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0.25% Unlimited Power 03: The Sinful Ruler / Chapter 1: World's Destruction
Unlimited Power 03: The Sinful Ruler Unlimited Power 03: The Sinful Ruler original

Unlimited Power 03: The Sinful Ruler

Author: ExSoldierLv99

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Chapter 1: World's Destruction

In a certain castle that had been completely taken over by the silence and darkness of the night, a dark-haired man was alone, sitting on a red throne. He was wearing a completely dark armor, and behind his throne, one could find a great red sword that was as big as the man himself. His light-brown eyes were filled with boredom, the time had finally come, but in the end, his useless subjects all had fled from the castle and from his kingdom at the first opportunity they had.

The ground suddenly began to shake, but the man ignored that. Some cracks appeared in the ceiling above him, but all the dust that began to fall disappeared before it could get even a bit closer to him… disappeared without a trace, like something around him could destroy everything.


The screams of dozens of dragons began to spread around the castle… those insects had finally dared to set foot in his city. Such insolence couldn't be forgiven… a quick death was a mercy that they didn't deserve, but the man knew that he couldn't spare too much time for them. The man began to hear the sound of his city being destroyed by countless dragons, but he didn't lift a single finger to protect it. All the work he had put into building an empire like that was useless, all for nothing. When the people needed a leader, he rose in the crowd and created the ultimate fortress for hundreds of thousands, but ultimately, his subjects didn't like the way he ruled and planned to desert when they had the chance. However, that was useless. Without him, the world was doomed, and he wouldn't fight for anyone else anymore, only for himself.

Suddenly, the castle was engulfed in flames that dozens of dragons had breathed. The flames began to melt everything in sight. Still, while they had the power to do that, the dragons noticed that the castle didn't fall. When they stopped their attack for a second, they noticed that only half of the castle had melted. The other part that was behind the dark-haired man was still standing as if nothing had happened. Even his throne was completely fine.

The dark-haired man picked up his sword and pointed toward a red dragon without even getting up from his chair, and in the next moment, the red dragon was beheaded. None of the other creatures could see what had happened. Such was the difference in power between them. Before the body of the dragon could even fall, the dark-haired man used another weird skill, and then a hole opened in the dragon's left chest, and its heart flew toward the main. He ate it…

Your strength has increased by twenty points.

"What a pathetic creature…" The man said.

The dragons used their breath attacks again, but the dragons began to fall one after the other. The most powerful monsters in the cosmos couldn't do a single thing against that man. Their breath attacks weren't even heating the air around him… in just a couple of minutes, hundreds of dragons fell around the city in flames. While looking at that apocalyptic sight, the dark-haired man still looked bored out of his mind. Many other dragons appeared surrounding the place and tried to drop meteors on the man. However, none of them hit him. Once again, he killed the giant lizards without getting up from his chair. He was the emperor of that world. He could smash insects without the need to get up, after all.

Before the last of the dragons could fall, the man noticed that the entire world began to tremble. This time, even his castle was having a hard time staying still while such a tremor was taking place. In the next moment, the entire world was also taken by darkness, and the man felt a powerful presence landing on his planet. The man sighed...

"I guess this is the price I have to pay for indulging myself in false notions of power," The dark-haired man said.

The man was a warrior like no other. After all, he could defeat dragons instantly like that. Still, the power he obtained over the years wasn't absolute. Perhaps he could have obtained absolute power if he hadn't gotten satisfied with becoming the emperor of a single world. Protecting the people from his race… had been the ultimate waste of time, they deserved annihilation, and they would get that, but not by his hands.

The darkness spread around the world like it was a hand, it was supposed to belong to a living being, but even with his numerous skills, the man couldn't find who was behind it. When the darkness approached his castle, he swung his sword and created a massive rift that destroyed half of his city, but it did nothing against the darkness.

The man wouldn't go down without a fight, so he got up from his throne and then held his sword with both hands. Focusing all his powers in a single attack, he was planning to destroy half of the world if he had to, in order to destroy the darkness. However, when he swung his sword, the entire world trembled due to the massive amount of energy, but the darkness created a wall in front of him, and the only thing that had been destroyed was the remains of his city… it was like the hand made of darkness was trying to tell him that he wouldn't be the one to do the honors.

"So, that is how it ends…" The dark-haired man.

The man watched the hand of darkness covering that whole region from above. His life passed before his eyes in his last moments. He laughed for a moment since he confirmed that such a thing actually happened.

"If only I had another…" The dark-haired man said.

Before he could finish his sentence, the hand of darkness covered the whole world and closed itself, making the entire planet explode and killing all life in it…

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