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Chapter 33: Chapter 33: Best Wife In The World

Lucifer and Gwen spent a long time together—several times, people came knocking, but the sounds of their coitus seemed to drive them away.

Lost in both past and present, they devoured each other's bodies and blood, almost addicted to each other when the night and days passed three times over, their feast of lust and carnal desire ended with the sound of Gwendolyn's gentle whimper.

"Honey~ please, I cannot move my legs or arms anymore... let's stop~ please?"

Like a body without bones, her beautiful figure flopped over the large bed, her neck, chest and breasts filled with love bites.

Looking into his eyes with her glistening golden orbs as she looked at him in surrender.

Lucifer looked down at her beautiful face, no longer tanned, but her soft creamy skin was fairer than a porcelain doll—not only that, but her soft skin was even smoother than an 18-year-olds.

'I'm glad it remained... Now it looks more pretty, though.'

He was thinking about her scars during the three days of passion.

Her transformation was different from his as she became more passionate and lustful. Her fangs slowly grew before she bit his neck for blood, kissing his neck and cheeks passionately as she became more beautiful.

He liked that her breasts grew larger but changed to a more rounded and firm shape without the scars on her body and blemishes.

Yet her facial scar remained... Now it looked like a flower... identical to the ones he left on her bed, a long stem with petals on her cheeks.

It was hard to tell it was a scar unless you were face to face; it looked like a pretty tattoo from a distance.

'I hope she likes it...'

During their sex, he discovered more about her, that she didn't truly hate the scar because of how she got it saving another person.

It is becoming a mark of honour for her.

Maybe that affected her, stopping it from becoming like the rest of her body... Not to mention her tight abs and powerful thighs, even her ass became perkier and softer.

'Her body is a miracle of beauty and sex appeal!'

"Are you really tired?" Lucifer teased, looking down at her as they kissed once again, their tongues sliding around each other like second nature before Gwen slid hers over his fangs, letting a thin stream of blood enter his mouth while he did the same.

This was a vampire's true kiss of affection as they shared each other's blood.

They finally parted with a hot sigh and a sticky thread of saliva between them minutes later, still intoxicated with each other.

Now their memories and thoughts were digested, and the only person Gwen and Lucifer saw was the current them.

Like their memories had taken the back seat, they wanted to watch their new selves enjoy a sweet love together.

"Mmm... my pussy is throbbing, really bad... you've been fucking me so hard for four days straight. I missed three shifts; what if they punish me?"

"I can't help it; you are just too perfect, Gwen."

"Nnn~ you too... it's like your huge thing was designed to make me squeal... and orgasm..."

"But honey... I will die if it's just me..."

"Eh? You're a vampire now... how will you di-"

"I will D-I-E!"

Gwen's soft finger poked his chest while her lips pouted, lifting her head just enough to kiss his cheek with a quick peck.

She looked down to see her beloved husband's member was still in full force...

"Why are you so hard!? I've swallowed... been bathed, and taken it in my womb... more than 70 times!? in 4 days!" Gwen scolded softly, but her lips formed a happy smile as she wrapped her arms around his back.

Then suddenly, her face became serious.

"Fuck that priestess, make her a slave to your cock..."

"Eh?" Once again, her words shocked him; Lucifer was halfway decided to become devoted to just her despite wanting to live his dreams of an eroge life...

"If you don't fuck her, I will drug you and find a random woman or monster girl to fuck you!"



"Is it that bad?" He asked, stroking around her swollen, puffy lips, the white goo still constantly oozing from them.

"It hurts even with [Ignore Pain III]. My legs feel like you've torn the muscles apart!"

"Sorry, my cute little wife~ but are you sure? If I sleep with one, there might be more?"

Her eyes narrowed, pinching his cheek with all the power in her weak arms, although he could feel nothing because of his [Ignore Pain]; he pretended to suffer, causing her to smile like she ate some honey.

"Darling~ as long as none of them is above me in your heart, I don't mind."


"However~ remember if they rise above me... I will have to chop them down... starting with their legs, fufu~!"

Gwen was an extremely sweet woman, but he began to discover new parts of her, like the extremely obsessive and jealous feelings she hid under that soft smile.

"Then~ you have to be my first and main wife, right?"

"Good, you are learning."

"Carry me~" she whispered, a strange look on her face, looking away with a blush.

"Carry you, why?"

"Mmmm, carry me!"

Lucifer wasn't sure why she wanted to be carried and took a moment to move before she suddenly cried for the woman over 30 years of age.

"I need to pee; please carry me to the toilet!" She cried, with little tears in her eyes, as she grasped his arms with her sharp red nails.

"Hahaha... god, you are so adorable, Gwen." Lucifer joked as he lifted her into his arms, like a princess and carried her to the small toilet, but her hand grasped him after he was about to leave.

"I can't hold my body up... don't go... please?"


'Why is she so adorable!?'


A few minutes later, Gwen was laying face first on the bedding that Lucifer had changed, her little fists hammering the soft quilt as she screamed into the pillows.

"Ahh~ he watched me pee. I will cut out his eyes, kill him... then I'll die too!"

"We must die!"

"So embarrassing ~~!"

Lucifer didn't take her words seriously, now wearing a simple pair of black pants, with his top half naked on the side of the bed, his hands stroking her soft bubbly ass that wobbled with her little tantrum.


Jiggle Wobble!

Pah Pah!


"Ahhh, don't slap my ass~ it's sore... bastard... I'll sit on your face and suffocate you!"

"Anytime~" Lucifer teased, showing his pristine white fangs before leaning forward and biting into her ass.

"Ahhh, dirty!? What kind of Vampire Lord sucks on a lady's ass!?"

He took a few sips as it was a different taste from her neck, blood dripping from his lips as he wiped himself.

"Oh? But it's the ass of my Vampire Lady Haha!"

"!!!" She blushed momentarily before her face came to a realisation, and she glared at him with a pout.


Thus despite her aching body, the pair began to play fight, rolling in the sheets as her soft hands hammered his chest, while at some point, the hammers turned into kisses and the kisses into her sucking his blood.

Just before he penetrated her again, he touched her face.

"Let's stop here for now... We need to arrange many things... From you allowing me to see your current [Status] and us both choosing our bloodline."

"If you're still horny after that, I'll use my mouth, okay?" Lucifer said weakly; when she spoke earlier, it seemed he was the instigator.

The truth...

Gwen was just as horny for him!

The next moment she licked her lips with a seductive look, like the Pain and whining were a lie before she pushed out her left arm while he did the same.

However, when their grimoires opened, there was a loud bang and crackle of thunder outside as a huge storm suddenly came out of nowhere...

Lucifer and Gwen were shocked...

Because their Grimoires began to fuse... on the front no longer a weird texture and text...

It was a picture of a handsome male with white hair holding a beautiful blonde-haired woman in his arms.

Somehow, her grimoire was devoured and became a subbordinate to his...

"Ah~ is this me? Look at the cute scar that's now a flower... if only this were real..."

Gwen's voice sounded, causing his doubt and confusion to fade.

Instead, his finger caressed the changed scar with relief that she had said this before he showed her.

[(Fufu~ I am happy sister... you looked so happy, both physically and emotionally! Let me have some fun and take over your grimoire too!)]

[(But four days...)]

[(I hope he does me for 7...)]

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