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With My Impregnation System In The World Of Naruto With My Impregnation System In The World Of Naruto original

With My Impregnation System In The World Of Naruto

Author: lord_aurelian

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Chapter 1: Reincarnation





The sound of whips echoes throughout a building resembling a modern Colosseum.

Several shinobi were mercilessly whipping an old man who appeared to be in his late 50s. Despite being a jonin-ranked shinobi, he was injured to the extent that his entire back was covered with wounds.

He was the clan head of a count-rank noble clan in the Akuma/Demon Empire, yet he was being humiliated like this simply because he had offended one person.

"Do you regret going against His Imperial Highness now?" Suddenly, an old man in a classic butler uniform appeared before him and asked the old man, who was still being whipped by the shinobi.

"Just so you know, I will never regret going against the Seventh Prince!" The old man, named Renjiro Hoshizaki, said, looking the butler in the eye.

"Renjiro, oh Renjiro! Why don't you understand that going against His Imperial Highness in this empire is the end for anyone?''

''Do you think the Empress can save you from His Imperial Highness?" The butler, named Daichi, leaned in and whispered in Renjiro's ear.

He was the clan head of a count-rank noble clan in the Akuma/Demon Empire, yet he was being humiliated like this simply because he had offended one person.


Renjiro clenched his teeth in anger at Daichi's words. "It really seems like the Empress has abandoned me," Renjiro thought to himself as he glared at Daichi's mocking face.

In the Demon Empire, there are many princes and princesses, resulting in numerous factions, and Renjiro was part of the faction that supported the Third Prince and the Empress.

And because of this allegiance, he had ended up offending the Seventh Prince by denying him the use of the port in his territory.

As a result, the shinobis of the Seventh Prince's faction had dragged him hundreds of miles and subjected him to extreme humiliation.

But Renjiro still refused to align with the Seventh Prince, knowing his reputation for gradually turning nobles into his puppets and discarding them once they were no longer useful.

Seeing how much his once-great noble clan, the Hoshizaki, had declined, he couldn't afford to let someone like the Seventh Prince gain influence over them.

Renjiro then turned his gaze to a boy sitting above on a chair, sipping tea and watching the drama unfold. "Seventh Prince, do you really think you can kill me?" Renjiro asked confidently.

Despite knowing that the Empress might no longer support him, he still believed that the Seventh Prince couldn't truly afford to kill the head of a count-ranked noble clan.

The Seventh Prince, Majin, looked to be around 17-18 years old, with long black hair and piercing red eyes, and a very handsome face. His demeanor was calm, yet there was a coldness in his gaze


Majin ignored Renjiro, taking a sip of tea, his expression unchanging despite the sudden headache that struck him.

The pain brought a flood of memories, images from a past life he had lived. According to these flashbacks, he had been reincarnated into an anime series known as "Naruto."

Beyond basic knowledge of that world, the other details were murky and obscured.

However, Majin didn't panic. This was because he had reincarnated, not transmigrated, meant he had only awakened memories of a past life; his essence and purpose in his current life remained unaltered.

With a cold smile still playing on his lips, Majin turned his chilling gaze back to Renjiro. "I heard that your clan is starting to rise again, Count Renjiro''.

''How tragic it would be if an entire noble clan were massacred in just one night?" The threat in his voice was palpable, sending a shiver through the assembly.

Majin watched impassively as Renjiro's furious shout echoed through the Colosseum-like structure. "SEVENTH PRINCE! IF YOU WANT TO DESTROY MY CLAN YOU HAVE TO GO OVER MY DEAD BODY!" Renjiro's voice thundered with rage and desperation. 


In a swift, chilling moment, Daichi stepped forward. His movements were precise, almost too quick to follow. The blade in his hand gleamed briefly before Renjiro's neck was severed from his body.

"Dare to raise your voice in front of royalty! You deserve to die!" Daichi declared coldly, his expression unchanging as he stood over Renjiro's fallen form.

As Majin observed the scene with detached amusement, a sudden, unfamiliar voice echoed in his mind.

[The Impregnation System has activated]

lord_aurelian lord_aurelian

Guys, It's my first novel. So it migth contain some mistakes, So i request you all to ignore them for a while.

But I promise to improve my wiriting skills, if they are not good enough. So, can you guys please add this novel to your library and leave a comment.

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