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75% What a Troublesome Life of Mine / Chapter 15: Different from others

Different from others - What a Troublesome Life of Mine - Chapter 15 by StoryTimeWithAsh full book limited free

Chapter 15: Different from others

Alan's P.O.V

After the crazy things I did last night(Refers to the fight they had outside the 24 hours open M&M restaurant), I woke up in the morning. I headed towards the Bathroom, freshened myself, wore my uniform which was a navy blue pant with white T-shirt and navy blue tie with white check design on it with My name tag and One line on it, indicating I am a first year student. I ran downstairs with my back-pack.

"Good morning Alan" Mom and dad said,

"Morning" I said in my usual tone.

"Did you sleep well last night?" Mom asked

"Yeah" I replied

"Good, Now listen, Tomorrow is your 18th birthday, and we will be celebrating it, How do you want it to be? and What do you want as gift?" Dad asked

"Oh? So you remember that? But from when did you care about my birthdays? What is the main matter?" I grumpily asked,

"Ah! Alan! Is this the way a rich and well-mannered person talk?" Mom asked, and I scoffed.

Suddenly a magazine fell on my foot that was on the table, I picked it up. ***' Mr song is back in our city! He is here with purpose to join his company with any other company and grow his business, Which lucky company would get the opportunity for this?", It was written on that magazine's cover page.

"So this is why you suddenly care about my birthday? Clear the thing." I said

"Ah! So you want it that way? Okay! Honey elaborate the plan" Mom said

"Son, This time we really wanted to celebrate your birthday and Mr song is also back, So we decided to invite him in the birthday and try to convince him for..." Dad said,

"For joining his company with ours?" I completed

"Yes" dad said

"So, my birthday is just a way for your progress? Great, I should've guessed that you don't give a damn about me"I said

"Son! Not my company, it's our company" dad said trying to convince me

"Honey! These birthdays and friends are nothing, They will only come and go, Friends just deceive you from your main goal and these birthdays and festivals just make you weak, Only your money will make you big and precious for others, Now look at me, I am mentally strong just because I don't believe in these things and The people you call friends are just with you for your money, Trust your mother, But if you still insist then we allow you to call your whole class on your birthday party tomorrow, we will send them invitations, okay?!" Mom said

"I don't want to be like you, greedy and obsessed for money" I said and left them their

They only use me! They really don't care about me. From the start, they have taught me this and kept me away from making any friends, Only Chris stick around me even after knowing about my parent's thought.

I rode my bike to school and met Chris outside, I gave him a high five, and we left for class. We kept our bag on our places in class and left towards basket ball court,

"Tomorrow is your birthday! What do you want as a gift?" Chris asked cheerfully.

"Nothing" I replied,

"You are always like this, You never tell what you want! You are fu*king rude to me dude" Chris said, I smiled in mind

"You are ready for the match?" I asked, But he was not listening,

"HEY!" I said while shaking him, I looked what is he looking at, and Of course it was Thia.

"Sup!" Thia said

"H-Hi" Chris said

"Going for Basketball match?" Thia asked

"Y-Yes" Chris said "You want to come and see?" Chris asked

"Not now, Ash is on her way to school, she just texted, I will come with her" Thia said

"Oh, okay. Be sure to come," Chris said, Thia agreed and left.

"Why do you fumble/hesitate so much?" I asked to Chris

"Dude, It's difficult, you never fell in love, that's why, you won't understand" Chris said with an irritated face and I smiled to my myself

We arrived at the basket ball court and started to play, few minutes passed and Thia and Ashley came, We were still playing, Between the game, Ashley's and mine eyes met, I looked at her eyes, and they were beauti.... AHH HH! SNAP OUT OF IT, I thought to myself and removed the eye contact.

After the match me and Chris went to them, Chris and Thia were having a conversation when I heard Thia say "Ashley also like basket ball", So she can even play basket ball? I challenged her to play basket ball, and she agreed, plus, I added a condition that she will not play with me or Chris but with someone else, She agreed, and I ran to Jackson. Jackson was with David the day, she threw basket ball at David.

"Jackson? You want to play a game with Ashley ?" I asked,

"Who is she?" Jackson asked, I pointed at her,

"Oh! Her?I will teach her a good lesson this time, I am pretty sure she still is as arrogant as last day, if she tried to mess with me,I will show her" Jackson said and Somehow, I did not like his words

"If you dare to hurt her intentionally or made her feel 'uncomfortable' around you, Then be ready for the consequences because I will be watching the whole game,Try to solve it all, saying as you are my friend" I said in an icy way, and he gulped and agreed.

The match started, and it was going pretty good and on the 4th match I noticed Ashley whispering to Jack something and something that made Jack shocked and behind from blocking the ball, Then saw them giving a 'high five'? Did they solve their problem? Good for them. Thia was cheering insanely for Ash and Chris was staring at Thia, Ah! This punk.

Now there was a situation they both (Ashley and Jackson) were standing in the middle of the court and I noticed Ashley losing her focus and in a worried face, Jackson took the opportunity and threw the ball in the basket. What's wrong with her? Did she see something?.

After this, In the next match, she was full of anger, and scored in a blink. The next match started, and she was again in the middle of the basketball court and threw the ball from there and scored!

"WOW! ALAN, ISN'T THIS YOUR SHOT?" Chris said in wonder

Usually, I would be the one to throw ball from distance and score, Next match was like this too, There was a moment when Ashley had the ball, and she was in the corner of the court in her side, and we were all tensed.

"What will happen now?" Thia said

"I don't know, but it's going to be difficult for Ashley" Chris said

I was about to say that she won't make it, but she gave me another surprise and threw the ball from the corner and everyone was looking at the ball and Thia gasped as the ball ended up going in the basket.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Thia shouted with top of her lungs in excitement. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Chris and Thia ran to her, while I went to buy some drinks. When I was coming back, I heard Joe(Davids brother) saying "We should first give her a demo, but who will be our puppet? Oh! How about her friend?" They laughed and then walked away. Who were they talking about?

I went back and congratulated Ashley and threw her drinks, We all drank it there and Sue(Susie), Jackson's girl- friend. She was wearing our uniform and said she would be In the same class as our, Then Jackson introduced Thia to her and then to Ashley.

"And she is...ah" Jackson said while introducing Ashley, He doesn't know her name?

"Ashley" I completed for him

"Then after a small chat, we decided that while Me, Chris, Thia and Sue will be at Cafeteria, Jack and Ash will change and then come to café.

In the café, We sat on a long table, I went to order coffee for everyone. I came back and sat down, suddenly Joe came and Pulled Thia with hairs, smacked her on the nearby table and threw her back. She fell down, Chris exploded and Ran to Joe, He held his collar and Me and sue sat next to Thia, Sue was asking if she is okay.

Ashley and Jackson entered the cafeteria, "SH*T" Thia mumbled. Ashley asked what was happening here and sue told her everything in short, She(Ashley) looked furious, Thia tried to ensure Ashley that she is fine, but she(Ashley) did not listen and walked towards Joe.

"Oh noo... " Thia mumbled. Ashley indicated Chris to calm down, and he did, WHAT? HE GOT CALMED BY ASHLEY? I thought, Ashley ordered Joe to apologize, Then Joe said something like Ashley is 'trying' to act tough and said that he (Joe) wondered that Ashley's most powerful punch can even scratch him? I snorted and everyone stared at me, I remembered how she smacked the faces of guy's last night. Ashley mocked Joe with words. Then Joe exploded and said-


"Oh No! This is terribly bad, This guy is dead meat" Thia said worriedly

"This is the most ruthless thing I have ever heard" Sue said

"No, Now you will see the most ruthless thing in the world" Thia said and as she completed I heard Joe scream, I looked and saw Ashley screaming at him and punching him insanely, and I could feel goose bumps in ME, She kind of looked scary.

The other guys tried to stop her,, but She is Ashley, No one can stop her easily. When she smacked the other guys and went towards Joe, He was holding a plate, A plate? Seriously?.

"Gosh! Her cold glare and mocking style is just like Alan, Fu*king scary" Sue said

Joe ran to hit Ashley with a 'plate', and Ashley blocked it easily and threw him to the wall and started to punch, and I could see tears coming in her eyes and how she was controlling it. Thia was still trying to stop Ashley, Thia could not stand up because when Joe threw her, her knee was hurt too.


Chris and Jack went to stop Ashley,, but they were not able to control her, I have to go. I went and stuck my arms under hers and pulled her behind and oh damn, she is strong, It was difficult to keep a hold, but I managed it somehow. To calm her I said

"Control yourself Ash" I said

"He already got what he deserved" I continued

"Calm down" I finished,

I said it with a really calmed tone, and eventually she relaxed, and I let her go. She was going to drink water,

"ASH CAREFUL" Jackson shouted,

"DIE YOU BIT*H" Joe screamed,

He had a plate in his hand 'again', He was trying to hit it on Ashley, I grabbed his arm twisted it and threw him to the wall and then punched him and gave him a warning. I looked behind and she (Ashley) was there, calm.

"Both of you are really alike," Sue said. Ashley and I stared at each other, without any expressions.

"Like, Ash also did the same and you both are short-tempered, You both have a fu*king scary gaze, You mock people down in a really cool way and..." Sue was about to continue, But Jack held her mouth and said,"Speak less".

Are we really Alike? I mean, we do have a short temper and cold gaze.

I suddenly noticed the wound in her hand from last night, "Your hand" I said,

"Hm?" Ashley mumbled

" Your hand's. wound, it's opened" I explained

She looked at her hand, and it was bleeding crazily "oh Sh*t" She said while removing the white cloth,

"You should go to the nurse" I told her

"Nah! I am fine, just going to tie this again, and it will be fine" She said

"If you do that, it will get infection" I said

"Nah, that doesn't apply to me" She said while continuing to tie it again, Is she crazy?

"Why? Are a super woman or something?" I said, She just glared at me, But she should know, I am more stubborn than her,

I grabbed her arms and started to pull her, I pulled her to the nurse, indicated the nurse and left after saying "If you dare to leave then be ready for the consequences" I said.


Sue- Did he(Alan) just talked to a girl himself first?

Chris-And was worried about her?

Jack- And touch her?

Thia-and pulled her?

Sue- Is this really our Alan?

Chris-I was about to ask the same thing!

Jack-I don't think so,

Chris-What on earth is happening?

Jack-And what's more weird is that the girl is Ashley

Thia-Someone who does not believe in love or boy friends!

Chris-Someone who only fights with Alan till now

Sue-But I am actually fine with that

(all of them look at Sue with serious face)

Sue-I mean at-least she is better than rose!

(Everyone agreed)

Chris-Do you think we should help him out a bit?

Thia-Hey! I know Ashley, She is not an easy nut to crack

Jack-But she is actually way better than others, I feel kind of free around her, Even though I wanted to teach her a lesson between the game.

Sue-And what was the reason you didn't

Jack-Alan told me not to, More like warned me not to

Chris-Okay, I am sure he does like Ashley, because he would never warn someone for someone, not even for me

Thia-But I guess he doesn't even know that He really Likes Ashley himself

Sue-What do you mean?

Thia-I mean, He fights with her and tries to keep distance with her to convince himself that he doesn't care, Even though he does care.

Chris-You mean we have to show that he does care?

Thia-Kind of

Sue- Oh My God~~~! This is going to be fun.

Jack-Take me in

Sue-I am in

Chris-Me too

Thia-me too.


Alan's P.O.V

I came back and saw everyone was staring at me.

"Is everything okay?" I asked in my usual tone,

"Yeah! How is Ashley?" Jackson asked

"She is with the nurse" I replied

"Alan, from when did you start to care about someone?" Chris asked and suddenly everyone crossed their arms and gave a big smile and started to move their eyebrows up and down, What the heck were they doing?

"What do you mean?" I asked

"Come'on, Thia also is hurt"Sue said

"So?" I asked

"OMG? Take her to the nurse too," Sue completed, and they gave me that weird smile. Wait! Are they thinking that...

"You guys are crazy to think that, I just felt pity for what happened to her in the past" I said, but I really felt like I was lying but never mind, that's the truth.

"What happened in her past?" Sue asked Thia

"I'll explain you later, It's a long story" Thia said to Sue

"Alan, I know you the best, You never pitied on me, so why her?" Chris said

I was about to answer, but Ashley came, and they all were normal suddenly.

Now we were on our way to class, Why did I care? Was it really out of pity? I don't know, It just felt like.

We entered the class and everyone was staring at Ashley, All of us (Thia, Ashley. Jack, Sue,Chris and I) were confused, I went to my desk and noticed that Bad comments were written on Ashley's desk, Rose came and started to speak. I noticed Thia going out of class, Chris and I stare at each other not knowing what to do, Thia came and gave a wet hankie to Ashley and Ashley cleaned the bad comments, Then she walked to Rose and said her something, Then Rose said back and Ashley mocked her.

I am pretty sure that rose did that because she thinks that Ashley and I have something between us, and that's not true, Miss. Jules was teaching us right now and Rose was glaring at Ashley and Ashley did not care.

Ashley is different from others.


Will Chris, Thia, Jack and Sue be able to make Alan realize that he really likes Ashley?

Will thia actually end up falling in love with Chris after thia

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