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Chapter 213: The Envoy of War, Fran

"Pops, Pops! A person from Vongola Family said he wanted to see you. It's Varia's Mist Guardian, Froghead Fran!"

One of the Whitebeard Pirates' crews noticed that a Vongola Family's ship was approaching, so he immediately reported it to his Pops.

"Varia? Those bastards still have the audacity to come here after they killed Squard! Pops, let me kill him!" Vista of the Flower Sword's face instantly changed, and his eyes flashed with fierce and murderous intent.

Right now, he despised Vongola Family. He wished that he could reach Wano Country right now. However, sailing in the sea took time, so he could only wait for Vongola Family to appear. It just so happened that one of the Varia decided to come, so he naturally wanted to kill him.

"Let him come, but he must at least follow the rules. Without good liquor, he can't get on my ship!"

Whitebeard put down his liquor and then said with a grim face, "Although he's an enemy, there is no reason to drive him out since he's already here. Even if we will fight later, as long as he has the guts to get on my ship, treat him as a guest! Understand, kids? 

"Fran-sama, Whitebeard has replied. He said that you must bring a good liquor before boarding his ship!"

One of Varia's members reported to Fran after hearing Whiteberd's reply.

"Huh? Good liquor? Do we have such a thing?"

Fran didn't know that there was such a rule. He turned around and asked the rest of his men. However, this question baffled everyone on the ship. Unlike the pirates, Varia was a strictly disciplined army. They were not allowed to drink any alcohol when they were on missions, let alone a good one.

After thinking twice, Fran clapped his hands thought of a good method. "How about this? Pour some water into that jug and I will bring it there."

"Wa... Water?"

The Varia members were stunned. "Fran-sama, are you planning to give Whitebeard... that legendary pirate, a bottle of ordinary water?"

"Don't worry. When he drinks it, it will taste like the best liquor in the world." Fran smiled. He had indeed thought of a way to deal with it. He only needed to use an illusion to turn the water into a good liquor!

"Speaking of which, Captain Squalo told me to make myself more intimidating when I get on their ship, right? It's really a troublesome matter, but Colonello is observing me as I speak. If I don't follow the captain's words, things will get more troublesome."

"Board in, Froghead!"

At this moment, Moby Dick was next to Vongola Family's ship, but this voice instantly cut off the tension.

Those who didn't know that "Froghead" was Fran's nickname might think this was a movie about the frog Prince!

Fran's face turned grim. At first, he planned to trick Squalo, but after hearing this, even he was a little annoyed.

It seemed he had to show off his strength to Whitebeard Pirates!

The moment he stepped on the Moby Dick, the Varia Ring on his hand exuded Mist Flame. A strong illusion enveloped the entire Moby dick in an instant.

Feeling this change, Whitebeard directly said: "Marco, tell everyone aside from the Division Captains to go to the cabin. Don't forget that this young man is the elite that can even confuse Sengoku with illusion despite only briefly at Marine headquarters. "

"Pops, it seems that it is too late!" Before Marco could evacuate their men, he found that the entire Moby dick was shrouded in dark clouds, and they found beneath them was a dark abyss.

"Is this an illusion? Most of our men won't be able to withstand this." Jozu looked at the abyss under his feet but his expression remained unchanged.

But the other crews weren't as strong mentally. Aside from the Division Captains, most of them were shouting as they thought they were constantly falling into the bottomless darkness which left them in fear before fainting eventually.

It was not that much different from being affected by Color of Supreme King Haki. Most of Whitebeard Pirates were falling one by one to the ground. Those who could remain conscious were only the elite members.

From this point of view, there was still a gap between Fran and the future Shanks' Color of Supreme King Haki. After all, when Shanks boarded the ship, even many of the elite members of Whitebeard Pirates lost consciousness.

Even the Moby dick cracked!

Of course, Fran didn't use his full strength at this moment. If he used the Ring of Hell, then things would be completely different. Moreover, he hadn't used the characteristic of the Mist Flame, Construction. Otherwise, the abyss that the Whitebeard Pirates would actually take their lives!

"... What a powerful illusion. No wonder a guy like Sengoku would be dazed even for a brief moment."

At this moment, Whitebeard couldn't help but sigh as he looked at Fran who was walking step by step.

"Ah? This really doesn't suit me, but it seems to work well."

Fran said as he undid the illusion. He then placed the jug of "liquor" in front of Whitebeard and said, "This is the good liquor that you want. Once you drink, let's talk!"

Whitebeard didn't say anything. He grabbed the jug and drank it. "It is indeed a good liquor. But frog boy, did you use illusion to change this? It sure tastes like a real liquor. You guys sure have a good illusion ability. Who is more powerful between you and that baby called Mammon?" 

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