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Chapter 25: [Bonus chapter]Chapter 25: Date With Gwen [3]

Lucifer's body sprinted through the forest,

The wind felt amazing against his skin, his legs twisting and turning to avoid the loose roots of the huge trees, leaping into the air and pressing off another tree with his feet to cover more distance.


His spear whistled from his newly found speed; a distant wolf, the type that almost took his life on the first day, was in the path, a small pack of them.

They seemed to pick up his scent, growling.

Yet he didn't care; tapping the ground with light touches, his body sprang forward, the bushes and twigs snapping against his tough skin.

Lucifer narrows his eyes, lowering his hips slightly, ready to overkill the wolves.

Blood began pumping rapidly in his body; since his change, his heart began beating once again like a normal human; strange, but it also seemed to lessen his desire to drink.

He no longer felt constantly thirsty for blood.

The veins all over his body began to pump faster, bulging from his skin, causing his muscles to become more active.

His eyes watched the wolves grouping up before several of them spread out, trying to attack from his sides, yet Lucifer kept rushing forward, his spear lowered.


Like a viper snapping towards its prey, his spear cut through the air howling before the red glowing tip thrust straight through the opened mouth of the largest wolf, trying to attack him head-on.

Blood and guts sprayed across the forest from the impact that caused the poor wolf to explode.

However, Lucifer wasn't done; his left hand released the spear, pulling it with his right hand; the wet squelch before the broken bones and brain slipped out was gruesome.

His hand grabbed the face of another wolf, trying to bite his throat, the powerful hand clenching tightly.

As the bones began to crack, snapping with the poor wolf's pitiful cry before he dropped it with a thud and simultaneously slashed to his right to slice the throat of the third wolf, now only the 3 behind him, in a mid-air leap.

Ba-dump! Ba-dump!

Lucifer could feel the pain in his chest, a slight tightness stopping his breathing; however, he didn't relent.

'A little more!'

He lifted the spear using all his power and the last moments of his Blood Rage before spinning his body and cutting all three wolves in half.

Their heavy carcases slammed into a distant tree with a thud.

"Haa... fuck.... It wasn't joking about the damn weakness....!"

Lucifer dragged his tired body across the threshold for the inner sanctum; honestly, to get the flowers was not hard for him now; even though he felt pain in his muscles, it didn't affect his combat ability too much.

'Store the Prana; I will take it after finishing here...' His mind ordered as the purple and pink energy was sucked into the Grimoire; somehow, it seemed to do a strange, happy dance around his arm.

He looked up, the huge trees barely allowing sunlight to penetrate them, but that didn't mean anything to him anymore.

His body could bathe in the sun, and it only gave a little tingle, nothing restrictive or damaging.

"Guess a bit of sunscreen would fix that... Haha..."


Lucifer opened the Grimoire, a strange relic that could tell the accurate time; of course, this was mainly for the gamer to ensure he didn't spend too much time playing.

There was an alarm feature, which he set for 5:00 pm

Currently, the time was 2:30 pm.

"I have lots of time... Gwen..."

"I will make myself even more amazing before you next see me; just wait!"


The current time is 3:45 pm.

The inner sanctum was a horrific mess; blood, guts and corpses were littered around the forest floor, and the evil man had picked the normally beautiful flowers to death and extinction with his strange magic.

What was once a paradise for the fairies and sprigs to dance and play, sometimes tricking the occasional adventurer who got lost inside.

Now a dying wasteland, with huge chunks where a spear sliced the bark, now leaking sap, likely crying and wailing if they had voices.

Countless green leaves now littered the ground, destroying their beauty from what seemed to be huge impacts on the trees, leaving massive cracks in their trunks and breaking away from the roots with sheer force.

The criminal...

Well, he looked fine with his bloody body, crescent spear, and damn needlessly handsome face.

Lucifer stood outside a strange circle of huge trees, beautiful flowers, and bushes now half-picked and dying because of the dirty blood from the wolves that lingered in the forest.

'Ah... I overdid it...' He thought to himself, the Grimoire now looking packed with Prana; it constantly glowed dark purple and seemed to throb.


He spat on the corpse of the dirty little midget made from wood.

These things kept shooting sharp spines at him, the damage they dealt was minute, but the damn irritation of them, which caused his skin to itch, was annoying.

So he massacred them.

"How does the Lord's Talent work... How do I split this Prana with Gwen?"

His question was asked, the Grimoire dancing in the air for several minutes before its pages opened, fluttering rapidly through the thousands of pages until a single one appeared.

Lucifer only needed to enter the circle of trees, and the special item would drop from the boss, a special elite treat.

The page opened... It showed.

A woman's legs spread, with a man moving between them, the graphic images moving like a paper animation as his Grimoire quickly turned the pages...


"Why is the lord's version so obscene!?"

"The hero just says "I wish to grant thee experience!" and then poof! The heroine gets more exp per kill!"

Despite his mouth complaining, there was a huge smile on his face; what kind of man would complain about having to sleep with the woman he wanted to make his to make her stronger?

Isn't this the perfect ANTI-NTR talent ever?

What woman would grow frustrated with her lover if he fucked her all night each time he returned from the day questing.

The hero spends half the game worrying about a kiss while Lucifer fills their womb with his seed.

Honestly, the kind old man inside him still insisted on his feelings.

'Don't get lost in lust; use the lust to improve and enhance your love and affection...'

He then began to cool down, the amount of Prana in the Grimoire affecting his judgment due to the amount of passive bliss and excitement it contained.

In his Grimoire, Prana was enough to help him reach level 14 or help Gwen reach level 11 and him 13.

Lucifer wasn't a genius at math.

On his Grimoire's [Party] page was a little bar with level 10 filled next to Lucifer's name, with a [X4] beside it.

Below that was Gwen's name and bar with level 9.

Each time he swiped the grimoires page on the Gwen bar to level up, his top bar would decrease.

Lucifer <==> Level 10 ->12 | Gwen <==> Level 9 -> 11 |

'This makes managing the extra experience better...'

No matter how powerful he wanted to become. Lucifer couldn't do it at the cost of leaving his women weaker.

The type of player to allow his women to be weak was asking for something to go wrong.

Damsels were not Lucifer's desired heroines or party members; he wanted fierce and powerful women beside him.

'So these changes will only go through when I have sex with them and finish inside...'

His body slowly moved into the ring of trees, the treant sleeping beside the flower with a few smaller treants to keep it company.

'Wouldn't... that mean the moment we do it, her mind will break from the huge amount of Prana?'

Its dark yellow eyes snapped open when he entered the ring of black trees and corrupted flowers.

The monster was a dark treant.

Lucifer was too preoccupied with the sudden realisation that his ability to share experience was far more erotic than he thought.

Only a small amount of the Prana from combat would be shared...

Then the rest he needed to supply his members and units manually.

Suddenly he thought of that priest and wondered if he should try to meet her again because her name was on the Grimoire below Gwen.

Lucifer <==> Level 10 ->12 | Gwen <==> Level 9 -> 11 | Miria* <==> Level 4 -> 7 |

The reason he decided to increase the priestess and take away from himself was simple, the sooner she reached level 10, the better.

'Damn, she used a fake name!? Dirty little priestess... Daddy will spank your plump little ass when we next meet!'

'Let's adjust it and meet her after I make Gwendolyn's birthday one she never forgets...'

He wanted to form a party of sexy girls and enjoy this new role given to him.

'This world allows polygamy... I'd be stupid to follow my old world's morals and rules... Or rather, something in me makes me feel this way more each day...'

'Maybe the Vampire blood... Maybe the Lord Class...'

He wasn't just doing this quest to get the item for no reason; it was her birthday today; he wasn't some super smart guy with mega memory.

The Grimoire told him the moment she was added to the party list, each girl's birthdays and some information about them was added...

So, he would make this birthday special and only let on he knew when they met for dinner later tonight.

When he looked up, a huge array of sharp thorns were shot towards him, like a machine gun.

"Well, Shit..."

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