and I don't know if that was a good thing or not. I awoke feeling heavy, more so than before. Groggy I wander over to the bathroom, worried about what I may see. when I looked into the mirror to my surprise I looked like I always do. Rust-colored hair and grayish-blue eyes. As if everything was just a bad dream. I would've believed it too if it wasn't for the blood on my cheek. Even if the cut is gone, the blood on the other hand was still there.

It goes without saying that I'm scared, I want to panic but it wouldn't do me any good. I decide to eat something and get my facts straight. I reach for an apple sitting on the kitchen counter. It's so far away and I've got no energy. I have that thought that we've all had, how great it would be to have Force powers. To have the apple fly into my hand. Then my hand and the apple began to glow. The apple comes off the counter and flies into my hand. My eyes widen and somehow I feel lighter than I did before. I run to the TV to see my reflection, my hair didn't change but my eyes were that bright jewel-like green.

It feels like I'm in some sort of Marvel or DC comic. Like I turned into Spiderman without the spider. No, how did I get superpowers? A radioactive cloud, that's how. Ok, ok, I've got to calm down. If I get worked up I might just blow my house away, and I'm not ready to be the big bad wolf. I turn on the TV, It was on the news. So I thought that maybe the suffering of others will help me forget my troubles. Cause let's are honest the news never has anything positive to say.

"Breaking News! Good morning, this is Perry Maison coming into your life with breaking news. A young man has set himself on fire in the Wright Hills mall. Authorities have attempted to put out the blaze but have yet to come close. The most unbelievable thing is that the suspect seems to be still alive!" Maison said with a professional tone but the look on his face said it all. It was a look of pure terror, that only got worse when someone from off-screen handed him a paper.

"It seems we have more breaking news! A fountain in Central Park has been frozen solid. Despite the 80 degrees weather sweeping through the city. Authorities are baffled as to any of the details." He was stopped before he could continue to explain the details he clearly didn't know. A stack of papers entered from the right. He looked at them then at the person handing them to him. His face was painted with sweat.

He didn't have to say a thing, I already knew it was more of the same. Turning the Tv off, I ran to the door in the same clothes I had on yesterday. I left not sure of anything. But knowing that I need answers and I can't get them sitting here. It was clear to me that I wasn't the only one who got bit by the radioactive cloud. Like in a comic book, a new wave of mutant freaks were just born, with no idea how to control their newfound abilities. At this rate, it was becoming a real-life version of X-men. Except there is no professor Xezavor to come save us. From others or ourselves.

I decided to go to the one place where I could test my newfound powers without having to worry about hurting or letting anyone know about them in the process. I had to go to Junk Island.

During the revolution that changed not only the city but the whole world. The greatest discovery was the creation of a new material called Bondarium. Material is stronger than steel, more pliable than graphene, lighter than titanium, and so much more. On top of all that making, it is environmentally friendly. It wasn't really a surprise that in only a few short years it replaced metal altogether.

What happened to the metal you ask? The value of metal dropped to zero. Because it wasn't used anymore there was no point in recycling it or trying to sell it. So, like most things that have no value it gets dumped. The trash dumps were disappearing with the help of specially made enzymes. However, the enzymes can't break down metals, so they piled up till every dump across the world was filled with plenty left over. Call it ironic or even cruel, but the pandemic left many towns and cities across the world empty. Creating dumping grounds out of ghost towns.

Our Staten Island was no exception. Cars, statues, and even parts of builds were dumped there. Changing the landscape, and making it too dangerous to go there. Over time it became known as Junk Island and that is where I'm going. Without the ferry, it normally would be impossible to get there, but with my newfound dislike of billboards as a reminder, I think I can fly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Arriving at the edge of Undertown, I look out over the water knowing that Junk Island was somewhere past the horizon. I close my eyes and think light thoughts in an attempt to fly and it didn't work, because no! It can't be that simple! I think back to last night trying to remember how I did it. The first thing that came to mind is that I was running when it happened. So, I back up a good six feet and start sprinting towards the edge and stop short of diving headfirst into the great white shark playground.

I sat down and pondered the futility of my efforts and try to come up with a better plan, one that doesn't involve swimming in shark-infested waters. Then it hit me, I was lit up like a glow stick at a rave when I was flying home like a drunk pigeon. I have one problem, I don't know how I did that either. Just going to show that I have more questions than answers. Thinking back there is one thing I know for sure it has something to do with the nightmare I had at the hospital. I remembered it right before my powers appeared.

So, Tried to remember it. What am I saying I don't even need to try, I don't think I'll forget it as long as I live. But nothing happens, but if just remembering it would trigger them, I'd always be a walking glow stick. Then putting my attempted mugging and the nightmare together, they had one thing in common. I felt like I was going to die. I have been forced to face death. A feeling I will never forget.

As I think about it while looking at my reflection in the dark choppy water. I see myself start to glow, my hair turning black, and my eyes, starting from the center, become a bright green and jewel-like.

Now, let's see if I can fly. I think about the apple flying into my hand made it happen, then maybe thinking about fly will make it happen. I think about it and my feet leave the ground. I guess this makes me Dumbo.

It was shaky at first, after a minute I got the hang of it. I can say for certain that I have graduated to flying like a normal pigeon. Before long I was flying over Junk Island. Luckily I found a clearing, it looks like it was once a basketball court but now it was like a solitary island in an ocean of discarded trash.

It seems if I keep the feeling of facing death in the back of my mind I can keep my power going. Once I landed, I saw something behind the old hoop that didn't belong. I got a better view of it. It was a white cylinder of some sort. It was a little dirty, but it didn't compare to the rusted metal that surrounded it. I know it's a stupid idea but I decided to pick it up. Once I did, one side opened and a white stone fell out. I stepped back, after the orange cloud of doom, I wasn't taking chances. The white stone lay there motionless. I waited for a second, then moved closer. Nothing.

Only when, the genius that I am, picked up the stone that it started to glow. I dropped it, but it floated. It started to glow brighter, then break into pieces getting smaller every time, till they were the size of gnats, some even smaller. They swarmed me like they were alive. Their lights blinded me forcing my eyes closed. Then I heard a voice.

"[Acquisition: Viable Power source Located.....Syncretization Complete.....Recharge Complete...System Start Up]" Said an automated voice.

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