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Chapter 18: Chapter 18 - Shannah vs Goblin King

(AN: BR is similar to the Plunderer anime. The higher the number, the stronger they are.)

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[Goblin King]

[Level 50]

Goblin King, also known as the first boss players will mostly encounter in the early stages of the game, spawned in the area where Shannah cleaned all the mob monsters he encountered.

World Online also has a dungeon function where bosses will be the last enemy for all Players to defeat. However, some bosses will spawn if a particular player kills numerous monsters in that area.

Anyhow, an example is. If there are two players in a guild or party, they must kill twice the amount of monsters in that area. So because it's only Shannah here, he managed to generate the boss for killing the exact amount needed to summon this entity.

The Goblin King has a humongous figure with a very large build. Its appearance still resembled a Goblin but more mutated-like. Instead of having green skin, it has violet with burly muscles all around its body. Its equipment is considered of Iron armor with a spiked club as a weapon.

However, instead of getting terrified, a snicker formed on his lips. This is what Shannah likes, to fight a powerful monster. And just by defeating it will surely make his name known to the entire World Online Community.

One of the reasons why Shannah was very excited about playing this game because he can do anything without caring to die. As long as he's having fun while fighting then that made him joyous.

The Goblin launch its arm towards Shannah to crush the puny human who massacred his minions. It roared the moment its massive club landed on the ground and shook the vicinity.


With a smile, Shannah easily dodged the attack by leaping to the right. Still, he got hurled by the aftershock it caused while the trees around them scattered in different directions.

Shannah did not remain idle and cast all his skills in the area where the Goblin King is still trying to recover from the attack it was doing. The Goblin King used a special attack so it needs about three seconds to recover. An opportunity for Shannah to counter-attack.

Poison, Bleeding, Fear, and Weakening. Shannah spammed all his skills as the Goblin King groaned in pain.

Shannah's skill cooldown is around 10 seconds each and with his large amount of MP pool, he will not encounter difficulties if he continuously spamming his abilities.

The Goblin King is a boss that relies on its explosive powers instead of speed. So Shannah has the advantage of battling it alone by keeping his distance.

"Rooaaa! Must Kill Human!"

While still in its knees, withstanding all the debuffs Shannah casted, the Goblin King howled a war cry and used its [Call of the Underlings] skill. A skill that will summon a hundred enraged Goblins.

[Enraged Goblins]

[Level 20]

Hundreds of brown-skinned goblins appeared out of nowhere with frightening red aura flowing out from their body. They snarled as they sprinted towards Shannah in all fours. They don't have any weapon or armor, but their fangs and claws are not to be underestimated.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Hoaaa... Another source of easy EXP!"

Seeing the newcomers, Shannah can only think of them as a source of XP! The summoned minions of most bosses will give players a lot of Experience Points as they are special and can only be encountered for a limited time.

Shannah exclaimed in joy and cast [Chillbains] to slow down the enemy while lowering their morale. The enraged Goblins who were approaching him in scramble began to slow down, while the rest were already hesitating if they should attach Shannah or not.

As he perceived it worked very well, Shannah followed and used [Repears Mark] as the Enraged Goblins started to feel fear and attacking each other.

Even the Goblin King, a monster that is programmed to be viscous showed a shock expression looking at his minions riping each other apart while poison caused by Chillbains is slowly killing them.

[Enraged Goblin Killed +5000 XP]

[Enraged Goblin Killed +5000 XP]

[Enraged Goblin Killed +5000 XP]


Notifications popped up but Shannah is setting it aside for now because the boss has finally stood up. However, it's HP was already very low that with a few more seconds, it will eventually die.

Shannah ran again. He doesn't have any offensive attacks for now and only relied on his Damage Over time abilities. So what he can only do is a run and cast tactic.

It might seem like a boring battle but a strategy is a strategy. Not like those rich players who relied on items while they can effortlessly destroy every player and monsters simply by slashing their weapons everywhere.

It's HP bar started to decrease rapidly as the boss began to slow down its step and while puking blood. The Bleeding and Poison effects that stacked almost 20 times were too much for a beginner boss. What more is Shannah's BR is high because of the cosmetic he received and the advantage of having a special class.

And a few more steps, the boss finally fell with a 'thud' and a series of notifications popped up.

[Attention: Player Shannah Leafwalker defeated the Goblin King. Shannah Leaf Walker obtained the title of God's Speed, First Blood, and Solo Player. Greatly Increased his BR.]

[Congraulaions, you have level up!]

[Congraulaions, you have level up!]

[Congraulaions, you have level up!]

[Congraulaions, you have level up!]


A smile formed on his lips. It didn't excite him that much anymore about his name being announced in a game again because he is used to it.

Every game he played. Shannah's IGN is always being announced because of the achievements he can always accomplish

What thrilled him was the Titles! Because titles greatly increase his BR and status.

[God's Speed: A title awarded for the Player who killed a Boss Monster on the first day of the server opening. BR increase by 32,000]

[First Blood: A title awarded for the Player who accomplished to kill a Boss Monster than the rest of the players. BR increase by 46,000]

[Solo Player: A title awarded for the Player who killed a Boss Monster Alone. BR increase by 60,000]

"Even if I don't play for a month... No one could chase my BR..."

Exhaled Shannah as he repeatedly read the BR he gained. A player can only wear one title but the rest of the BR will still count. His level also increased to 35. Furthermore, he can finally have a sub-class.

Like what he said, even though he won't play for a month, no one can beat his BR. Maybe if rich young masters will pay players to hunt items for them or letting them last hit a boss, well, it might work.

"Oh, I forgot about what the boss dropped."

Shannah quickly checked his inventory, he set aside the amount of Gold Coins he obtained while his gaze landed on the eye-catching weapon.

(To be Continued)

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