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Chapter 24: Toasting and Drinking A Forfeit

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Toasting and Drinking A Forfeit

It was late at night.

There were four guards following behind Rong Zhi while he held a tray with a bottle of wine and a white jade glass in his hands. The five of them walked into the Yonder Residence together.

The guards at the entrance did not stop them at all and allowed them in.

Huan Yuan had not fallen asleep at that moment. He was sitting under a lamp with a book in his hand. One would wonder what he was thinking about as he seemed like he was reading, but in fact, he was not looking at the book at all. Surprised by the door opening, he turned around and saw Rong Zhi walking in with a grin on his face. Huan Yuan's heart sank as the night seemed to be even chillier now.

Casually grinning, Rong Zhi's eyes seemed elegant and gentle. However, Huan Yuan could imagine this person, who always looked generous, would never reveal any brutality on his face even if he was killing someone.

So, what was he trying to do now?

Huan Yuan had his eyes fixed on the tray Rong Zhi was holding. He speculating his intentions while having his guard up. "It's late. I wonder what I can do for you in my Yonder Residence, Young Master Rong."

Rong Zhi smiled lightly. "A straightforward person doesn't resort to insinuations. Huan Yuan, I don't want to beat around the bush with you. I'll leave after you drink this wine."

Huan Yuan put down the book and said calmly, "What if I don't want to?"

Rong Zhi smiled casually. "Why do you think I brought these men with me?"

What he meant was that if Huan Yuan was unwilling to drink up, he would use brute force to get Huan Yuan to drink as a forfeit. There was nowhere he could escape to.

Huan Yuan looked away from the wine bottle while listening to Rong Zhi speak calmly. Apparently, Rong Zhi seemed to know what Huan Yuan was thinking about. "Don't worry. I'm not here to kill you. I've my reasons for getting you to drink this. Decide quickly, Huan Yuan."

Knowing it was redundant for him to beat around the bush, Huan Yuan picked up the glass and allowed the person to pour him a glass of wine. He drank it while holding his head up without any slight hesitation. There was a subtle sweetness in the wine but a faint bitter aftertaste. He knew there was something in the wine but he had no idea what.

Rong Zhi remained smiling even though he could fathom Huan Yuan's temper. Although Huan Yuan had remarkable talents, due to his limited experience, he was immature. Knowing that the wine was poisoned, he would drink it anyway so that he could retain his pride.

Huan Yuan did not feel anything odd after drinking the wine. There was no shred of pain that he was expecting or any signs of drowsiness. While he was full of doubts, Rong Zhi left with his men.

Huan Yuan could not snap out of his ruminations while Chu Yu, on the other hand, was sleeping peacefully in her room.


The next day, Chu Yu woke up and put on her clothes before heading out. As she opened the door, she saw Rong Zhi standing at her door, just about to knock.

"Good morning, Princess." He smiled lightly with his bright eyes. It seemed as if the upsetting situation they went through yesterday was just another illusion.

Chu Yu played along with him and greeted him back. Although she wanted to blame him for sending a man to her bed last night, she figured that he must have done it many times in the past, so she only nodded while smiling without saying a word.

As they walked together, Rong Zhi casually asked, "Princess, are you going to look for Huan Yuan?"

Chu Yu responded after a moment of silence, "That's right. I'm going to bring him out."

She knew her level of poetry could not be boosted in such a short period of time. No matter what, she thought it would be best to bring Huan Yuan along with her. At the same time, she wanted to take the opportunity to see if she could build a better relationship with Huan Yuan.

She did not want to be treated as an enemy and was unwilling to destroy the foe once and for all. Instead, she decided that ending the grudge would be a better solution.

Looking at Chu Yu's manly getup, Rong Zhi said while smiling subtly, "Princess, I'm afraid people might be envious of you looking like this on the streets."

Upon hearing that, Chu Yu recalled what happened three days ago and felt embarrassed. However, she was going for a poetry recital his time. How could she dress like a lady or dress shabbily?

Rong Zhi seemed to know what she was thinking and said, "If you don't mind, Princess, I could help you add a little something."

Two hours later, Chu Yu looked a little different when she walked out of the Snow Garden. Rong Zhi had used some pills to change her appearance. It was not a disguise, but it just made her face a little dull and less elegant so that nobody would chase her for her pretty face.

Realizing it was time, Chu Yu went looking for Huan Yuan. Initially, she was worried that she would not be able to find him, but she immediately saw him just when she arrived at the Yonder Residence. Huan Yuan and Liu Sang were walking from a distance, and Liu Sang seemed clingy as he held Huan Yuan's hand.

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Seeing Liu Sang, Chu Yu could not help but curse Princess Shan Yin secretly for being a monster. Although she knew Princess Shan Yin did not do any harm to Liu Sang, looking at what had transpired, it was clear that the princess had been grooming him since young. The thought of grooming a pretty boy for her future use alone was monstrous.

Huan Yuan seemed to be saying something to Liu Sang as he tilted his head sideways. He only saw Chu Yu when he walked further ahead. His expression became a little stiff and he stood where he was without moving. Meanwhile, Liu Sang practically skipped to Chu Yu happily while wrapping his arm around her. "Princess, why are you dressed like a man?"

Liu Sang's head only managed to reach Chu Yu's shoulders. He held his head up while looking at her with his big, round eyes.

His eyes were so cute and pure that they instantly melted Chu Yu's heart. Recalling Liu Sang's background, she held his hand that was wrapped around her arm and patted his shoulder. "I want to take a walk outside, so it's more convenient for me to dress like this."

Just when she was done speaking, out of nowhere, a glow shone in Liu Sang's eyes. He wrapped Chu Yu's arm with his once again and rubbed his face against hers. "Princess, I'd love to go out too. Could you bring me with you?"

Liu Sang's soft, black hair flowed down smoothly. His innocent face could make one's heart skip a beat and anyone would want to pinch those cheeks. Chu Yu was not a pervert, but such a boy that was like a soft woolen animal was undeniably irresistible. She wiggled her fingers and shook off the impulse to pinch him. "Sure, I'll bring you with me, but remember, you must call me 'Young Master' when we're out there and not expose who I am."

Naturally, Liu Sang nodded continuously since his request was fulfilled. He hugged Chu Yu and rubbed his face against hers again like an adorable kitten. She was turned on by his innocent little face. She thought, 'No wonder Princess Shan Yin destroyed such a young bud's future. If I were a little more promiscuous, I wouldn't be able to hold back myself from all this rubbing…'

Since his wish was granted, Liu Sang glanced at Huan Yuan. "Princess… I mean Young Master, can we bring Brother Huan together too?"

That was Chu Yu's intention for going there. She looked at Huan Yuan when she heard that, but he was looking down like he did not care. She replied while smiling lightly, "Sure."

Hearing that, the distant Huan Yuan could not help but whip his head up in astonishment. He seemed to be in disbelief as he gaped at Chu Yu who smiled at him faintly while he looked away and became cold again.


It was Yue Jiefei who called her. After being glared at, Yue Jiefei corrected himself helplessly. "Young Master, Young Master Huan…" Huan Yuan was a sinner's son after all, so what if he took the opportunity and escaped?

Chu Yu smiled as she spoke, "What's there to be afraid of since I have you with me?" It was Rong Zhi's idea to bring Huan Yuan to the poetry recital, and it was also his idea to drug the man. Nevertheless, she was determined to carry out the first suggestion but not the latter.

Chu Yu could not bring herself to harm another person's body just for her own benefit. Hence, she could only rely on the guard's strict protection.

Yue Jiefei spoke no further.

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