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100% Why So Seriousaa? / Chapter 1: Y Is Life So Injustice?

Y Is Life So Injustice? - Why So Seriousaa? - Chapter 1 by Shri_Ekaagrah full book limited free

Why So Seriousaa? Why So Seriousaa? original

Why So Seriousaa?

Author: Shri_Ekaagrah

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Chapter 1: Y Is Life So Injustice?

It's a story about a person whose name is Haridas. He is a mysterious man with a height that of 6 feet tall. He looked like a man with a motive and vision with his full dark eyes and brown hair. He was a little fat and he didn't have two fingers on his left hand. He loosed it when he was about the age of 5. He used to be an extremely chaotic child. So once he was playing with an electric fan and he thought that he can easily stop with his hands. He concentrated for 5 min where the blades were running and finally when he thought he found a grey area where he could use the hand to stop it easily he just inserted his finger into running fan and hence lost his fingers.

So, Haridas was a person of will and honestly. Once he was coming with his girlfriend and there he saw that his girlfriend was driving fast so he stopped her in the middle of the road and ask her to pay a penalty to the cop for breaking the traffic rules.

Haridas works at the coffee shop where he is very loved by his friends and employees. He is very kind and careful. He has a wife and two kids with whom he wanted to live the rest of his life.

In a coffee shop even though he is people's favourite many of them get jealous of him. He has the personality of Warrior peoples.

One night when he was going home after his work, he saw some bizarre light in the street. It was mysteriously moving towards somewhere. He followed it but after some periods it was lost. He thought about this bizarre light till he arrived at his home. And suddenly when he opened the door of his house he saw blood on the sofa. He got scared and screamed his wife name haridasi where are you, my love. He screamed more loudly but he couldn't find her he saw her everywhere but they were missing. Suddenly he heard some sounds from the bathroom. He opened the door with some fear on his face he was thinking what if they are killed? What if they are kidnapped or raped? He was praying to God for their safety. Then with this same thought, he opened the door of His washroom. He could see blood in the washbasins. He saw his wife is dead and was in the bathtub along with his daughter. He fainted at the very moment. Everything was black for him and he fell. Suddenly after some time, he heard the voice calling to him Haridas Haridas. When he opened his eyes he saw that his wife and his family were alive. They picked him up and put him in bed. Haridasi told him that they were just fooling around but it turned out he had fainted for real. He first got mad at them but afterwards, he was laughing at the gig remembering the foolish incident where he thought ketchup was blood.

Now that they are safe he took them to the restaurant. While on the way his daughter harisevika said to him that she saw some strange white light inside her room and when she opened the closet it was...

Before she could speak there Car got an accident with another car. His wife and son were ok but his daughter was bleeding. He immediately took her to the hospital. The doctor immediately started to operate on her. Her mother and brother went to the temple to pray for her recovery. Her mother tried to banter about her life with her daughter. She was afraid and tired at the same time. So she slept waiting for her daughter's recovery news. While they were praying. Haridas was anxious to know what that bright light was all about. He knew something strange was about that white light because when harisevika wanted to explain to him what that light was she met an accident. And not only that even when he wanted to share about it with his family they pranked him before he could convey that. Which made him Confused and forgetful due to which he couldn't share about that light.

Now he was so much curious to know about that light and why did it only appear in front of his and his daughter's eyes.

He again begins his journey from where he started. He went to his shop and started to walk in the direction from where that light might have arrived and where did it go. He followed that path beginning with the traffic light above which he saw that light appearing that he got to the road next to where that light got disappeared.

But he couldn't find anything this time. He thought that maybe he was wrong about that light. So he was about to go to the hospital suddenly he got an idea about the light appearing in his daughter's room. So he rushed into his house to find the reality of that light. He was about to enter his house, but then he remembered that he had locked up the door and didn't bring its key. He got aggrieved with himself and was about to withdraw then unexpectedly he saw light coming out of his daughter's room. He marched into the front door and found it to be opened. He was very anxious and tensed thinking about what could be there in the room. He took the gun out of his drawer and slowly went to the room. He opened the door he saw someone using his daughter's lavatory and loudly said get out, or I will shoot you. Then all of a sudden his wife came off the lavatory. He looked at her and said what were you doing here? She replied that she thought of donating harisevaka's toys to some orphan hoping that she might get their blessings. They both looked at each other cried and hugged. After crying Haridas said to her that everything will be ok and they have to get strong for their children. Both then get into the car. Haridas remember that he saw that light in the room. He didn't say anything to his wife because he didn't want to make her worried. So he said to her that he has to go somewhere else. Haridasi was furious at him thinking that he didn't care about his family. He then consoled her and sent her to the hospital.

Now he moved to his daughter's room to find some clue. He looked everywhere but couldn't find any clue about that light. He opened the closet of his daughter and to his surprise there was nothing.

He was more curious to know about the light. He went to the basement and searched for that light but couldn't find anything. He thought that "What good is a man if he can't even save his family".

Disillusioned he then went to a night bar. He ordered the drink and was still thinking about that light and what could be the reason and relation between the light appearing and his daughter's accident? What was the reason for that light to appear in front of only us? Where can I find that light again? Is that an alien? No alien doesn't exist. But what if they do exist and want to kidnap us. What if they are going to kill us? "I will be persistent till my energy merges into the Cosmos" But why should they do that we have nothing wrong at all? Oh, I think I am thinking too much. Alien doesn't exist so it can't be that. Maybe it was some spirit that wants to talk to me or harisevika. Yes, it must be some spirit and it got angry because we didn't respond to it with much respect and love, I guess. But no one does that after all, they are spirits. Everybody is scared of something they don't know or are familiar with its human nature. They should have known it, after all, they were Human before they were spirit.

Oh no no no no, I shouldn't be thinking too much about such things. Am I going mad or this is because of that light? Suddenly strange thought appeared in his mind that it must be his imagination. But how can imagination be so clear? If it's my imagination that happened to be as clear as reality then is my whole existence just another imagination. After all, I am just a piece of information gathered by memory. So, it can be true that my existence is a dream and if so then anything I do is just another scene in the drama.

He stopped thinking at all for sometimes and when he came to his senses again he asked for more Vodka but they refused him saying that he had already drunk too much for now. He said that he can handle more but then he puked at the table and they throw him out of the bar. He realised that while he was busy thinking he got so much into the future and past that he forgot about the present moment and couldn't handle it.

Now that he was thrown out of the bar and he was drunk enough to barely walk properly. He couldn't do anything at all. He decided to sleep on the pavement tonight. Unexpectedly he saw that light was coming to him. He first thought it was an illusion but that light didn't stop at all. Then somehow he got his awareness back and started to follow that light completely. The light went through the tunnel to a strange road where everyone was looking like some blood-sucking vampire. He saw that light stopped in front of one door. That door had a Snake picture in it. It had 7 locks and was very different. Suddenly that light disappeared. Now he had some thoughts coming around that door what is it? To whom it belongs? Will it be safe to go there? I think I should try once after all it's about my daughter's life. He saw that door 7 locks and tried to open it. He first used his all power to open it, he used a stick, he used small pins to open it, he did everything he could but he couldn't open it. 

At last, he failed to open. He was sad and he thought that "Just like a question without an answer is incomplete A Lock without a key is incomplete" so he remembered one movie where this kind of door was opened through some magical spells so he said oh magical door please open it I don't know how to open you so I surrender to you. The moment he said that door started to get unlocked. First, the base lock got unlocked and then all started to open upwards. He saw some light coming through that door towards his head and then it makes some kind of flower tattoo in his head. He then peeped into the hole and saw the sword coming to his eyes. He got fearful and suddenly woke up. He was still in the street sleeping on the pavement, full of sweat and dirt. He stood up cleaned himself and went to a restaurant to eat. He ordered pizza and beer. While ordering that he was thinking about that bizarre dream. His wife called him and asked where was he. She blasted him because of his immaturity towards his family. To his surprise, Haridas was behaving very normal as if nothing had happened at all. He said the truth that he was in a search of that strange light which appeared last night. Haridasi was confused and said that it must be coincident so he shouldn't bother much about it, He hung up the phone. He then went to

give money but found that his wallet was missing. Maybe some thief got it he calmly said. Then he smiled at the woman at the counter and ran away from there. Now, when he was running cop got him and took him to the station. They asked him what is his name? He said, Hari. They asked him where are you from? He replied Earth I guess. They punch him in the face for making fun of them and kept him in the Cell. He was very furious with that cop and said I wish u will die very soon. He said  "Judgement based on appearance makes people blind for reality" While he was in jail haridasi was in the hospital with her son and daughter alone. She was feeling helpless and very frustrated. On one hand, her daughter was in the hospital and on the other hand, her husband was not there at all. She was going towards a nervous breakdown. Nothing was going according to her desire. She remembered the time when she was in love with her husband and they had a great life altogether. She remembers when harisevika was born and the amount of happiness they had. The doctor calls her and sees went to see what's the matter. The doctor said that while their previous round in hospital Harisevika was still there but somehow she was missing from the hospital. Haridasi was very frightened and starts to search for harisevika. She called Haridas but the phone was busy. She doesn't know what to do. She had no idea at all she was so frustrated that she wanted to jump out of the building. When she thought of doing suicide than her daughter's face arrived in front of her eyes and she couldn't even do suicide." What good is life if expectations can't be a reality" she said. So she somehow gathers all the courage and went to the police station for a report of her daughters missing case. She went to the police station and start reporting her missing daughter and also wanted to search for her husband. She arrived at the police station and start to report the file. Police asked what is the name of the child? She said Haridasi. Police replied that you said haridasi was your name right? She corrected and said oh sorry haridasi is my name and harisevika is my daughter's name. Ok, madam please drink some water and say everything in calmness. She said about the incident and cried while explaining it. The policemen were very pitiful to her. And he asked her husband if she has one or she is divorced? Since yesterday even he is missing his name is Haridas she said. Police said ok we will even search for him as soon as possible. Don't worry madam. When haridasi was about to leave she saw a man with Red Shirt and torn jeans. He was pretty resembling Haridas. But she couldn't see his face because of his hoodie. She asked the cop if that person name Haridas. He said no. His name is, his name is. Wait a minute I forgot his name let me see it in the report. Oh, his name is Hari. Immediately she said he is my husband. Police replied but you said his name is Haridas, not Hari. So the police called Haridas by his name, And he saw back. Madam, is he your husband? Yes sir indeed. Why is he here? He didn't pay money in a restaurant and ran away. She said I will pay on his behalf please let him go, sir, he is my only hope. Officer thought for some time and said ok if you say so, anyway he was going to be free by evening.

Haridasi and Haridas saw each other and hugged. Haridasi sobbed and said him about Harisevika is missing from Hospital. On the contrary, Haridas replied in a very casual way by saying that don't worry everything is going to be alright. She couldn't believe how could he be so casual about it, she thought. But again she thought he had gone through a lot because of which he was showing this kind of behaviour.

So, now they both started to search for harisevika. Haridasi went towards the garden and Haridas went towards the house. Haridasi took harisevika's picture and started to ask whether anyone has seen her or not? She asked every person she met in the park or the street. She asked with every child thinking they might have seen her. One child does say that he had seen her. Where had you seen her?  Answered back seeing her on the Hospital side. Now haridasi ran again towards the hospital. While going towards the hospital she saw Haridas in the street. She inquired what are you doing here? He said buying new clothes for himself because the old one was turned. Haridasi couldn't understand his relaxed behaviour when so much was happening in their life. She said do whatever you like I m going to find my daughter. Someone had seen her in the hospital area so, he rushed towards the hospital and asked nurses and other patients whether they have seen her. To which one of the Nurse replied that she is in room 350. There was water coming from outside of the room where she was previously so they shift to room 350. Haridasi took a deep breath of relief. But why didn't u informed me? When I was about to inform you. No one was there in the waiting room Nurse replied.

Haridasi went to the room and saw her daughter safe.

Meanwhile, Haridas was in his friend house and haridasi called him to give news of harisevika being found. To which he said I somehow knew she was safe. Haridas said to haridasi that he will take care of their son Harihar so don't worry about him. When Haridas was talking about Harihar he remembered how because of his finger people no led and bullied him throughout his life. Which led to his self-doubt and self-hatred patterns. Not only him but also Harihar had suffered because of his finger.

One day Haridas went to his son's school to take him. When he went in front of him Harihar ran swiftly outside of school it was unusual so Haridas ran after him. He asked the son what's the matter? But he didn't reply he again asked the son what's the matter tell me? After some minutes he caught Harihar and asked what happened why are u running? Harihar replied you should never come here again. Why? He asked because they bully me saying that you have no fingers. They call me a son of handicapped. "Never let others decide Image of yourself," he said. But since that day Haridas never went to his school again. But for some reason since last night he didn't felt any guilt or shame for his fingers at all.

So, Haridas now went to his son's school after a long time. While on his way he saw some troops marching in the road. He was fascinated like others and thinking what could it possibly be? He finally asked one person for his curiosity. What is this March for? The random person said One Big officer of Police from our City has just died an hour ago with a Heart Attack.

Haridas said ok may he get Liberation. He resumed his journey toward Harihar's school. He stopped at the bar where he spent last night. And he promptly remembered what happened last night. He couldn't recollect what he was thinking while he was in the bar. But one thing was for sure that since last night I got changed somehow. He thought should I go back again? I think I should meet with the owner and say sorry about yesterday. So, he then went to the bar and straight to the owner. When he saw him, he said why are you here again? Haridas said very gently whatever I did was because of my delusions please forget everything that happened. I have already forgotten it though. The owner said Since you are here to say sorry I will forgive you. Haridas furiously said I didn't ask for your mercy of forgiveness I asked for forgetness. When you say I forgive you it means that you judge that I'm wrong and you are right. But when you forget everything then only you can see things as it is without judgements. The bar owner understood that he was not right so he admitted his mistake and they both Forgot all the bad past they had. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

After that Haridas again continued his journey. He then saw a strange man with his wallet he chased him. That person was going towards the next road and while turning he saw Haridas. The thief memorized Haridas face and ran away. Haridas also ran before him, he hunted him to his room and finally took him down. The thief was terrified and started to beg him mercy for his life and his daughter's life. He explained that he has only one daughter and she had nothing to eat so he stole Haridas's Wallet to fed her. He said please trust me I am not fabricating. To this Haridas said that deep down I know you are right and I trust you. I am not going to do anything to you it's just that my wallet had my identity card which I wanted. Give me that and go back. The thief confessed that I am afraid that your Identity was destroyed yesterday itself. There was a moment of silence and Haridas said it's ok anyway I will my New Identity.

Haridas then remembered that he didn't take any leave from his shop today. So maybe they are waiting for his arrival. Understanding his responsibility towards them he went to take leave. He reached to cafe asked his friend for his boss. Got to know that his boss was on bed rest. So the new manager was his wife. He went to her cabin. When he saw her face he found it was no one but his old girlfriend. Both of their memory came alive. They both saw each other in shock and embracement. She said Haidas why did you come here? He said I was meant to ask you this question you Hariputri. She said this is my office. My husband is sick so I am here to control his office on his behalf. Silence had eaten the room for a moment but both of them became comfortable with each other. Haridas do you remember how we used to bunk the college." Memory makes dead, alive" she said. Yes, I do and also how you used to get verbal spanking by the teacher at Day and Physical Spanking by me at Night. Oh, sorry I forgot that we are not together anymore. Hariputri said thanks to you, sipping coffee she replied. What thanks to me? Are you out of your mind? I got depressed by you for a year thanks to haridasi if she wasn't there I would not have been out of it anymore. You were the one who sends me a letter confessing the cheating you did I just send you to reply to that letter. And who is this Haridasi? She is Sneya, she changed her name to haridasi after marrying me. Like I did before marrying you hariputri said. She was the one who never left me. Sneya? She was the one who said that who cheated me with her. She came to confess that she had a night with you and she felt guilty about it. What? Are you serious? Asked Haridas. She said yes that bitch made us apart and married you. Haridas said but you also got married to someone else. Yes because I had no other options. And this whole time I thought you cheated me. Sometimes I remembered you but again thought of your cheating. Haridas said tell me do you still love me? She said yes but now we are married. Haridas said it's about love, not marriage. Your husband is cannot give you love the way I can and haridasi cheated me with her false love. And "Deep Suppression of Desires brings Depression". So let us get together. Hariputri was feeling Ice and Fire both within her. But till she could decide anything Haridas grabbed her and kissed her. She companies him and they both had a good make-out session. Hariputri didn't want to leave him but Haridas convince her that he will come to her once his daughter is ok. Haridas and Hariputri both give each other kisses and hugs.

Haridas then took permission with her to get leave and then went to take his son from school.

Haridas say goodbye to all his friends and thought I got whatever he wanted with life. For some reason, I think I don't need anything from my life. While having this thought he finally reached school. He waited till school time was over. He was very confident but once when he saw his boy coming out of school his old patterns came over to hunt him down. He started to think again that will he see me and run again? Is he still embarrassed with me? But then he thought oh why should I worry about it. Let him do what he wants I will make him understand. Finally, Harihar came out of school and saw his father. He had a stoned face when he saw his father. He walked slowly towards his dad. Eventually, he smiled at him and said papa you are here. Haridas laughed his guts out and hugged his little boy. Hey, boy what's up?  Great Papa. Suddenly, Haridas insecurities with his chopped finger were completed and now he felt free like a bird. Then he thought "Seems like when inner securities are challenged by fear then insecurity arises" She saw Harihar's face and asked what do you want son? Harihar said papa I want to eat pizza. He said but you didn't like it, right? Yes, papa but I want to eat it Now. Ok boy, wait here until I come. He went to the shop and ordered pizza. He then saw his son was not there he searched him everywhere but he vanished.

Haridas said God please bring back my son. I have no other wish. Suddenly he saw his son walking with another woman. He furiously got there and asked her who are you? When she showed her face it was his wife who came to get Harihar.

Haridas finally was in bliss he kissed his son and said never do that again. His wife was uninformed of what had happened then Haridas explained her situation. She told him not to hide anything again with anyone. Haridasi is very emotional with everything that had happened for 2 days. She was talking to Haridas about their suffering and then she realised that she was talking alone with no one. She moved around to see her husband and to her shock, he had fallen into the ground and dogs are licking his face full of blood his Skull was wide open like a coconut.

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