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Chapter 17: Turning the Crook Around

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After the farewell toast, Chu Yu got someone to bring Jiang Yan to prepare the things needed for his departure. Meanwhile, she stayed in the Apricot Forest and played with the empty glass with her uninjured hand while leaning on an apricot tree.

"What do you think of my way of handling it?" She gazed at the edge of the glass as she questioned Rong Zhi who was next to her.

Rong Zhi said while smiling, "It's brilliant. I never knew you could be so eloquent, Princess. What you said just now melted the displeasure in Jiang Yan's heart effortlessly. I'm sure he'll remember your kindness today if destiny allows both of you to meet in the future."

Chu Yu pouted. In reality, she was irritated to have to stay in the Princess's Imperial Residence to deal with the male companions. Nevertheless, since she had inherited Princess Shan Yin's body, it made sense for her to inherit everything that came with it, so handling these matters was part of her job.

A young, well-built man returned as soon as he left. He stood by the Apricot Forest as he hesitated if he should get closer. Chu Yu noticed him and gestured him over to speak to her.

The young man was also one of the male companions. Chu Yu remembered that his family name was Shen, but she forgot his full name. The young man seemed to be struggling and insecure as he walked over. Eventually, he made up his mind and knelt as he spoke, "Princess, I, Shen Guang Zuo have something very important to report to you."

Chu Yu pointed to Rong Zhi and nodded. "Here comes one."

Rong Zhi smiled lightly. "He's quick to seize his opportunity."

Shen Guangzuo revealed everything 

Chu Yu could not help but feel a little shocked at how amazing Huan Yuan's technique was. To put it simply, he was bribing people. However, one would need the necessary skill to bribe. There were people that one could bribe, but there were also some that should not be bribed. Besides that, there was the issue about the price the person was willing to pay. The balance between the sending of messages between the inner court to the outer court and the protection of confidentiality was confined to one's limitation since there was too much to be considered. It placed the plot in a slow flow which was then cut off by Chi Yu before it was even completed. However, the ingenious details of the plot alone were impressive.

One must give it to Huan Yuan for being such an intellectual. He was civilized in the way he handled things instead of using violence. His plan was simply borrowing pressure from the outside to force Chu Yu to release them. Violence was his last resort.

Shen Guangzuo was very detailed about his report since he was afraid Chu Yu would not believe him. Although Chu Yu maintained a smile as she listened to him, she felt a little uneasy. She had just completed the recommendation ceremony earlier, and this young man had come running to expose Huan Yuan even more. It proved how powerful temptation was and how easily it was to persuade a person.

Looking at Shen Guangzuo, she thought even if he had became an officer himself, he might merely be a follower.

However, what he was doing was beneficial to her after all. Chu Yu was not dumb to come up with an impulsive decision from Shen Guangzuo's personal virtu. She helped him up very gently while saying with a light smile, "I'll reward you handsomely after I've investigated the information that you've just told me. You've been with me for quite a while now. Do you want to make it out there on your own?"

Excitement was revealed on Shen Guangzuo's face, but he did not dare to say it directly. Chu Yu then said casually, "Are you better with a pen or a sword?"

Shen Guang Zuo's eyes lit up as he replied, "I've practised martial arts since I was young..."

Chu Yu interrupted him, "Great!" She turned her head a little to look at Rong Zhi. "Who do you think I should recommend him to?"

Rong Zhi thought about it thoroughly and replied, "I suggest to recommend him to the general of the Imperial army, Shen Youzhi."

Among the officers that Huan Yuan tried contacting, Shen Guangzuo revealed that Shen Qingzhi, the current officer of the dynasty, was one of them. Shen Youzhi was Sheng Qingzhi's nephew.

Shen Guangzuo could not suppress the delight on his face as soon as he heard what Rong Zhi said. Even though Chu Yu had no idea what this Imperial army general did, she knew he was the right person to go looking for based on Shen Guangzuo's expression.

Chu Yu could not help but ask Rong Zhi after Shen Guangzuo left, "Shen Guangzuo's just a follower. Why did you give him such favorable treatment?"

Although she agreed to recommend him, since Shen Guangzuo was so quick to tell on Huan Yuan, she looked down on him for doing that. Although he was on her side, she had always looked up to people with character.

Rong Zhi smiled lightly and said, "Since the situation's unstable at the moment, he can make use of himself if we send him to Shen Youzhi. I've looked into Shen Guangzuo's background. He's a distant relative of the Shen Clan. He'll get his advancement faster with the connection. Don't give him the cold shoulder just because he's a crook. A crook like him is easily manipulated. On the other hand, I wouldn't dare to manipulate a person like Jiang Yan."

Reading between the lines, Rong Zhi was saying that Shen Guangzuo could be useful to them in the future. Since that was the case, Chu Yu kept quiet for a moment and decided not to dwell on it.

Sometimes feelings could not go together despite reasoning, but she understood the principle.

After waiting for a little while, Rong Zhi said to Chu Yu in an authoritative manner, "I'll speak to Shen Guangzuo about the things that he needs to take note of." He left on his own as soon as he was done speaking.

Rong Zhi found Shen Guangzuo and both of them spent an hour talking in the bedchamber. Later on, Rong Zhi walked out of Shen Guangzuo's bedchamber and recalled something out of the blue. He then walked towards the Yonder Residence that was not far away from where he was.

The Yonder Residence was an isolated residence where Huan Yuan lived. Apart from He Ji who was the Emperor's Prince Consort, Huan Yuan and Rong Zhi were the only two people who lived in isolated residences in the entire West Court. The remaining male companions would have to live with the others. However, compared to Rong Zhi's peaceful residence, there were several guards watching around Huan Yuan's residence. Seeing Rong Zhi here, the two guards standing at the entrance bowed immediately and made way. "Please come in, Young Master Rong."

A rectangular lacquer tray with a wine pot and two wine glasses caught his sight. Huan Yuan knelt under the shadows in the corner. One could only see his looming delicate features from his blurry expression in the darkness.

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All of the sudden, Huan Yuan leaped from the ground when Rong Zhi walked closer. He grabbed his collar and pressed him against the wall hard. His shoulder blades slammed into the unforgiving wall, and piercing pain spread all over his body and penetrated his bones.

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