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29.41% Wife is Delicious- a tale of chasing romance / Chapter 5: Chapter 6:Getting the guy angry,adding oil to the fire 3

Chapter 5: Chapter 6:Getting the guy angry,adding oil to the fire 3

Why is she hugging his sacred leg? He's not her toy!

How much he wished he could go back in time and humbly chose one of those who sacrificed even their beauty and some cultivation just to get to him. That way he would be free from this lady. But the reality is harsh as there's no medicine for regret.

"Idol! Don't leave me. I love you, I love your music, all about you. I'll do anything you want. I can even be your slave."Theresa continued to mutter in her half-awake state. Then the next thing was to rub her face against his left leg and fall asleep. Just like that!

Now the handsome mister tried best not to explode.

"You hugged my sacred leg, now I've become your pillow?" all he wanted to do now was destroy her, but the contract... The evil contract!

Masters of contracted pets are not to be killed or hurt by their pets.

"So that means no matter how annoying she is I must praise her?" he wasn't happy with this at all but after 10 seconds he lifted her up, bridal style and took her towards the bed.

But the moment he placed her on the bed she opened her eyes, now fully awake. It stunned both for a few seconds with different thoughts running in their minds.

"Boy! Did the mistress just wake up? What to do? I can't possibly tell her I found her sick in an Iceland right" his thoughts were in disarray.

Meanwhile, Theresa was very shocked to see a guy's face so close to her.

" He's so handsome, though not as an idol. Wait! this guy wanted to take advantage of you while unconscious. Does he think he'll go scot-free? Theresa defense mode activate,"

Following her thoughts, she raised her formerly feeble right hand that already formed a fist and landed six successive blows to his beautiful face.

"I'm not done yet," she thought

The man quickly avoided her when he saw another blow coming.

Gosh! What was happening to him? He's been caught unawares by this woman twice, and it's never for good.

Touching his cheek left cheek that was now red and swollen he felt like his world had ended.

"My face. My beautiful face" he screamed, his shoulders trembling.

"Hold it, man! Don't let her vex you further. Do nothing rash, boy," he thought as he backed away from her.

Theresa got down from the bed but couldn't stand properly and fell. She no longer felt any pain at her abdomen but still had a slight headache. Now her head was clear, she must analyze the situation very well.

"You dare try to eat my tofu,"

"What tofu? You don't have any tofu. Your such a wicked woman..." he couldn't complete his statement as his hands slapped his face.

Seeing this, it stunned Theresa.

Why is he slapping himself? Wasn't he insulting her just now? What the heck was occurring?

"Hey, mister man! Why are you slapping yourself? Oh, you're regretting insulting a woman or is it because you fear my background?" she asked with a smile.

"Damn you, lady, damn you" the man cursed as his hands finally stopped slapping him in the face.

"You demoness, you dare to command me to slap myself?" the man asked in a deep voice.

It shocked Theresa.

"I did? But I didn't even mutter a word or command. Besides, what power do I have to make him slap himself? Or is he trying to shift the load unto me or reduce his shame or something?" Theresa thought, unable to lay a finger on what the man had just said to her.

"I made you slap yourself? But I didn't even say the word."Theresa said to him. But all he gave as a reply was to launch a fireball towards her.

To say that Theresa was scared was an understatement.

The deceased Han Fei Fei had fireballs, and she hadn't so quickly forgotten the pain it brought her, and now this man had launched another towards her.

"Please don't" she muttered, but it was too late. The fireball was only two inches away from her, and she felt the great heat and wrath in that fireball. She closed her eyes, preparing herself for the worst.

Suddenly a yellow shield appeared around her, and the fireball quenched on contacting it. The man was shocked and widened his eyes in disbelief.

Theresa felt the heat vanish and decided to slowly open her eyes. What came into view was a bewildered man.

"What happened? Why is your mouth wide open? Do you wanna swallow me?" Theresa asked.


"What did I do, now?" Theresa asked unhappily.

Immediately, the man slapped himself again, shocking Theresa.

"Spit on the floor"Theresa commanded internally and immediately, the man spat on the floor. Theresa was surprised.

This man could do her bidding with no questions? She didn't even say it out loud.

"You Demoness, I will kill you" the man spat in ire.

"Kneel" Theresa commanded.

The man's knees became weak, and he plopped down to the ground on his knees reluctantly.

"Wow!" Theresa exclaimed. This powerful man could really obey her!

She then recalled her biting both his hands and the master-pet novels she had read two years ago.

Does that mean that she has become a Master of this powerful man? Theresa bubbled with joy in contrast to the unhappy kneeling man.

"You...when I et the chance, I'll beat you to death" the man threatened, and this spoiled the jubilant Theresa's mood.

"Why don't I make him slap himself more," she thought, and the guy slapped himself at a faster rate.

"Wow! It really works. So this is an ability I now have? If I didn't wake up, I might have lost my virginity, so you are going to lick the vomit on the ground." she thought happily.

Seeing the cute guy licking her vomit that was already frozen, she smiled evilly.

"Now take a stick to hit your head" she commanded internally.

The guy didn't know what was wrong with him when he took a stick made of iron to hit his own head very hard for 3 minutes. When Theresa commanded him to stop he crashed down to the floor like a sack of grain.

"Heavens why me? Where did she come from? Someone come help me please" he screamed in his heart.

For the first time in his life, he cried actual tears that were forming pearls even before they touched the icy floor. If he knew what was going in his mistress' mind now he would never have let his tears fall.

Theresa was processing information about the currency here and its value. Here in Luo Ye, they used coins of different types.

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