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Chapter 210: Reborn's Bet

Secon Island, Vongola Family's base camp.

After Reborn hung up the Den Den Mushi, his expression suddenly became a little more serious. "As expected, Levi is in big trouble this time. Although Donquixote Family is indeed involved, it's a fact that he killed Squard, one of Whitebeard's men. And now, Whitebeard's ship, Moby Dick, has begun to move towards Wano Country. The war is coming!"

They had known it would come to this not long ago after Levi arrived at Secon Island. Through investigation, they also found that there was someone from Donquixote Family that instigated this.

But Whitebeard did not care about this. What mattered to him was the fact that Levi killed his son!

"Then, what should we do now, Reborn-san? Should we send the Guardians to Wano Country to help?" Robin was very nervous at this time. She was still afraid of Whitebeard's name. After all, the old man was crowned the strongest man in the world.

Didn't this mean that Whitebeard was stronger than their boss? It was very dangerous to fight against them!

"Let me decide this matter..."

After saying this, Reborn picked up Den Den Mushi and tried to contact their leader, who was in East Blue.

"Blu... Blu... Blu..."

Giotto, who was planning to keep sleeping, was woken up by Den Den Mushi. He picked up the Den Den Mushi, but his face was still sleepy. It was obvious that he had not fully woken up.

"What is it?"

"I'm sorry to interrupt you even though you rarely get a vacation, but we may go to war with Whitebeard Pirates soon!"

Reborn's words instantly drove Giotto's sleepiness away as his eyes were wide open.

War with Whitebeard?

Just what the hell happened while he was away? How did Vongola have to fight that old man all of a sudden?

"Explain the situation first, Reborn! What the hell happened?" Giotto said seriously.

Next, Reborn told Giotto everything, including G monitoring the Big Mom Pirates, Levi killing Squard, and Donquixote Family's little scheme.

After a long silence, Giotto said, "It seems that this war is inevitable. Whitebeard will never tolerate anyone that lays a hand on his son, regardless of the reason. We have to repel Whitebeard Pirates, but since Doflamingo is up to something, we can't just leave Secon Island unguarded, as there's a chance that Big Mom will attack us again!"

It'd be troublesome if Big Mom joined the fray while Vongola Family was busy with Whitebeard Pirates.

Giotto's main concern was he did not know how strong Whitebeard was now. During their last fight, it was obvious that Whitebeard held back, and Giotto himself hadn't reached this point.

"Have G return to Secon Island immediately so that he can guard Secon Island. There's no change for the rest for now."

Giotto suddenly thought of the reward from before and immediately made a decision. Reborn, gather the Arcobaleno and bring Lampow and two-thirds of our men to Wano Country to assist Varia. Of course, Verde is an exception. He just needs to focus on his research. I will rush to Wano Country as soon as possible. Before that, do whatever it takes to hold on!

Arcobaleno now had the ability to dispel their curse. Although the duration was limited, they could just end a battle within the time limit.

Especially Reborn and Fon. With their curse lifted, they would definitely be able to display terrifying strength. Even though Giotto did not know how strong Whitebeard was, he completely believed that the Reborn in his true form could definitely fight or even defeat Whitebeard!

The strongest man in the world and the strongest assassin in the world...

The confrontation between them would be something to look out for sure!

"Primo, aren't you underestimating me a little? You want me to protect Wano Country before you arrive?"

Reborn fiddled with his sideburns as an extremely confident smile appeared on his face, "Is it that surprising If I end this battle before you arrive?"

End the battle before Giotto arrives?

Others might treat it as a joke, but since these words came from Reborn's mouth, he should be confident he could do it!

Reborn was extremely confident in his own strength, especially since he now had the ability to dispel the curse. Even if it were only for fifteen minutes, he was confident he could defeat any enemy!

"If that's the case, then it would naturally be great!" Giotto said without hesitation. He also believed in Reborn.

"Really? How about we make a bet, Primo!"

Reborn suddenly had an idea and then said: "If I can't settle the battle before you arrive, you can ask me to do anything, but if I beat Whitebeard Pirates before you arrive, then..."

Reborn deliberately kept Giotto in suspense and didn't finish his sentence.

"Then, what do you want me to do? Since you agree to do anything for me, I will also do anything you want if you can settle it before I arrive. How about it?" Giotto agreed to the bet without hesitation.

Reborn would not do anything that'd harm him anyway, so he didn't really care about what Reborn would ask from him!

"Primo, it is time to eat!"

At this time, Aria knocked on the door and came in.

At this moment, Reborn's voice sounded again, "It's settled then. If I repel Whitebeard Pirates before you arrive at Wano Country, then you have to propose Aria! As a qualified home tutor, I believe the leader's heir is very important!"

Things got quiet in an instant. Giotto was speechless. He slowly raised his head and looked at Aria, who had just entered his room... 

What should he say now?

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