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The werewolf game.
I'm sure everyone has at least heard of it once.
If you haven't look it up. Or just read this story.
In the game there are people chosen to be werewolf the number depends on how many people are playing.
These werewolves are suppose to kill one person per night...without being found out...
People have heard of the game and found it interesting and after playing it with their friends they may download the app....werewolf.
It is a game played by everyone that joins the group.
But what people dont know is that they dissapear and if they do reappear they are tramatized for life.
Find out more and read this book

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I like it alot. Oh who am I kidding. I love the plot. I love how you made different point of views of both characters in different chapter while the other that I have read, Only have one point of view or very less info from the other one.

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It had so much potential. Worldbuilding, characters and story, I definitely liked it. There were enough chapters to treat it as a prolog and it was great. It's such a shame this story was dropped or at least seems like it

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