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Chapter 45 - With Yuri Prime's powers and army in another world - Chapter 47 by Rauon full book limited free

Chapter 47: Chapter 45

There are two common ways of using Aura, infusing the body with it, be it the user, that of others to bring about a supporting kind of effect from enhancing the body to healing it or if you follow the ways of a warrior using it to create devastating attacks each weapon used can create a variety of effects, armor-piercing attacks, body severing slashes, and the most common method employed by demons...

Bone-crushing blows.

But Gerun was a demon that found a way to implement his aura into anything that he used to attack, unlike those that required years of practice even to bring about the full potential of a weapon.

He was the anomaly of the Demons.

The common sense of this world didn't apply to him when it came to weaponry.

He would use his own body to 'create' random weapons from nature, from flesh-cutting rocks to bone-crushing trees.

This demon made full use of his aura despite his dumb-looking appearance!

The initiates that left scorch marks on Gerun, most of them were left in pieces thanks to the shards of rocks clad aura, thanks to their genetic enhancements, this wasn't enough to kill them completely, but they were now unable to do anything other than attempting to put themselves back together!

But even then, Gerun was already furious from the mental attack and the light burns he received. The demon covered in warts emerged from the dust cloud that he made before reaching out to the nearest Initiate that still had enough balls to create something akin to a flamethrower to defend himself despite missing his lower body, half his chest, and one arm to support the pyrokinesis.

The initiate wasn't going to fall without doing as much as he could.

It wasn't just loyalty that fueled his actions but also the long-lasting grudge towards demons, especially the one that destroyed their tribe and forced them into dire straits!

He faced his end bravely as the land hand descended upon him with a ferocious look plastered on his bloodied and somewhat ripped-up face.

"If I'm going to die, I'll at least do something while I'm at it!"

Ever since the first suicide of the lasher tank driver, Mikhail provided every single one of his troops with the ability to accumulate energy within a split second, all to bring about the greatest amount of damage upon his enemies!

What was left of the initiate's body gained a purple hue, then, when the large hand of Gerun was mere inches away from flattening him, the dying man mutter these words full of fanaticism and cruelty.

"O̵̱͖̜͚̺̥̘͚͔̬̗̬͉̳̗̽͑̈́̍͗̋́̀̈̑̔̽̆̐̉͂N̸̩̯͊̓̐̇̂͌͑̈́͝Ļ̷̝͚̲͍̞̰͈͇̲̥͍͊̾͑̍̉͌̿͗̕̚͝Y̴͖̝̌̿̊̇̒̿́́̐̇̍̋͛ ̸̯̠̼̰̙̪͎̩̤̗͖̾́͒̉̀̊͊̏͜͠Y̵̡̛̛̪̘̏͋̄̑͑̔̋͒̓̎͌̽̓U̴̡̼̻͔̠̻̻̮̯̿̂͋͑̊̎͋̀̂̂̅̄́͆̉̆̕̚͝͝Ŗ̵̨͈̤͚̺̪̗͚̑̃͊͂́ͅI̸̯̝͇̱̩̗͓͈͐͗͌͜ ̶̢̧̢̼̲̻̜̠͖̠̪̫̥̳̪̯̼̫̕İ̸̡̡̼̱͈̥̪̭̘̄̒̿̏̀̚͜ͅṢ̴̛̘̙̭͍͍̬͕͈̥̬̹̋̈́̓̋͜ ̷̡̬̞̬̗̗̼̬̿͜ͅT̴̠̙̤̦̬̜̱̯̦͍͖̞̤̭̞̈́̒͒̊̉͋́̕̚͠Ḩ̶̤͔̲̹̥̺͑͛̓̽̓̋̍̄͆́̽̄͗̕͜͠E̸̥͔̔̄̄̒̅̆͛͐̇͐̿́͒̃̃̾̋̊̀̇̄ ̷̨̛͚̞̮̺̥̽͑̅̏́͂̐̒͊̽̆̓̅͐̎͂M̶̹̬̰̱̖̼͇̼͖̜̟̞̩̫̩̳͎̼̐́̉͐A̵̼̪̎̀̍̐͒̏̿͂͑͊̕S̸͖̮̎̀̈́̇͛̓͊̀̀̅͊́̑̓̈̅͘T̷̟̠͉̣̞̥͓͖̥̯͐̅̒̍́̒́̊̋̐̚͝ͅẼ̶̢̨̝̜̜͎̫̘̱͇̉̆̿̋̏͊̍̏̐̓̚͜͠͝Ȑ̷̨̨̩͈͈̻̺̦̺̺̟̟͛̑̃̎͂͆!̵͉͔̳͎̤̳͕͖̺͙̞̝̟̰͕̌͐͆̑̒̿̆̉̄̓́̈́̉̕͝͠!̸̛̞͚̈̋̽͑̍͒̿̾̔̏̈́̈́͌!̸̭̻̗̰̝̆̔̈̋̀̏̀́͒̊"

Then soon followed an explosion that was as strong as a few hundred pounds of C4!

The ground where the Initiate suddenly erupted upwards with a mushroom made from flames burning away a large area. Some of the other surviving Initiates suffered from the blast.

The disgusting sight of some of the unlucky ones becoming flying mangled flesh crashing into the ground, trees, or even on the remaining survivors was not something any regular person should see!

White Scale immediately ordered the Viruses to fire into the base of the mushroom of flames and to continue to do so until 'something' came out!

Thus they aimed their rifles and wired all that they had since there was a very high chance of this being their last time fighting together...

They all just wanted Gerun dead!

Something suddenly emerged from the inferno before a death throe of one of the viruses, and the grunt from their current leader alerted the rest.

It was the scorched Gerun who now held one of their sisters in his mouth by the ripped-up torso, He had taken a bite with one hand holding the halfway crushed skull and the other restraining the tail that was wrapping around the long arm of his!

The demon was munching down loudly as he had a look of disdain, completely annoyed at the situation and dissatisfied by the fact that food was struggling so much right now.

White scale now had a hole on the left side of his abdomen thanks to a rock-infused with Aura as he laid on the ground trying to reduce or stop the bleeding!

By instinct, Virus, before she died, attempted to slow him down somehow, even if it meant her death!

But the difference in tier made it hard for her to keep up with Gerun's speed, causing her retaliation to stop barely halfway thanks to her brain being turned into mostly mush.

But she was still trying to accomplish her intention of holding him down!

"A flesh bag is trying to restrain me? pft, pitiful bitch!"

Seeing through her gall to try and hinder him somehow, after Gerun said his thoughts with a snort, the demon ripped her in half with a tug.

Her lower half turned limp.

However, She wasn't going to stop that easily!

No matter how grievous their injuries were, as long as there was a psychic to support them, they can continue to fight even if their head is crushed as long as a single limb is functional even if it is detached from the body, it will still attack or in this case restrain the target! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-powers-and-army-in-another-world_14342664806116905/chapter-45_55601617533192445">;s-powers-and-army-in-another-world_14342664806116905/chapter-45_55601617533192445</a> for visiting.


The psychic yelled out in the telepathic link to the captured virus.

Thanks to the efforts of White scale, who was already going in and out of consciousness from blood loss, he took control of the Virus whose strength seemed to suddenly double as she tried digging her claws into the scorched skin, while her lower half was slowing down the long arm that was trying to reach out to her torso with some success.

"More useless struggles- WHAT!?"

Gerun wanted to show off his superiority over them, but in the middle of his demeaning words, one of the claws of the virus managed to slightly pierce through the burnt skin.

This gave him a sense of danger which made him immediately those the virus away with ALL of his might!

"What the hell is this!?"

the demon said that while looking at his short arm that was consuming a large amount of his aura in fear

A strange green patch formed at the area that the virus managed to poke through, to which he did the unexpected.

He opened his mouth wide and took a bite out of his own arm!

Gerun bit off a chunk of his arm before spitting it out to the ground. The chunk of flesh, upon landing, rapidly turned green before bursting into some kind of mist!

This made the demon back away from the mist while using a hand to cover the opening that he created.

"You damned meat bags dared to push me to such lengths...!"

He was angry again much angrier than ever before as a malicious red aura began to form around him as if he was about to go 'super'! XP

Seeing that their poison did affect the demon, the remaining Viruses blended into their surroundings before resuming their attack with renewed vigor!

Hell, this ignited the will of all of the remaining survivors.

Some of the brutes that were still healing got back to their feet before charging madly like frenzied zombies, hoping to do something rather than sit back and surrender as they snickered like lunatics!

Since Gerun's food was challenging his authority, He wanted to put them in their place.

The demon raised a foot, but his next action was interrupted by a rock-infused with Aura that smacked him right in the eye forcing him to tilt his head back slightly from the impact, it didn't do much damage, but it did help to put him in a daze as a roar soon followed as a large figure slammed into the demon from above.


It was Hammer fist, and he didn't look like a brute anymore!


In a distant castle that was strangely similar to western Castles, long flaps of cloth hanging off of the walls showing off their belief as religion wasn't something believed in other countries.

Within an altar room that was decorated in so many statues and stones that depicted angels leading armies that clashed with demons that fought using monsters and beastkin.

but there was one major difference between the demons that existed in the world compared to those displayed by the statues, it was like looking at the kind mentioned in the bible goat head, six arms, 8 pairs of wings, and a long tail with a spaded tip.

Every single demon that fought against the angels, who had different genders different looks, seemed like clones all bearing the same look and power.

A man clad in a white robe prayed eagerly towards a statue that was surrounded by 18 angels, it had no real features to describe nor could you tell if it were male or female, but regardless this was the symbol of their faith.

A blonde beautiful woman dressed in heavy armor, that reflected the sunlight with her green eyes, a large tower shield, and sword tied to her back, moved with ease before kneeling down a few feet from the praying man

"Pardon my intrusion during your daily prayer, Archbishop Jacob but our sources speak of an ongoing battle with one of the demon lords."

The woman's voice was rough it also had a tinge of excitement.

"The group that has been a thorn in the church's side has been said to be there. Shall I have the Vassal kingdom of Danivol send their 'blessed' warriors?"

The Archbishop released a long sigh as if given a chance to rectify some mistake he had made before smiling as he relayed his order.

"yes, do that. Make sure to send a message to Steel fang or bone or whatever his name was, stating that the culprits that caused the death of his two siblings are there too~ I want to lessen the world of all and any abominations possible!"

Jacob was sent to this part of the world to spread the word of their god and gather more resources to further strengthen the church.

However, all of this man's efforts were ruined by a bizarre group led by another god, he was extremely jealous of the fact that their said 'god' according to some of the reports gathered before the beast kingdom suddenly grew in power was standing with his/her believers in the flesh.

This further increased their belief that gods truly exist bolstering the faith of their church's believers now the Archbishop had a couple of tasks that needed to be done, one of them being...

A crusade!

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