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100% Uprising of the sacred king / Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Awakening Ceremony Part 1

Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Awakening Ceremony Part 1

Time Skip

Eight years later.


During these past eight years, Yun Zin was titled by the king and the menbres of their clans as a genius who only appears every five hundred years.

Only a few months later he began to say words, at one year old he was able to speak fluently the language of this world.

When he was three years old, his father King Yun Bai decided to teach him about the world and the danger it represented.

But had to resign in the face of his son's talent for understanding two months after the lessons, which would normally take four years for a normal child, two years for a genius.

When he was five years old, he started a hard training from his father saying that this was to improve his foundation as much as possible so that he would not have any problems later on in his future cultivation.

He continued training with his father until the age of seven.

His parents were able to have another child. They named him Yun Ji and he finally started growing with a manual called "falcon fist" until his eighth birthday raising him to stage 4 of the Qi kingdom making him once again a genius in his younger generation.

Most of the children of the Yun family are all in stage 2 of the Qi kingdom except the child of one of the elders of the clan whose name was Yun Mi who is currently in stage 3.

Today is exactly the eighth year that Yun Zin spends in this world and also a day that will determine his future later.

The awakening of martial spirits that takes place every eight years.


In a room you could see a young boy with golden eyes, golden hair, a slightly pale complexion but as beautiful as that of a woman.

This boy is Yun Zin.

"Well, this day has finally arrived, this fateful day that I've been waiting for for so long, the day when I can really take the path to become a true practitioner," said Yun Zin with expectations.

Knock Knock Knock Knock

A knock was knocked on the door

"My prince all the preparations for the awakening ceremony have been completed. All that's missing now is you," said a voice of a young child behind the door of her room.

"Let me get ready Ling Chi after we go straight to the room to meet father and mother," said Yun Zin, quickly exchanging ideas.

"Yes, young master," said Ling Chi sighed.

She could not face anything Yun Zin because he was always fiery despite his talent and not in the least Arrogant world.

She was found in the forest a year ago when the two of them were seven years old. Her father didn't really want to save her, but Yun Zin, who had a soul on earth, decided to save her.

And that's how they got to know each other.

Only his young master will have to pass the Martial Spirit Awakening Test, she herself is one of the participants in the ceremony.

The door opened and revealed Yun Zin dressed in Taoist clothing.

"quickly Ling Chi hurries you we must quickly go to the workroom" said Yun Zin squeeze and took Ling Chi's little hand and both began to squeal.


A few minutes later, they arrived in front of the room and beamed the door and entered.

Once in the room, an angry voice greeted them.

Shivering and shivering violently Yun Zin.

"Ungrateful child!!!!! How can you keep the elders and elders of our families waiting," King Yun shouted completely furious at his son.

Yun Zin was very afraid of his father so when he saw that his mother was present in the room he no longer hesitated and ran in his direction.

Queen Qin who was busy saw that her son was running towards her and felt very happy.

"Mother! Father starts scolding me again." Says Yun Zin with nonchalance and puppy eyes.

Under this gaze, Qin Mei could not help but soften herself. Then she turned her head in a certain direction in the room with great murderous intensity.

King Yun who was looking for Yun Zin immediately became petrified and did not do anything to his wife.

"How many times have I asked you not to scare our Yuer?!" Says Queen Qin facing her husband.

King Yun said nothing and preferred to take everything she had to say with a permanent cold sweat on her forehead.

He was preached by his wife for several minutes. Then suddenly the voice of an old man echoed in the room.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the Yun family thank you for coming for this special event that will decide the future of our family begins" Announced the old man with many expectations.

The whole room remained silent and then the young people of the Yun family all lined up for the ceremony.

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