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Chapter 90: Chapter 88 :- “My future spouse?"

In the faint glow of a candle, Lu Yu observed the bandages encircling Liu Ruobing's shoulders, prompting a contemplative mood. 

Liu Ruobing's physique was impressive, complemented by her refined features, epitomizing the ideal image of a stunning policewoman in Lu Yu's mind.

At that moment, she was clad in a black form-fitting shirt, camouflaged trousers, and combat boots. 

Notably, the sleeve over her left shoulder was rolled up slightly, revealing a gauze and bandage, the latter marked with the telltale sign of blood.

Was your injury the reason you couldn't break free? 


When Lu Yu inquired, Liu Ruobing, while nibbling on a biscuit, responded with remarkable composure. 

She had sustained the injury amidst a confrontation with the criminals. Despite managing to eliminate some, several others were wounded, and she, too, was shot in the shoulder due to her initial unfamiliarity with her capabilities.

It must be acknowledged, this policewoman is extraordinary. Even in a state of physical and mental fatigue, her indomitable spirit shines through in her expression.

It must be said, you as a policewoman stand out from the rest.

Despite being physically and mentally drained, her unyielding spirit is evident in her demeanor as she speaks.

Her astonishment was palpable upon hearing Lu Yu's words.

"You're aware of my powers?"

She had been certain that her true capabilities remained a secret from the criminals.

Yet, Lu Yu's comments suggested he was not only aware but also deeply understood her powers.

"How can that be?"

"It's entirely possible. My Lu Yu has the gift of foresight…"

Yan Yun declared with a sense of pride, noting Liu Ruobing's amazement.

A sudden realization caused Yan Yun to glance at Lu Yu, her cheeks coloring. 

She felt relieved to see that he didn't react unusually.

Lu Yu had slept with her for this very reason, which now made her cheeks turn a shade of pink.

However, staying alert was crucial, a lesson Lu Yu had instilled in her.

Due to her being a policewoman, she inadvertently let her guard down and spoke without thinking.

Lu Yu, fortunately, did not take offense.

"Can you… foresee the future?"

Liu Ruobing, being an Awakener herself, understood that after the world's end, humans started to manifest powers.

Based on Lu Yu's earlier actions, she had assumed his awakening would involve swordsmanship.

But now…

"Pretty much!" Lu Yu responded with ease. 

"Don't be so shocked. 

It's not uncommon for some individuals to have multiple talents and awaken more than one ability, just like you do…"


"Is your wound infected?"

Yan Yun noticed the injury on Liu Ruobing's shoulder and cautiously inquired.

The dressing was soaked with not just blood but pus as well!

It appeared to be a longstanding wound, neglected for quite some time.

The infection had worsened, affecting a considerable area.

If left untreated, the arm might be beyond saving.

"Yes," Liu Ruobing admitted. 

"It's a bullet wound. 

Given the limited medical resources here, I've had to make do with a makeshift treatment."

Unlike Lu Yu, not everyone possesses a divine physique.

Without adequate nutrition or sterilization equipment, avoiding infection from such a wound is nearly impossible.

"Allow me to examine it."


Liu Ruobing looked at Yan Yun with skepticism. 

"Are you a medic?"

"No," Yan Yun confessed truthfully. 

"I'm a healer."


Indeed She had encountered very few psychics.

Thus, the term 'healer' initially took her aback.

But now…

As Yan Yun removed the bandage and placed her hand on the wound.

Within minutes, the injury healed back to its original state, leaving Liu Ruobing utterly astonished.


Yan Yun's healing abilities, though still developing, were remarkable.

Yan Yun's healing powers come with a cleansing effect that's particularly effective against infected wounds.

For someone like Liu Ruobing, Yan Yun could easily handle ten such wounds daily without feeling drained.

"Wow, this healing is incredible! 

I'm at a loss for words… thank you, Yan Yun, for the food and healing," Liu Ruobing expressed, amazed as she moved her arms, feeling no pain.

It took some time for Liu Ruobing to come to terms with this new reality.

"It's all part of the job," Yan Yun replied.

"So, what led to the conflict with those thugs?" Luo Ruobing inquired, seeking to understand the situation better.

Yan Yun explained, "We were actually here to look for weapons. 

We wanted to check out the loud noise but ended up being lured into a trap by a thug…"

As they conversed, Liu Ruobing and Yan Yun got to know each other better.

Liu Ruobing learned why Lu Yu had come, and their mutual understanding grew.

Yan Yun, realizing Liu Ruobing was a police officer, let her guard down slightly and felt a sense of closeness.

Liu Ruobing, in turn, began to trust them more because they had provided food, water, and healing.

"I see," Liu Ruobing said, nodding thoughtfully.

After the women had almost finished talking, Lu Yu chimed in.

"Officer Liu, are you the only police officer here?"

"Probably…" Liu Ruobing replied, a hint of sadness in her eyes.

She knew dealing with thugs was dangerous, and if not for her resilience, she might have broken down on the first day of the apocalypse.

"What are your plans for the future?" Lu Yu asked.

Caught off guard, Liu Ruobing shook her head: "I had no plans. 

Before you arrived, I wasn't even sure how long I'd survive…"

"Do you want to join us?" Lu Yu offered.

"Join you? 

Where?" Liu Ruobing asked.

Lu Yu was direct: "I'm part of a survivor group, and we could use someone with your strength."

Liu Ruobing responded to Lu Yu with a forced smile, 

"Haha, Lu Yu, you're joking, right? 

How can I be considered 'strong' when compared to you?"

"Definitely," Lu Yu affirmed confidently. 

"Out of all the survivors I've encountered, only Chu Feng has an awakening ability stronger than yours…"

Among those Lu Yu has met, Chu Feng stands out as the strongest.

Chu Feng's power, which seems modest at first, grows to be incredibly potent later on.

It's practically unbeatable,

Following Chu Feng would be Lu Yu and Wei Jianjun themselves.

They are power users with enhanced abilities, doubled in strength!

Considering their method of attack, Lu Yu might even surpass Wei Jianjun.

It's a matter of being both close and distant!

Yet, Liu Ruobing's abilities exceed Lu Yu's.

Excluding the fully mastered Qingshou sword techniques and Chu Feng's acquired skills,

Lu Yu feels quite inadequate!

"Do I have no secrets left when I'm around you?" Liu Ruobing questioned, struggling to come to terms with this thought.

It felt like being exposed in front of a crowd, which was quite unsettling.

"What do you think?" Lu Yu asked rhetorically with a hint of amusement. 

"It's not just about your abilities; I could even predict your future spouse!"

"My future spouse? 

Who might that be?" Liu Ruobing inquired instinctively.

Lu Yu grinned mischievously, "What if I said it's me, would you believe that?"

Yan Yun: "…"

Liu Ruobing: "…"

Liu Ruobing sulked after a moment.

"That's not even remotely funny," she retorted.

"So, would you like to join our group?" Lu Yu asked, unfazed by her reaction.

"It seems I don't really have another option," Liu Ruobing conceded.

Upon hearing her words, Lu Yu smiled and offered his hand.

"Hehehe welcome to my hare..… Oops, 

I mean, welcome to my team, Ms. Liu Ruobing."

"Please, Lu Yu, I look forward to your guidance!" Liu Ruobing replied.

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