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Chapter 211: Thunder Box Weapon

This was so embarrassing that words couldn't even begin to describe it.

Giotto also did not expect that Reborn would suddenly ask for such a thing. Moreover, knowing, Reborn's personality, he was almost certain Reborn deliberately said it because he heard Aria's voice just now.

The leader's heir was also very important, was it? It was indeed important, but can you be a little more tactful?

Moreover, how could he just skip all the processes and go straight for the marriage proposal?

Why did Giotto have a feeling that Reborn would defeat Whitebeard as soon as possible just to win the bet?

At this time, Giotto turned his head and looked at Aria, who had a gentle smile on her face, which made him thought, "To be honest, Aria is an excellent partner. She is beautiful and capable. No matter how you look at it, it's hard to come across a girl like her. However, Aria and I... 

"Thank you for your praise, Primo. You don't have to worry about unnecessary things. If your proposal is sincere, I may just accept it!" Aria said out loud, interrupting Giotto's inner thoughts.

The moment Aria it, Giotto finally realized that the woman in front of him could see through other people's minds!

Moreover, from the way she put it, it was clear that she knew everything.

"I just..."

Before Giotto could say anything, Aria sat in front of him. "If you have something to say, just wait until we resolve this matter. You should rush to Wano Country as fast as possible, right? The Family is more important, after all. And although you don't want to lose the bet with Reborn, we can have a talk after you win."


Giotto let out a long sigh and stood up. Aria also put on her cloak. Luckily, she was wearing clothes when she was sleeping yesterday. Otherwise, it would be even more awkward now.

After a short pause, he continued, "I will leave Kuina to you. I will go first. If there is any trouble, you can contact Varia. Varia's members are scattered throughout the four seas, after all."

"Be careful." Aria nodded and simply said this sentence. However, she could not hide her worry.

The New World, Secon Island.

Apart from Aria, Verde, and Colonello the other four Arcobaleon gathered together. Lampow, who had a lazy look on his face, also sat in the conference room.

"Wahaha, Reborn! Just leave it to me. Be it Whitebeard, Black Beard, Pink Beard, or Red Beard, I'll send them all packing."

After listening to Reborn's story, Skull stood on the table and laughed. "Colonello sure is unreliable. He still has to rely on me at such a critical moment! Hahaha!"

"Hurry up and do it. Don't make a fool of yourself here, Skull."

Mammon's brief words caused Skull to freeze in place. Then, he continued, "So the leader wants us to assist Wano Country? He is being too careful. In my opinion, bringing a few more Guardians should not be a problem. Previously, Sun and Lightning Guardians alone were enough to defeat Big Mom, so there is no need to preserve so many personnel to guard Secon Island against her."

"Well, I think so, too. How about having G and Ugetsu go to Wano Country instead? Knuckle and I can protect this island no problem."

At this time, Lampow's eyes lit up. He immediately agreed with Mammon's words. Going to Wano Country was such a hassle. Moreover, the other Guardians did not come with him!

"Lampow, this is Primo's order! If you have any objection, I can call him so that he can tell you in person." Reborn knew very well what kind of guy Lampow was, so he immediately mentioned Giotto, as Lampow couldn't refuse Giotto's request.

"Ah... Forget it, then. Since it's Primo's order, then I have no choice..." Lampow slumped down to the chair and just lay on the pillow that he had already brought in advance.

Then, Reborn continued, "The reason why there most Guardians are not coming is because there is a certain distance between each of our territories. If the enemy divides their forces to attack each island, we will have no time to react. And According to the information we obtained when we fought Kaido, a guy is isolating himself in the sky, and there's no telling when he'd come out."

"The guy hiding in the sky? Is it the famous pirate called Shiki? Although there has been no news about him for a long time, he is indeed an enemy that can not be ignored. He is a legendary pirate alongside Roger and Whitebeard in the last era. If so, I think it is a wise decision to keep most of the Guardians on our territories."

At this time, Fon also thought of the guy he saw in the intel. He cooperated with Kaido, but he did not come in the end.

In other words, Vongola Family had not fought Shiki head-on, but there was no telling when he'd strike, and in Shiki's case, being unpredictable was his forte.

"If there are no objections, let's set off immediately. After all, it won't take long for Whitebeard to arrive at Wano Country. What awaits us will be a great battle."

At this time, Reborn took out a green box from his suit and placed it in front of Lampow. "Oh right, Lampow, this is the new Vongola Box Weapons that Verdely developed. It is made specifically for you. There is the most suitable thing for you. With this thing, in addition to your own strength, I believe it will surprise everyone in the upcoming battle!"

At this time, Lampow slowly picked up his Vongola Box Weapons, and his eyes showed a slight interest.

Box Weapons...

Looks like a good toy!

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