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1 Furasshu Bakku (1950's) Purorōgu Arc. #1 - Unmei Ko Kappuru Volume 1: 私は非常に知的な人として生まれ変わりました。 - Chapter 1 by Gen_The_Man full book limited free

Unmei Ko Kappuru Volume 1: 私は非常に知的な人として生まれ変わりました。 Unmei Ko Kappuru Volume 1: 私は非常に知的な人として生まれ変わりました。 original

Unmei Ko Kappuru Volume 1: 私は非常に知的な人として生まれ変わりました。

Author: Gen_The_Man

© Webnovel

Chapter 1: 1 Furasshu Bakku (1950's) Purorōgu Arc. #1

[Hello I am Hoshino Kanade its my pleasure to meet you all. Please take care of me.]

I didn't care about her at first when she was my classmate, but she became very interesting to me.

[Hora! Miyuki-kun]

[H-Hey what's up?]

Murayama Ayase, we've been friends since childhood.

[What's on your mind right now Miyuki-kun?]

[Nothing really, but I'm interested in her.]


[The transferee, Hoshino Kanade.]

[Oohhhh is that so? Come on let's eat together?]

[Y-Yeah sure.]

At first I didn't know what to say to her because I was shy at that time. Knowing that I had few friends in my class. Everybody wants to know her, everyone wants to get close to her.

[Hora Miyuki-kun?]

Ayase smack me on the head while she called me.

[Aawww that hurts Ayase.]

[Hehehe what's going on Miyuki? You're looking at her.]


[You know Hoshino Kanade.]

[Aahhhh not really. I just want to know her that's all.]

 She's so beautiful, she is like a princess to me.

--------------Change Scence---------------

Lunch time was over, Ayase and I came back to our classroom.

Later that period Hoshino-san came to talk to me.


[Uuhhhh hello.]

[What's your name?]

[M-My name?]

[Yes your name]

Hoshino-san smiled while looking at me.

[Uuhhhmmm my name is Nishikawa Miyuki, nice to meet you.]

[My name is Hoshino Kanade, nice to meet you too Nishikawa-san.]

Hoshino-san smiled again. She was then called by our Class Representative Wagashi Shido. While I was looking to the window Ayase Called me.

[H-Heeeyyy Miyuki-kun.]

[Wha-whats up Ayase? You seem happy? Nande?]

[Aahhhhh that's because it's almost time you know? Since our Teacher is absent. Do you wanna walk home with me?]

[Y-Yeah sure.]

I was still thinking about her until now. She was so beautiful like those sakura in spring. While we were walking outside I saw Hoshino-san outside near our house. Is she our new neighbor? Ayase suddenly smack my head.

[Itai! Ayase why did you do that?]

[Are you even listening to what I'm saying Miyuki-kun? Hmp kono baka.]

[Ma-Matte, I'm sorry I was just thinking about something what is it again?]

[I said we have to do our assignment. Do you mind if I go to your house?]

[N-No that's fine.]

[Okasan I'm home.]

[That's good sweetie, oohhh Ayase-chan is also here. How are you?]

[I'm fine thank you. How about you?]

[I'm fine also just busy cleaning the house. Please make your self at home, since your my son's childhood friend.]

[A-Arigatou Nishikawa-san.]

Ayase smiled while she said that. We removed our shoes at the front door and headed up stairs to my room.

[Oh I'm surprised Miyuki-kun, your room is clean.]

[Of course it's clean, what do you think I am?]

[An hentai.]

[Nande do you think of me as a hentai?]

[Don't know. But I can tell that story to Hoshino-san tomorrow.]

Just why did Hoshino-san is involved in this matter.

[Mou.... stop joking please? Let's just study.]

[Hai, hai.]

We started studying Japanese litereture, since that's her weak subject.

---------------Change Scene---------------


My younger sister called me.

[What are you doing Onii-chan?]

[O-Oh me? I was just about to study with Ayase-chan why?]

[Onii-chan can you help me here? I can't understand this.]

[Alright alright. Ayase can you wait for me?]

[Yeah I can its fine I can wait.]

As Ayase said that I left my room with my Little Sister and got in to her room.

[What is that you wanted me to help you with Ryoko?]

[Etto... what is 46×7?]

[Well that is 322.]

[Oohhhh sugoi Onii-chan you are so smart. Onii-chan one more.]

[What is it Ryoko?]

[I was struggling about this one.]

I saw what is the next problem.

[Oohhh that, well the answer is 9.]

[Woooowww sugoi Onii-chan Arigatou.]

Ryouko-chan looked at me with a bright smile on her face.

[You're welcome Ryoko.]

I petted her head and smiled to her. After that I left her room to come back to my room. When I came back to my room, I saw Ayase looking at my room looking amazed.

[Ne, Ayase.]

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[Gomenasai I was late a bit now let's start again?]


After few hours we finished our assignment and now having a short break. I looked out of the window it was already dark outside.


Okasan said my name.


[Dinner's ready]

She yelled downstairs.

[Hai coming. Ayase let's eat?]


We stood up and left the room. We arrived at the dinning room, Ryoko was already at the dinning table. We seated the table while waiting for Okasan to Finish while Otosan is still at work. Okasan then seated besides Ryoko.


All of us said it at the same time.

----------------Change Scene--------------

After we ate I escorted back Ayase to her house since are house close to their home.

 [Miyuki-kun arigatou for taking me home.]

[You're welcome Ayase I was just making sure that you got home safely since it's dark.]

[Yeah itterashai ne?]

[Hai, Hai bye Ayase.]

[Yeah bye Miyuki-kun Saido, kansha shimasu.]

Ayase smiled while saying that to me.

-------------Dai 1-shou no owari-----------

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