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100% WIDOW / Chapter 16: 16. “I KNOW WHO THE KILLER IS!”

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Chapter 16: 16. “I KNOW WHO THE KILLER IS!”

Dinner went well. After the dinner Usman asked Hashim about the meeting he had asked for before. Hashim led him to the balcony. When they entered the balcony, a scene appeared in front of Hashim's eyes. This was the same balcony where Zain had stood when Taimoor was killed, this was the same balcony where he stood when Mehak was murdered, this was the same balcony where he stood when his mother had died. He had always came here whenever he was sad, whenever he needed solace. They both had shared their best and worst moment here at this balcony. Now standing there without his best friend, Hashim was missing him a lot.

"So I wanted to tell you about the case." Usman said.

"I know every little detail of this case." Hashim replied, staring in the darkness of the night.

"Well that a mere wishful thinking." Usman smiled.

"Wait a minute. You read the case details from a file. Right?" Hashim turned towards him.

"Yeah." Usman nodded.

"I witnessed each and every minor detail." Hashim said, "So technically, that's not a mere wishful thinking. I really know every detail." He said.

"I can prove that." Usman challenged, a mischievous smile on his face.

"Prove it." Hashim accepted.

"I know who the killer is. Do you?" Usman asked. Hashim backed of a little.

"Who is the killer?" He asked, his voice so slow that Usman had to lean towards him to hear what he said. After hearing the question, he took Hashim by his arm and led him to the chairs placed there in the balcony.

"Let's sit down and talk about this." he said. "Do you remember when Mr. Zain asked you about the old man when you guys brought the body of Taimoor at the villa?"

Hashim nodded at the question.

"Do you remember when Mr. Zain told you that the fact that Mr. Ubaid is Maimoona's father never bothered him before like it did him then?"

Hashim just looked at him dumbfounded.

"And do you remember when Mr. Zain showed the whole family a button from the coat of the killer?"

"Yes." A  voice came from behind, startling them both as they both turned to look back. Humna was standing there, tears forming in her eyes, telling them both that she had comprehended the information.


"I swear I did not mean to tell anybody apart from Hashim." Usman said, talking over the phone. "I did look around before starting to tell him.. I don't know when did she came there."

"Okay what do I do now?" He asked after a long pause, listening to the man on the other side of the call. Now he was talking in low mumbles.


Usman had left after the meeting at the balcony. Khalil had noticed the change in Humna's behaiviour. He went to her room after everybody had left. The door of the room was open. Khalil stood there for a moment watching her as she was sitting on her bed, deep in thought. Her behavior was worrying him. He cleared his throat to gain her attention.

"Baba! What are you doing there? Come in." She said, smiling and making place for her father on the bed.

"How are you?" He asked, once he sat there.

"I don't understand?" She looked at him, confused.

"Are you alright?" He asked again.

"I don't know baba." She shrugged.

"Is this about Usman? Did he say something to you?" He asked softly.

"About what?"

"I don't know, about anything." Khalil said. Humna sighed, she got what her father was thinking.

"No, he didn't say anything." She shook her head.

"Then why are you behaving so odd since he left?"

"It's nothing." She tried to convince him by smiling at him, but her smile didn't reach her eyes.

"Why does everybody keep hiding things from me?" He said, irritated.

"Okay. I will tell you everything when the time will come. But be positive it's not about Usman or any other guy." She put her hand on his father's forearm and then her head on his shoulder.

"A proposal came for you." Khalil told her.

"What? Who?" Humna asked, raising her head.

"Haris. He asked me. I want you to think about it. Decision is yours." He said and went out of the room, leaving Humna sitting on her bed stunned.


Moona was sitting in her office arranging some files she had to give her boss when her office door opened.

"Can I talk to you after office? It's necessary." Shanzay asked.

"Sure. Why not! Is everything okay?" Moona asked.

"No, nothing is okay. I will tell you." Shanzay said as Moona nodded and got back to her work.

Later that day, they both were sitting in the lawn of the villa.

"Now tell me what is wrong?" Moona asked her.

"It's my father, we had a fight yesterday."

"Why?" Moona asked picking up her cup of tea.

"He wants me to cut off with your family which I cant." Shanzay replied.

"Why would he say that?"

"I don't know. He just hate Khalil Bhai.

"Well that's not new." Moona smiled.

"What do I do now?" Shanzay asked.

"So you told him that you will not leave us."

"Yes. Also I am in search of an apartment but you know I cant get any apartment soon."

"I have an idea." Moona got straight in her chair.

"What?" Shanzay asked, leaning towards her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!%E2%80%9D_47677813561555887">!%E2%80%9D_47677813561555887</a> for visiting.

"Me and you can live in my house together." She said excited.

"But Khalil Bhai.." Shanzay looked towards the villa.

"I can handle him. Don't worry." Moona said.

"You can handle whom?" Salma asked as she sat with them.

"Your husband." Moona smiled at her.

"Yes, only you and his children can handle him." Salma nodded. Shanzay chuckled at her reaction while Moona got up to go inside to Haniya.


"Are you in your senses?" Khalil said, shock written on his face. They were all having dinner together at the villa. Usman was also present as he was Zain's assistant in this case.

"I think this is a great idea." He said looking towards Moona approvingly.

"Thank you." Moona said looking at Khalil matter of factly.

"But this is too dangerous. It's like open invitation for them." Hashim said.

"I will agree with phupho." Yumna said.

"I will not give you permission of moving out of the villa." Khalil said.

"But Bhai I am just moving to my own house." Moona protested.

"What about Haniya and Saud? Where will they go?" He asked.

"With me of course!" Moona replied.

"And when you will be at office, where then?" Khalil asked.

"I'll drop them here."

"It will be very difficult for you Moona." Khalil tried.

"Life is pretty difficult Bhai!" She sighed.

"Okay then, As you wish." Khalil said.

"Thank you." Moona said, her face beaming with the thought.

"Just be careful." Hahsim said.

"Oh I will."

"I will arrange some security for you." Usman said.

"That's good. I want her safe. Okay?" Khalil said.

"Don't worry." He replied.


Next day after breakfast, Hashim got out from the Villa when a taxi stopped there. Shanzay came out of the car.

"Hey What are you doing here?" Hashim asked, smiling at her.

"I just came here to say hello to everybody." She smiled.

"Well. Everybody is inside." Hashim motioned towards the building.

"Where are you going?" She asked.

"The Graveyard." Hashim replied.

"Can I come?" She asked.

"What will you do there?" Hashim asked.

"I'll do whatever you'll do." Shanzay shrugged.

"Okay." Hashim chuckled and gestured her to sit in the car. They both remained silent all the way to the graveyard. Shanzay had silently observed Hashim as he leaned over a grave to even the soil. He was silent. His expressions were grave. Curiously Shanzay turned to read the name on the grave. It said:



Zain was laying in his bed silently, staring at the roof of his room. It had been a week since he had left Lahore. At that time he had thought that he had made a right decision but now deep down he was regretting. He was missing them all. With a sigh he looked at the clock, it was 7 am in the morning, Everybody will be having their breakfast in the villa. He thought. A scene appeared in the memory box of his brain as he smiled at the vision.

Two cars entered from the gates of the Villa. From the first car came out Zain, wearing a black jeans and black shirt, while from the later came out Hashim in simple jeans and white shirt.

"Salam everybody." They both greeted to Khalil and his daughter Yumna who were standing in the lawn where the dinning table had been set.

"Wasalam. Long time no see, Zain!" Khalil chuckled as Zain hugged him.

"Don't get him started Bhai on his business in Islamabad." Hashim groaned.

"Actually. I wanted to come but Hashim came to Islamabad so my plan got canceled." Zain explained.

"Oh hey Zain. My brother!!" A happy scream came over as they turned to see a handsome Taimoor coming their way.

"Oh God. Where have you been?" He asked hugging him. This was a routine breakfast at the Villa as Zain had came to Lahore on a weekend.

"I was busy." He replied.

"How's job?" Taimoor asked.

"It's great. I just miss you." Zain said.

"Ahhh! Those were some amazing days." Taimoor sighed.

"Yes they were. Now look Apaa is coming this way." Hashim said. Zain turned and greeted her cheerfully.

"Hey Taimoor, Where is Moona?" Salma asked, worried for her pregnant sister in law,

"She is home. She was not feeling well. But don't worry she will come after sometime." Taimoor replied casually. But Salma's reaction was not casual.

"What??? You left her on her own? What if something happen??" She asked with her hands on her back.

"Oh my dear wife! Nothing will happen to her. Your sister in law is very strong." Khalil smiled affectionately at his wife.

"Actually she sent me here forcefully as Zain was coming. So I had to come. You know I can't say NO to your sister in law" Taimoor explained. Yumna, who was entering in the lawn, smiled at his expressions.

"Amma, have you decided to serve us the burnt NIHARI?" She said to her mother, coming towards their way.

"Oh I forgot." Salma rushed inside as Khalil smiled at her daughter's intelligence.

"Thanks." Taimoor looked at Yumna for saving him.

"Anytime Taimoor Bhai." Yumna smilled.

After lunch Zain had came out from the lawn as he had some work in the city. When he was about to open the door of his car, he saw a girl entering from the main gate. She had a fair complexion, her eyes were blue and had golden hair. Zain noticed that she was very beautiful. Suddenly Zain's eyes diverted to her body which was covered with a huge black shawl. In the thousandth moment of the second he knew who the girl was. So he quickly looked away but the girl had noticed as there were expressions of disgust on her face. She glared at Zain and went inside leaving him dumbfounded.

That was the first time Zain had seen Moona and lost control over his heart. And that was the reason Zain had never visited Lahore again until Taimoor was dead.


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