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1.44% We Agreed to Brag Together, But You Secretly Dominated the World / Chapter 7: An Ambitious Plan for the Outer Sect Trial

Chapter 7: An Ambitious Plan for the Outer Sect Trial

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

"If Su Chen is really blessed with great providence, then the Great Mystery Sect may achieve better development in the future!"

Elder Xie thought to himself.

He was even more determined to invest in Su Chen.

Su Chen, who had left the Elders Hall in the outer sect, also heaved a sigh of relief.

To be honest, if Elder Xie had asked for more details, Su Chen would definitely have been exposed.

Because he hadn't thought of an excuse yet.

Fortunately, Elder Xie didn't ask further.

Su Chen was also happy to see this, anyway, he had passed the test of Elder Xie.

After returning to his thatched cottage, Su Chen sat cross-legged on his bed and carefully sensed the changes this time.

Entering the Forbidden Stage made his dantian even wider as if it had reached a certain limit.

Boundless spiritual energy filled every part of his dantian, and it was more condensed and uniform than before.

"Is this the legendary Forbidden Stage?"

Feeling the surging power in his body, Su Chen was a little excited.

Martial arts, weapons, and battle experience were all related to a cultivator's strength.

Before breaking through to the Qi Sea Realm, he could still improve himself in these aspects.

As long as he made good use of the system, his strength would soar in a short period of time, and his chances of taking revenge would also increase.

The jade slip that Elder Xie gave him not only contained information about the people blessed with great providence in the Everlasting Sect, but it also contained another piece of information.

That was, a small portion of the Everlasting Sect's disciples had methods to deal with the people blessed with great providence from the Great Mystery Sect!

Su Chen should have met them before, and the probability of meeting them next time was also very high.

In the beginning, they had only done it in secret, trying not to give themselves away. But now, they did it in the open.

The Great Mystery Sect also gave them a taste of their own medicine and formed a team to target the hot shots blessed with the great providence from the Everlasting Sect.

Since Su Chen survived this time and his strength increased greatly, he believed that the next time he met people from the Everlasting Sect, he would be attacked even more fiercely.

Even if he didn't seek revenge, the Everlasting Sect's disciples wouldn't let him go.

Therefore, increasing his own strength was always the most important thing.

"If I use the system properly, my strength will be able to increase rapidly… Right now, there's a suitable opportunity."

Su Chen exited his cultivation state and pondered silently.

In three days, the monthly outer sect trial would begin.

The outer sect trial was divided into three aspects: cultivation, actual combat, and talent.

After passing these three tests, one would be able to obtain the most precious reward that the Great Mystery Sect left for the outer sect disciples, and would also be promoted.

No matter which sect it was, the resources obtained by outer sect disciples were often not the best, and the sect would not give a large number of resources to the outer sect.

Therefore, many times, if the outer sect disciples wanted to obtain good resources, they had to complete sect missions.

The more difficult the sect's mission was, the more precious the reward would be.

For outer sect disciples, the only way to obtain high returns with low risk was the monthly outer sect trial!

However, not everyone could grasp this opportunity.

The minimum requirement of cultivation in the first test was the ninth level of the Qi Gathering Realm, and one could not be older than twenty years old!

Most of the outer sect disciples would be screened out in the first test.

Su Chen had absolute confidence in passing the trial, but his goal was not for the reward, but for the brags of others!

This was a very good opportunity, a chance to subtly hint at others to brag about him!

Although the system had clearly stated that he could not explicitly hint at others to brag about him, he thought that it would not have much influence.

Sometimes, it was easier to make people have a headcanon with a cryptic hint.

And the invisible headcanon was often the most effective!

The more headcanons people had about him, the more exaggeratedly they would brag about him, and the faster his strength would be increased.

Every outer sect trial would attract a lot of people, including disciples and inner sect elders.

If he could seize this opportunity, he would definitely be able to improve greatly.

However, the premise was that there were some of his loyal fans or fanatics among the crowd.

Only people who had trust in him would brag about him sincerely.

Therefore, in the three days before the outer sect trial, he did not plan to continue cultivating. Instead, he wanted to try his best to win more fans.

It was hard to achieve great improvement even if he kept cultivating day and night during these three days.

Since he was considered blessed with providence after his three adventures, it was best for him to build up his prestige, or rather, to increase the trust of some of his fellow disciples in him, and to lay a good foundation for the worship and brags of his future billions of believers in these three days!

[Blessed with great Providence: 69/10,000]

[Blessed with great Providence: 70/10,000]

The characters on the virtual interface jumped again.

Su Chen knew that the news of his three adventures had gradually spread among the outer sect disciples.

His fellow disciples, who had received his guidance and had trust in him, were willing to believe that he was blessed with great providence.

This was especially true for those newbies who had just joined the Great Mystery Sect not long ago and did not know too much about cultivation.

"How much I can improve will depend on my performance in these three days," Su Chen's eyes lit up as he whispered.

After that, he stood up and walked out of the thatched hut, preparing to start his ambitious plan of "developing believers" among the nearby outer sect disciples.

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