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Chapter 212: Super Long Range Sniper

"Tsk, is that old man Whitebeard coming to Wano Country? He completely takes me lightly. But this is fine. I haven't fought seriously for a long time. Whitebeard Pirates should be able to provide me with a decent fight. They are the major force that rivals us in the New World, after all!" Xanxus sneered, and then his eyes became fierce. In his eyes, Whitebeard was just an old man. The strongest man in the world? Only Vongola Family deserved that title!

Although Levi was indeed incompetent, he was his subordinate regardless. Not to mention that he killed that Maelstrom Spider to protect Vongola's reputation!

"Ah, I thought something was up when I got the assemble order, but it turned out that Levi-senpai got into trouble again... Why am I surprised, though?" Fran used his usual ridiculing tone to make it sound like everything was Levi's fault.

However, everyone in Varia's group was used to this. 

"ushishishi! Does that mean there's going to be a battle again?" Belphegor was very excited at this moment. He hadn't had a good fight for a long time. "That diamond guy from Whitebeard Pirates should serve as a good punching bag!"

"Really? Then let me have him! Cutting a diamond with a sword should be fun!"

Squalo was excited when he heard that there was someone like Diamond Jozu among Whitebeard Pirates as no one could barely withstand his strike in the last battle. Then again, it was still too early for him to challenge Ugetsu Asari. With his current strength, he was still no match against that Rain Guardian!

"It's true. There's another troublesome battle. However, since they have already come knocking on our door, we have to give them a taste of our strength." At this time, Lussuria also waved his fist. He rarely participated in direct battles. After all, most of the time, he only participated as a logistic and medical division.

It couldn't be helped as his Box Weapon was for healing his teammates.

"Then let's have a beautiful battle. But first of all, they have to survive for fifteen minutes. If they can't even handle the first fifteen minutes, they have no right to fight with Vongola Family!" Colonello said while holding his rifle with a confident smile on his face.

The fifteen minutes he mentioned referred to the duration that his curse was lifted. After the curse was lifted, Colonello could use a large sniper rifle. The range of his sniper was ridiculous. If he used his sniper rifle while his curse was lifted, he could shoot multiple enemies at the same time from five thousand kilometers away.

That alone made the snipers in the entire One Piece world no match for Colonello!

There was a saying that sniping an enemy from eight hundred miles away was only something that gods could do, which meant that it was impossible.

Human's vision didn't cover such a distance, to begin with. Even if their vision did reach such a distance, they couldn't hit a target from such a distance, but as an Arcobaleno, Colonello was an existence that defied commonsense.

Eight hundred miles was only four hundred kilometers, which was only one-twelfth of the range of Colonello's sniper!

From the moment he lifted the curse, all Whitebeard Pirates had to be ready to die at any time for fifteen minutes!

Colonello was the god of death who could take people's lives from thousands of miles away!

"Super long-range sniper? Isn't this too boring?" Xanxus slightly tilted his head and said with some mixed feelings.

He felt that if they dealt with Whitebeard Pirates like this, the only one who would feel good was Colonello, and it was as if the rest didn't participate at all. After all, Colonello would've killed most of the Whitebeard Pirates before they could even get close.

"Don't worry, hey! That old man Whitebeard is not that weak. I won't be able to take him down from the usual distance. I'll have to wait until he gets closer! Moreover, I'm not down for something cowardly like a sneak attack. I want to defeat them fair and square. Hey!"

Colonello was a fair guy. Although a sneak attack was more suitable for him as a sniper, he believed that they naturally had to do it fair and square since the opponent didn't conceal their whereabouts or anything. "The first thing we have to do is declare war! If Whitebeard Pirates insists on fighting, I will crush them. Hey!"

This can be said to be extremely benevolent and righteous, but five thousand kilometres was just...

There was no difference between declaring war and not declaring war at such a distance. Even if he said to Whitebeard that he'd begin killing them from such distance, no one would believe it. 

"No problem. Then I will leave the declaration of war to you, Fran! With your ability, even if there is something unexpected, you should be able to escape safely. Of course, your purpose is not only to declare war but also to check the opponent's combat power and report it. At the same time, mark the target for Colonello's sniping, understand?"

Xanxus immediately made a decision. After all, not every target was worthy of Colonello's sniping. It was a good choice to let Fran investigate first.

"Huh? Can't you send someone else? I think Bell-senpai is very talented in this aspect!" Fran clearly felt that it was a bit troublesome.

"Stop talking nonsense, Fran! I'm not joking with you right now. Hurry up and go! What we have to face next is a war!"

At this moment, Squalo grinned and revealed a smile. He was looking forward to the beginning of this war!

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