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4.97% Villain Cultivator / Chapter 9: First Tutorial Quest (8)

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Chapter 9: First Tutorial Quest (8)

Chapter 9 – First Tutorial Quest (8)

A few minutes later, when Miaomiao came back to his senses, he found himself sitting on a red single sofa. Looking around, he could see a hotel lobby, a hundred young men sat on similar sofas like Miaomiao while several receptionists dragging men into the lobby and placed them on empty seats.

Most of them seemed to be infected with apathy syndrome. They were in a daze, staring at the ceiling or a wall without moving. However, a few of them waved their hands around. Some of them humped the sofa as if they were their wives.

A dozen women in armors dragged people in two latter groups out of the lobby. Their fates were unknown to Miaomiao.

Still, a few sexy women carried apathetic men to the upper floor. Unlike the mean armored women, they were careful when they took care of these men.

The business was shady, but Miaomiao didn't have time to worry about other's fate at the moment.

'Where is this place?'

Miaomiao recalled that he was talking to a sexy receptionist, but his mind went blank afterward. He couldn't remember what happened before he had come here.

As Miaomiao was looking around, the same receptionist girl who brought him here called for him.

"Sir, are you alright?"

She stood next to Miaomiao and waved her hand in front of his face. The latter looked back at her.

The sweet aphrodisiac aura around the receptionist disappeared, leaving only light perfume scent. But her sexy clothes still stimulated Miaomiao's instinct.

"I-I'm okay," Despite saying that, Miaomiao's eyes were attracted to the receptionist's soft jiggling mountains.

The receptionist smiled, "I'm sorry for putting you into that state. It's to filter out troublemakers from real customers. Many men visit here during this season every year, and lawless ruffians are common. We have to drug every visitor, so they can reveal their true self during the intoxicated period."

She pointed at other customers who were still high on the mysterious drug. Some of them just stared forward in a daze with erected penile, but a few of them waved their arms and legs around while they were sitting.

Miaomiao's face twitched, "What are they doing? Wait… What did you do!?"

"Everyone has entered a daydreaming state. They are having a realistic dream that they have entered our settlement, and they are enjoying our services. All honest customers usually fall into a dazed state, but they always recover after a minute like you. But for troublemakers that planned to cause a scene, they always get stuck in the dazed state for hours. See those rowdy men? They are dreaming that they are fighting someone inside our brothel."

Miaomiao gulped. He got frustrated that they drugged him, and he wanted to scold the receptionist. However, when Miaomiao found several women in battle armors and polearms, staring at him and other customers, he shut his mouth.

The receptionist turned to Miaomiao and bowed, "My name is Ma Xingjuan. I shall guide you to the REAL lobby now."

Ma Xingjuan waved her hand, gesturing Miaomiao to follow her.

Miaomiao still didn't like Ma Xingjuan and how this brothel operated, but he couldn't protest or fight against them since he needed to complete the tutorial quest ASAP.

Obediently, Miaomiao followed her to the upper floor.

"Core disciple Ma Xingjuan, codename E19, escorting a VIP customer with Luo Cheng's recommendation token, ma'am!"

Like a modern soldier, Ma Xingjuan saluted and reported to her superior officer, who was a beautiful woman in an ancient Chinese lamellar plate armor. This woman guarded the entrance of the third floor, which was the real business area. She received a wooden token from Ma Xingjuan.

"A VIP, you say?"

The superior officer examined Luo Cheng's wooden token. After flipping it twice, she detected the residual qi signature of the dwarf elder.

"You may pass. Bring him to our mistress on the fifteenth floor."

"Thank you, ma'am," Ma Xingjuan turned around and nodded at Miaomiao, "Let's go."

Miaomiao followed Ma Xingjuan further into the brothel upper floors. As he walked behind her on a long corridor of the third floor, he walked past several large glass rooms with red stair seats, lining along the hallway. Over a hundred women in see-through lingerie or bikinis sat inside these rooms, waiting for customers. The prostitutes inside the glass rooms waved and flashed their private parts, trying to seduce Miaomiao.

Miaomiao gulped. Those women's youthful appearance and sexy bodies could drive any man in the modern world insane. Moreover, their and smooth clean skin attracted his eyes.

'Oh wow! That girl is hot. That one, too! That one is my type! Can I call for them?'

Miaomiao's walking pace got slower as he hesitated if he should ask Ma Xingjuan that he could use their service.

"Please be patient, sir. After we've talked to my master, you can use our service later."


Miaomiao was dejected, but his mushroom already pitched a tent inside his pants, waiting for action.

Ma Xingjuan glanced at his crotch area and giggled. She pretended that she didn't see anything and led the way to a restricted elevator at the end of the hallway.

On the Poseidon Spa House fifteenth floor, all stairs and elevators from lower floors ended at this level even though this building had 20 stories. Magic arrays and steel walls partitioned the hallway with the only room on this floor. Also, there was no door, gate, or entrance to get inside this room aside from the stairs that led to the 16th floor.

Within the room, there was no furniture other than a hundred square-meter rectangular pool at the center. The water in the pool released cold air as if they were dried ice, but they were yin qi, which was produced by several yin crystals at the bottom of the pool.

Surrounding the pool, forty young maidens with thick winter clothes sat cross-leg, breathing in the cold qi into their bodies. They were shivering because of the minus 50 degrees Celsius room temperature. Yet, they circulated their qi to maintain their body heat.

A woman with thin white kimono floated above of the yin liquid with her eyes closed. With her pale skin and glittering silver hair, she could be mistaken as a snow woman in many folklores. Her smooth skin and her youthful appearance made her look like to be in her early 20s, but her real age was three digits in number.

The snow woman was the mentor of forty young maidens here, including 60 receptionists that were working on the first floor. She was draining 90% of the yin energy from the pool to herself while she was monitoring her disciples' condition.

"E50, you can't handle any more yin qi for today. Change your dress and change shift with other receptionist on the first floor."

"E27, you're absorbing too fast. Do you want to die? Slow down and circulate yang qi into your lungs." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"E12, your dantian is filled to the brim. Go to your room and digest the qi. You're ready for another breakthrough."

"E1, maintain focus! You're falling asleep again! Stop slacking for once!"

This floor was a common training area for Silver Phoenix Sect's 100 inner disciples. The weakest disciple's cultivation strength was 3rd stage while the strongest was at the pinnacle of the 4th stage. As for the mentor, she was a 6th stage master.

While everyone was cultivating in peace, the magic array on the walls brightened and a portal opened. This portal connected this room with the magic array outside. Thus, the one that activated the portal had permission from the array master, the silver-haired woman, to enter.

Ma Xingjuan stepped out of the portal. She guided a clueless man here to meet her mentor.

As soon as the cold qi touched Mao Miaomiao's skin, he shivered and hugged his chest.

"Ai! So cold!"

Ma Xingjuan also felt the cold. She took out two thick fur coat and put it on.

"Umm, do you have an extra coat?" Miaomiao looked at Ma Xingjuan in envy.

"No. Oh, I can't give you my coat as well. I'm sorry."

Miaomiao wanted to cry. His teeth started to clatter as the absolute-zero temperature slowly froze his blood and body liquid.

The silver hair woman opened her eyes and gazed at the newcomers, "E19, thanks for bringing him here. I'm aware of his arrival. You can return to your duty."

"Understood, master," Ma Xingjuan bowed and turned around, exiting the portal that she had opened.

The blue energy gate closed before Miaomiao could react. Once again, he was trapped.

'Haiz! I knew that this would happen, but I had no choice. I shouldn't have picked this system. I should have gone for the save-and-load or the max level cheat!'

Miaomiao began to regret that he listened to his dick instead of his brain when he chose a cheat skill in the questionnaire. He thought that he had made a mistake.

"Mao Miaomiao," The silver hair woman called his name, "Relax, child. Luo Cheng has informed me about your arrival. I never hurt my guests."

A transparent dome appeared around Miaomiao as if they were a barrier. It blocked the freezing yin qi in the air.

As the air got warmer inside the transparent barrier around Miaomiao, he stopped shaking. Seeing that the master didn't plan to harm him, Miaomiao cupped his fist and bowed, "Thank you elder sister for saving me."

The master grinned while the young disciples giggled. The girls mocked Miaomiao in a hushed voice.

"Ah, what a sheep."

"Right. What a clueless bum."

"A slave is always a slave. What do you expect?"

"Ignorance is bliss."

The master ignored her disciples' ill manner. She stood up and floated above the pool, and the yin qi in the air returned into the pool.

"Today's qi gathering session is over. Those who still value their purity, you should return to your dorm. Anyone who wishes for a dao partner, you can stay."

The disciples' faces turned solemn. The 40 disciples stood up and left the room through the backdoor, which led to the restricted area on the upper floors, their resting quarters.

The master gazed at her leaving disciples and shook her head. She sighed and turned to Mao Miaomiao.

"I heard about your circumstances from that old man. Is your disease real or is it just an excuse to refuse Luo Cheng's offer?"

Miaomiao scratched the back of his head in embarrassment, "It's half-real. I'll really die if I don't have sex before the sunrise."

The silver hair woman snickered, "Oh, really? Then, is there a specific requirement for your desired partner?"

"Nope! Any woman will do, but it would be nice if I could have a beautiful sexy partner."

"Hahaha!" The master laughed as she covered her mouth with one hand.

Miaomiao was relieved that this master was friendlier than he had imagined. Unfortunately, as soon as the woman stopped laughing, she teleported and appeared in front of Miaomiao.

One of the snow woman's hand seized his neck while the other ripped his shirt off and grabbed his bare stomach.

Miaomiao widened his eyes in shock. He didn't feel pain or ecstasy from the touch. Instead, he sensed a wave of cold liquid entering his body through her hands. They spread through his bones, muscle, and blood vessels.

Within two seconds, the snow woman's qi spread through Miaomiao's body.


<<Warning! Your dantian has been invaded by yin essence!>>

<<You have insufficient yang qi to buy protection service from the system!>>

The system didn't help Miaomiao this time. It simply told him that he was too poor.

Fortunately, the silver-haired woman didn't plan to kill Miaomiao. She was just studying him, being curious why Luo Cheng recommended Miaomiao to her.

"Interesting. Ordinary first stage cultivators have only 10 to 20 strands of life qi, but I've found over a hundred yang qi in your dantian. So, you can gather yang qi directly without converting natural qi into life qi? I know a few similar cultivation techniques… but humans can't cultivate it."


The probing lasted for a minute before the woman released her hands.

"About 200? No, you have about 300 strands of yang qi. Not bad for someone at your age. Luo Cheng has indeed found a rare gem. Say, Mao Miaomiao, are you really a human? You're not a demon in disguise, aren't you?"

The snow woman's killing intent soared. The hands that had seized Miaomiao tightened.

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