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55% Untouchable Lovers / Chapter 33: Careful Planning with Every Conceivable Possibility Taken Into Account

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Chapter 33: Careful Planning with Every Conceivable Possibility Taken Into Account

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Even though danger was approaching, Chu Yu's mind was surprisingly calm and clear. Although her heart was aching a little from the overwhelming emotions, she knew what she should do at that very moment.

She extended her hand in an attempt to grab Huan Yuan to hide with her. However, she grabbed thin air. When she looked askance, she realized the poem-machine, Huan Yuan, had already left the pavilion for some time. He stood outside of the pavilion expressionlessly.

Chu Yu could not help but be stunned.

Due to the split-second delay, the assassin arrived before her. Knowing that she could not run, she helplessly forced a smile. She did not expect to die again.

Was she really going to lose the life that she had gained with great effort?

She was unwilling to die.

If she died this time, would she time-travel again? Or was that a one-time luck whereby she would die forever this time?


She did not want to die.

However, the sword tip that she was expecting did not reach her. When the assassin arrived before her, he glared at her and turned around. Then, he ran out of the pavilion to kill Huan Yuan.

He did not even bother to look at her for another second.

Chu Yu was dumbstruck.

Looking at Huan Yuan dodging the assassin's attack clumsily, despite being the person who was worth killing the most, she was left alone in the pavilion. Although she escaped death and her life was temporarily not on the line, which was a great thing, Chu Yu felt a faint sense of humiliation.

Hey, hey, hey, it should not be like this!

She knew that beauty was important in this era and people took it very seriously. However, picking the more handsome one to kill during assassination was a little too much, was it not? How could they not have professional ethics?!

Perhaps these assassins did not come for her and their target was Huan Yuan after all.

That was not possible! Huan Yuan had been under house arrest since he was young. How was it possible that he managed to offend anyone out there to the point that an assassination was taking place?


Mo Xiang was still holding a game piece to see whether he could turn the game around before he asked, "Do you want to kill the Princess?" Shocked to hear what Rong Zhi said, he released the game piece. The game piece clattered onto the board and collided with a few pieces, releasing a crisp sound.

"How's that possible?" Rong Zhi smiled calmly. "An assassination is being carried out, but the order didn't come from me. Someone else arranged that."


Rong Zhi bent down to put the black game pieces away from the board slowly and said softly, "Huan Yuan."


Huan Yuan dodged the assassin's sword left and right since he had learned some martial arts from his family in the past. Although he could not compare with Yue Jiefei and Liu Sang, a moment of self-defense was sufficient.

However, he felt a sense of exhaustion that he had never felt before at that very moment whereby strength was ebbing from his body like streaming water. It was strenuous for him to move as if he was like a dry riverbed. Suddenly, he came to a realization when he recalled the wine that Rong Zhi had forced him to drink last night.

Soon, Huan Yuan was panting while there were a couple of wounds on his body.

Noticing that Huan Yuan was in a critical situation, Yue Jiefei fought back hard at the trio who surrounded him and dashed towards Huan Yuan like an arrow. He got rid of the danger that was lingering around Huan Yuan during that crucial moment. Then, he pulled Huan Yuan away and defended him from the assassin's longsword.

As they fought one-on-one, the assassin lost the upper hand immediately. After wounding the assassin, Yue Jiefei turned and fought with the remaining three again. He trapped the four of them into the same corner slowly so that they could not run away.

Yue Jiefei pushed Huan Yuan towards the pavilion. In response, Huan Yuan retreated a few steps back and only stopped when his back touched the pillar of the pavilion.

Fighting while retreating, Liu Sang retreated to the side of the pavilion slowly with the assassin. He lacked experience, resulting in him losing his stance from the little tricks the assassin played. The upper hand he had was long gone and he was forced to retreat as the fight went on.

Noticing that Liu Sang was getting closer to her, Chu Yu hopped over the railing at the side of the pavilion to avoid the sword attack.

Huan Yuan had just gained his footing properly when he noticed Chu Yu next to him. He took a step away from her by instinct.

Alas, he forgot that they were on a cliff, so he did not check what was beneath his feet before stepping out. He seemed to stumble on a pebble as he slipped from his wobbly stance.

It would have just been a slip if he was on a flatland.

He would have had the strength to save himself if he had not been worn out by the poison.


"Actually, when Huan Yuan was plotting to get out of the Imperial Residence, he planned the last resort of violence. He called himself a man and wouldn't use violence unless it was the very last straw. This plan's crucial. Not many people know about it. Due to his lack of freedom, he got Shen Guang Zuo to arrange this for him," Rong Zhi explained, "However, he had no idea that what I could give Shen Guang Zuo is so much more than what Huan Yuan could ever give."

It was Rong Zhi who arranged Shen Guang Zuo's first surrender and changing of sides. Otherwise, who would have been so reckless to tell on Huan Yuan, the mastermind, before anyone could determine if it was a trap?

Hence, Huan Yuan's completely plot was under Rong Zhi's control.

There was a pigeon that was specially trained by a hidden assassin organization, Zhuanjian Hall, for communication where Huan Yuan was living. However, Huan Yuan had been keeping it because he would not resort to violence unless it was his very last straw.

However, what Chu Yu had been doing lately made him completely lose hope.

Knowing that she was going to join the poetry recital at Mountain Pingding, Huan Yuan released the pigeon yesterday.

Mo Xiang thought about it and asked, "Then, Young Master, are you going to help Huan Yuan or stop him?"

"Neither." Rong Zhi had finally put all of the black game pieces into the box and stood up. He said while grinning, "I'm planning to use this assassination to my benefit. Although I can't extend my hands too far away, I have my ways as long as it's in Jiankang City. I know a little bit about Zhuanjian Hall. It's pretty easy to get a few assassins who've just arrived in Jiankang City to target a person by determining the face. I use the rumor that's been going around out there, saying that the princess is a lady who has a big and tall body like a man but a beautiful face. Among those who headed out with the princess this time, Huan Yuan's suits the description best."

He advised the princess to bring Huan Yuan along to the poetry recital, forced Huan Yuan to drink the poisoned wine that prohibited him from intense movement, and concealed the princess's beautiful face before she headed out. All of those were part of the plan.

"Huan Yuan might've understood half of my intentions by now." Rong Zhi smiled in determination. "I want to plant a thought in him, that he'll never defeat me." If there was no positive solution to this, this trauma would follow Huan Yuan for the rest of his life.

To show mercy, Rong Zhi would have to display his power first.

Mo Xiang also smirked as he looked at Rong Zhi.

No matter how many times he looked at him, Rong Zhi remained mysterious. Every time Mo Xiang thought he was getting closer to figuring him out, he would be astounded to find out that what he saw was just an illusion.

Never make an enemy out of this person.

He decided to follow Rong Zhi when they first met and chatted two years ago. He would never betray him or regret this decision.

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