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Chapter 7 - WARLOCK OF THE MAGUS WORLD FAN FICTION - Chapter 8 by Keetarp full book limited free

Chapter 8: Chapter 7


"This seems like a remnant of the Lowian's teachings. You actually lied to me?"

"How can this be?" The half-dead geezer hurriedly lamented. A flash of shock crossed his eyes, which immediately changed into a cajoling expression.

"Even if it is the Lowian's teachings, this assuredly belongs to Sir Rookmanst, a rank 2 Magus, 2 years ago, this same fragment was sold for 700 magic crystals. So, how about I sell it to you for that price?"

Leylin shook his head, " Lowian's teachings were written in an advanced-coded language. Only an official Magus will be able to decipher the code. Ordinary acolytes will definitely not be able to."

"Furthermore, although the contents were written in code, but their page numbers were written in the Angema language to make it more obscure!" Leylin pointed to the page number at the bottom.

"Look at this, it's only page number 12! According to , the first 30 pages of Lowian's teachings contained only records of his experiments, and insights penned when he was still an acolyte. Only when he turned into an official Magus, did he chance upon an inheritance and he began to display a terrifying talent! As for this overpriced page, the page number should at least be beyond 100 to be believable!"

"Transactions among Magi are based on the premise that the exchanged goods are equal in value. This derelict page of yours is not worth 700 magic crystals. According to my estimate, 70 is its highest asking price." Leylin concluded.

Yikes...Hahaha! Today's weather isn't bad!" The half-dead man tried putting up a front but finally gave in to Leylin's unwavering gaze.

"Alright, I never expected to meet a very erudite scholar! Take your pick then!"

" No need , I will just take this " Leylin bought the scroll .

[Beep! Analysis in progress! No comparable code found in the databank. Will require conjecture...Estimated time to completion: 93 days 13 hours!]

"Okay" Leylin simply walked his way into the higher level market with the help of the guide , He showed 10 High level Magic Crystals as proof and enter inside , making his way to the slave market.

Leylin wanted to stay in Extreme Night Town for around 2 years. He could not manage many things by himself.So he decided to buy slaves.

After all, they were all raised or controlled by Magi. This lent their owner better security and assured functionality.

"Sir! What do you think? Do you need a female slave for your bed?" Look, these are all good quality ones, some are even of the nobility.

A slave trader looked as Leylin walked forward. The slaver hurriedly patted the ample breasts of a group of female slaves behind him, which carried a rippling wave effect.

Behind him were a dozen utterly naked noblewomen. Their skin was extremely smooth, and their figures were quite vivacious. Even if they were slaves, their aura of nobility could not be stifled.

The trader smugly explained.

Leylin looked behind a noblewoman who was being dragged away. There was obviously a noble young lady standing there.

"How are they? Buy a couple, and it's up to you how you play them! After you're sick of them, you can use them for your experiments. Even if they die, it's not a problem!" The trader did his utmost to entice him.

Leylin shook his head, "Sure but I wish to purchase a few guards, preferably of a Knight's level. Also, I will need a few assistants for my experiments!"

"If it's like this!" The trader stroked his chin, "What you're looking for are premium slaves, and their price will be extraordinary! Of course, those who are able to enter here are customers with strength. Please follow me!"

Leylin walked behind the trader and saw many slaves. Some of them were well-built youths while some were still children. They were all staring outside from behind the fence looking fearful. From time to time a few Magi pointed at them or even walked forward to inspect them.

Leylin even saw a group of Magi surrounding a few beastmen and marine species slaves, bidding over them.

The trader pulled Leylin to a large tent, and called a fatty over, "This is my friend, Dylan. Right, he has some premium goods."

Leylin did not know what Dylan whispered to the trader, but after a while, the trader laughed heartily as he walked away. Only then Dylan smile towards Leylin and said, "Most respected guest, I have already understood your requirements! please follow me! "

Leylin followed Dylan into a large white-coloured tent.

A smell of incense inside permeated the air. It masked the musky unwashed odor of the slaves and various bodily excrement. Despite this, the atmosphere was much better than outside.

The slaves in here wore some thin clothes that could somewhat cover their private areas.

Dylan brought Leylin to a few extremely muscled guys, "They were all raised and taught by a Knight! How do they look? I dare say these definitely meet your requirement!"

Leylin nodded his head and walked towards a large bald guy, "A.I. Chip! Stat Scan!"

[Beep! Target's Strength: 3.1, Agility: 2.8, Vitality: 2.9, Spiritual force: 1.5. Status: Dowsed in neurotoxin!]

The other Knight level slaves' stats were more or the less similar. Leylin didn't bother to ask about their gazed state.

Dylan obviously noticed Leylin's strength before offering this batch of goods to him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"It's not bad, what's the price?" Leylin asked.

"100 magic crystals each!" Dylan replied.

Leylin nodded his head and picked out two with the best stats. After paying the magic crystals, he received a scorpion-like organism from Dylan needed to control them.

Dylan respectfully handed the box containing the scorpion's sting.

Leylin nodded his head and kept the box. "Also, I require a serving maid, one who can take on the role of assistant during experiments..."

As Leylin walked out of the market, two Knights wearing armour ,Two female slaves and a delicate yet pretty maid followed behind him.

According to Dylan, this maid received extensive training since she was young. She was more than capable to take on the role of an assistant for simple experiments. She met Leylin's requirements rather well. Moreover, she had taken the Mandara Flower's essence, which could counteract the radiation from a Magus. This kept her looking youthful.

The cost was her life span, which was shortened to only 30 years.

' She is not Anna, since I arrived earlier than Feng and she was brought recently at that time, it stands to reason she is not here but an establishment as big as this, how can they lack good slaves '

Leylin inspected this new slave, she had a pretty face, nice curves and blonde hair. She was pretty beautiful in every sense of the word.

In the end Leylin brought Two knights, one maid and two beautiful female slave for himself. He exited through the special way, provided by the market in exchange of some fees.

"Master!" The Knights, the slaves and the maid knelt and saluted him.

"I will assign names for you now, "You will be called Greem! He pointed to the larger Knight. "You will be called Fraser!" This was another Knight.

"You will be Rede! " Red haired Female slave . "You will be Shera! " Black haired Female Slave.

"As for you!" Leylin looked at the beautiful maid, "Anna will do!"

Thank you for granting us names, Master. We will loyally engrave it in our hearts!" The three subordinates knelt on the ground and kissed Leylin's shoe.

"Alright." Leylin waved his hands and got them to stand. He then looked at his surroundings.

"Greem! Go buy a horse carriage in the city, I'll wait for you here!" Leylin tossed a black purse to the larger Knight.

"Also, buy some goods for our journey, as well as some clothes!" Leylin instructed him.

Leylin has destroyed his chest of spell books and sold all his potions, His remaining possessions amounted to over 3000 magic crystals all in all. His luggage too was reduced by more than half. He could fit all of them in a knapsack. As for the camping items he used previously, he already destroyed them before going to the market to save himself the trouble of going back.

"Yes, Sir!" Greem took the money purse and bowed slightly as he was about to leave.

"Also, don't call me Sir from now on, Young Master will do!"

"We obey!" The five of them knelt on the ground.


Young Master!" Greem got down the carriage, and handed the money purse back to Leylin with both hands, "The carriage cost..."

"No need for further discussion." Leylin took it over, and then threw the money purse to Anna, "In the future you will deal with the finances, if there is not enough then ask me!"

"Yes, Young Master!' Anna carefully kept the money purse.

Leylin removed his disguise and went inside the carriage having all 3 ladies join him.

Leylin commanded, "Let's set off towards Eastwoods Province!"

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