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73.52% Woe's World: Strangers' Thriller Land / Chapter 25: Chapter 25

Chapter 25 - Woe's World: Strangers' Thriller Land - Chapter 25 by paintasy18 full book limited free

Chapter 25: Chapter 25


They released the arrows with all of their force simultaneously. The arrows landed in her direction but she stopped their arrows from hitting her by cutting them in half in an intense rush. While the others just landed over the ground. Then the last arrow that was landing on her was suddenly caught by her left hand and its sharp tip was very close to the center of her forehead.

She throws this arrow in fierce while looking to the King.

Greater confusion and wonder had added within him after he had seen Fontana's second unexpected action. He raise his left hand to give the armies sign, the ones that who do archery, that they should not release any arrows until he commanded them again.

"Who are you?!"

The King asked.

Fontana just stares at him, gave him no answer then after about a few seconds she shouted.

"I want you to fight with me!"

She was being overwhelmed by her anger and not thinking very well in her every action. Within her mind, she just wanted to avenge the thousands of people who had died and as well as the remaining who had suffered and continuously suffering under his regime.

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Sakar whispered to her but she just ignored him.

The King got angry at Fontana's words. He had thought that this lady was going too far.

"Armies outside the entrance, kill her!"

The King again commanded them.

The armies before the entrance suddenly takes an action after they heard the King's command. While Fontana gathered her whole strength then fight them with great bravery. She waggles her sword in every direction in where each army was located then with her marvelous force she could lunge them in any part of their body and their armors are very useless.

She had almost killed hundreds of them. Still, she didn't get any wound nor scratch in her body during the battle but she was almost covered by the blood from different human beings.

'Fontana, remember who you are.'

Sakar whispered to her again.

When she had heard Sakar's whisper she stopped moving faster then just remains in her place then keeps looking around, observing their actions and preventing them from attacking her by pointing her sword's edge towards them.

She realized Sakar's words. She took a look at the dead bodies of the armies that she had killed. She had thought right now that this was not her, for she never wanted to kill someone and she was here to stop the shedding of the blood. And know the truth of why the King wanted her to be caught or, dead?

The armies keep circling her and observe her every action.

She looks into the eyes of the armies who are circling her and then she felt sadness. She was thinking that these armies are all innocent like the others for they are just also under the command of their wicked King so why should she kill them? But she also thinks right now that maybe she was the wicked one for she was the reason why this great chaos had started. As she thinks, she made the whole world more horrible and miserable.

She slowly lifted her both hands and as well the sword. The King had wondered about her action.

"I will surrender!"

She said.

The armies looked at her for a moment then stepped closer to her slowly.

"Drop the sword."

One of the armies said.

She immediately dropped the sword then remains to lift her hands. They are about to hold her with her hands and shoulders when one of the armies unintentionally dropped his helmet from his head because of careless action. Unfortunately, his neck was naked to the eyes of everyone, most dangerously to her.

She stares at it then this army began to fear her because of the way she looks at him. Because of that, he immediately picked up his helmet then put it back again but what a useless effort for it was now too late.

These armies started to depart slowly from her for they felt that she was a predator. Sensing that she has the wolf tattoo or the most dangerous one.

Fontana's body temperature began to rise even more when she feel her fangs are emerging then she now claves for her prey. When the King had seen her behavior, he felt more scared than before then moved away from them.

Fontana runs too fast to the army to whom she had seen the tattoo and then she immediately bit his neck and began to eat his flesh until this hopeless person loses his life. She stopped eating his flesh when she had noticed that her prey was already dead. Gasping in intense and confused in everything, she was still under her devilish self.

When the King saw that she had ceased to eat the flesh of one of his armies, he commanded them again to capture her. He could see that she cannot truly control herself and knowing the rules, he knows that Fontana cannot hurt momeone again unless she sees another prey tattoo for the second time. And taking advantage because she cannot control herself, they successfully captured her.

Fontana feels weak and began to be dizzy while the King departed from his horse and walked closer to Fontana. While in the arms of more than two armies, preventing her from escaping, Fontana slowly looks at the King even if it was way too blurry.

Finally, standing at her front, the King stares at her for awhile then he shook his head twice. He slowly put his left hand to her neck then immediately pulled off the fabric from her. They are all shocked, especially the King when he saw the tattoo.


He whispered then after a few seconds he smiled.

"No wonder why."

As he added.

Then Fontana became unconscious.

Back to the lake of Simlon, the four were still sleeping and the surroundings were so quiet but few moments bygone, strong blows of wind appeared and bigger waves began to appear.

Zed's eyes slowly opened because of the sudden event but still, the three were undisturbed. He sits from laying and looked around. He had noticed that Fontana was not around. He looked around the lake trying to find her and hoping that he could find her but ultimately, he couldn't. He began to feel worried about her, he thought that maybe Fontana had drowned under the water so he tried to wake up the three but it was useless.

But after a few minutes, he realized that Fontana would never drown under the water for she was brave and would do anyway just to save herself, that is what he knows about Fontana during the short times of being with her. When he lifted his head he had seen the familiar land. He remains to stare at it for a few seconds then suddenly gets his sword and jumps into the water. She already knows where was Fontana.

He swims the waters until he reached the land of Kell and walks faster towards the place where he came from.

The sky was about to depart from this side of the world. Darkness again was ready to rule the places. The wind was swaying the dust back and forth.

After about a few hours, Zed was really weary caused by walking but eventually, he had reached the kingdom. He stopped when saw the dead bodies of armies outside the entrance. He already knows what happened later but he couldn't imagine that the woman that she knows was the only one who did it.

"Did you do this?"

He said.

Then he looks to the entrance. The wide gate was closed and lights inside the kingdom began to be lighted up.

He needs to find a way to get inside that kingdom. Finally, he had thought of a good idea. He wounded himself using his sword on his left leg then it began to bleed. He walked closer to the gate then shouted;

"Let me in! I just fainted lately because I lose too much blood!"

Then the watchmen heard him and believed his words. Fortunately, they opened the gate for him. When he was already in, he chuckled once in secret for he cannot believe that he had fooled them.

"Hey! Lucky you for you didn't end up dead!"

One of the watchmen shouted then laughter followed among them while Zed just ignored them.

The kingdom was very vast. Every army has its room and its necessities are given to them but never been their freedom.

Zed walked straight to his room and give his whole focus to dealing with his intended wound first.

Back to the King, he was now sitting on the throne with a big smile that was drawn on his face. What great happiness for him right now that he finally accomplished his desire. What a great commitment for he had captured the creature that he was been looking for, for a long time.

"Prepare the foods for we will celebrate our success."

He commanded one of the armies who was standing straight at the left side of him. Then he immediately departs from his place after hearing the King's words.

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