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68.57% World Of Ruina: World Beyond Limits / Chapter 24: Recapturing Fairdrift - Part 8 [A Deal Between Two Personalities]

Recapturing Fairdrift - Part 8 [A Deal Between Two Personalities] - World Of Ruina: World Beyond Limits - Chapter 24 by Rahmat_R123 full book limited free

Chapter 24: Recapturing Fairdrift - Part 8 [A Deal Between Two Personalities]

Ellisa's POV

As of now, we were kind of in a tough spot to be in; let me recap what I know so far. A few minutes ago, I was woken up from my nap when a loud thumping noise came from outside the building. I was dismayed and confused when I saw everybody was wearing all of their equipment in a hurry. We were running down the stairs a moment later, and Kiseki told me that the soldiers who returned from their scouting mission had brought all Titana Cyclops straight to us. He didn't explain to me how that happened, though.

When we came out at the front door, we were shocked to see the Cyclops had already surrounded us at every side. We had nowhere to run.

Then, one of the Cyclops tried to kill us by swinging the pillar in his hand towards us. It was indeed a horrifying experience; I almost thought we would've died from that attack. But, thank goodness Kiseki saved us with his power. Although I hate seeing him pushing his limits while he's still hurt, he was our only hope to survive that strike.

After that, Kiseki came up with the idea to attack those Cyclops like what we did before. He said he had a different plan this time, but Cicily was against him on the spot. I mean, I kind of agree with her right now. Why did he think we could strike back? We failed before. I don't think it could succeed on the second try. I wanted to say something to stop Kiseki, but Cicily quickly changed her mind and let him attempt one more time, and here we are now.

Her eyes gazed towards me, "Ellisa! Launch Kiseki up in the air with your magic!" Cicily commanded me,

Launch him?- Wait, no, no, no. I thought Kiseki's plan this time was different. Why does he still want to get to where the Cyclops can easily hit him like before? I was startled by her command and responded back to her,

""What?!- No! He will die this time if I do that!-"

I don't want to see him get hurt again. It's too unbearable to watch. Last time surely he was lucky to survive from that, but I don't think his luck will help him again this time,

I couldn't finish my word, and Cicily already interrupted me by saying, "If you don't do it, WE ALL GOING TO DIE, DAMN IT!"

That's true; I'm well aware that we all would die if we didn't do something. But is there no other way that we can come up with?- What if it fails miserably again this time?-

Ah- I can't think of it like that for now. I need to put trust more into Kiseki. We have been through a lot together since the day we met. Kiseki certainly have something else up in his sleeve to win this fight; I need to believe in that. I tried to ignore my scepticism for now and do what I was told to do,

I hurried up and cast a magical spell underneath Kiseki's leg; this would be it. If he fails, we all die. When I was about to complete the spell, I looked at him one last time and said,

"Whatever you do this time, make it work! Kiseki!"

Kiseki had this look on his face that he was confident he would succeed. It somehow eased the tense feeling I had at the moment; I know he can do this. Without further ado, I launched him up as high and fast as possible with my magic. He was flying up almost at a supersonic speed,

I muttered while I had my eyes locked onto him, "Bring hope to all of us, Kiseki,"

When he was halfway towards the maximum height that he could reach, I heard him shouting,


A fluid that looked darker than black, along with a frightful presence that came with it, suddenly immerged around Kiseki. What is that thing?- I've never seen that kind of power came from anyone before- It's somehow felt similar to the power of evilness. Where did Kiseki get such unholy capability?!-

The next thing I know, when he is finally about to dive back down. He took out his artifact and thrust it straight into that liquid. What came out from the other side was a weapon that looked nothing like he usually used before in his fight; it was jet-black and twisted. As if the weapon was made in the depth of hell,

When he took that weapon into his grasp, I could feel the fierce lust of terror flowing all over Kiseki's body. He looked totally different from how he usually was. From the confident look that he had before had changed into a sinister-looking smile, and the laugh that came with it was terrifying,

"HAHAHAHA! I'm enjoying this power..." Kiseki said,

He was no longer falling down and just hover up in the air at the same height as the Cyclops. Those monsters had no longer aiming at us and had their eyes focused on Kiseki. This is the moment we are waiting for. Would he manage to fight against these Cyclops and win?!-

"It's time to play~" Kiseki sputtered afterwards,

The rage was on; One of the Cyclops when for the attack first. He tried to slap Kiseki back down to the ground like what happened last time. I couldn't bear to watch how this turned out to be, so I closed my eyes and looked away.

Suddenly, I felt droplets raining down from above, splashing onto my face; the smell from it was stink. I dare myself to look at what that droplet was. When I wiped my fingers across my cheek and stared at it, I realized that it was blood; was this Kiseki's blood? While I was sad from what I just saw on my fingers, the rest of the people seemed shocked at what they were looking at in the sky,

To my surprise, this blood wasn't Kiseki's. It came gushing out from the Cyclops that was attacking him. The monster was headless, and Kiseki was still hovering in front of it without any scratch on his body; was that Kiseki's doing?!- That's unbelievable!

Cicily then murmured stutteringly to the group, "H- He killed that creature- w-with one swing-?!"

I was stunned to hear that. When I took a closer look at the halberd in Kiseki's hand, it was coated with that Cyclops' blood. How could an artifact do that much harm?!- When he used his bow against the Cyclops last time, it deals close to no damage at all!-

Was all of that strength came from the black blob of liquid just now? But how-?!

Kiseki began his next move towards the other Cyclops. He charged two of them at once and took out his knuckles artifact for this fight. Again, he let the weapon he wanted to use pass through the liquid before attacking those Cyclops. The knuckles looked unusual too, like the halberd he was using before; the colour was black all the way from the tip to its sleeve with a somewhat hellish shape compared to the normal one.

The punches that Kiseki dealt with those Cyclops was explosive. Each hit he made created a large open wound upon impact, obliterating the whole layers of skin, fat and tissues that the Cyclops had on its body. We were no longer the prey here. Kiseki is on par, if not much stronger than the Cyclops combined.

The soldier around me started cheering for him, "Yeah! Show that monster who we are!"

Cicily no longer looked scared nor stressed out about our situation, "We could win this! We will survive! Keep it going, Kiseki!"

Somehow, I don't have the same feeling as they do right now. It's not that I don't want to support Kiseki, but the way he fights was totally contrary to how he usually is. It's messy, brutal, overwhelming, and most disturbingly, it's filled with lust and joy to kill.

As I was overthinking this, Kiseki had already put down both of the Cyclops he was fighting. It was quick, too quick. Kiseki is too overpowered at the moment.

"Three down~ Five more to go~ Hehehehe!" Kiseki chuckled creepily,

Back to Kiseki's POV

I was floating around in a fetal position at the moment, fully naked without a single piece of clothes covering me. What is this place? All I saw around me was the memories that I had in both earth and Ruina. Am I inside my own head right now? Why do I feel so tired? It's so dark and cold here.

As I was about to close my eyes until I saw a gaping hole in front of me. The opening looked as if it was a cutout silhouette of a pair of eyes. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was the view of what I should see from my own perspective,

"What is going on out there?- Why am I viewing all this?" I asked myself,

I don't feel like it's me that's controlling my body. Why is my body moving on its own? Why do I watch myself fight right now? I guess I am within my mind at the moment. It's weird, though. That's not how I usually move around. Ah- whatever. As long I save the troops from these creatures, everything will be fine. Suddenly, I heard a voice reaching out to me,

"Do you like the power that you get from me? Hihihihi! That's just a small portion of it~" Somehow, this voice sounded like me,

I swayed my head left and right, but I couldn't see anyone around me,

"Who are you?" I replied to the voice,

Just like the wind, a shadowy figure appeared right in front of me. How strange, this person resembles me somehow. But, he had this ominous look on his face that made me feel a little agitated. Should I care about that, though? I can't put my thought straight right now. He kept staring at me all the time with that disturbing smile carved out.

"How silly... I am you~!" the shadow replied to me,

"You're me? I don't get it," I responded,

"I don't think explaining things to you will make any difference. But, very well, I'll tell you. You used your Sinner's System a moment ago, and do you know what was locked within the system? Me. The darkness that lies in your soul," He muttered to me,

I was pretty confused, but it didn't seem like I could express myself right now. I don't know what or how to feel in this situation. Then I replied,

"What do you want from me?"

He gave me a chilling grin on his face and said, "I wanted to make an offer with you,"

"Offer me of what?" I asked blatantly, Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I will offer you the power to rule everything. The strength that you need for your whole adventure in the future. The potential for you to fight and save your friends from being killed by anything. Most importantly, the answer to the death of your parents and the reasoning behind your sin." said the shadow,

That sure sound tempting. I do want that kind of power to help me win this war. I don't want to see people like Han and Poloppo sacrificed themselves to protect someone else anymore.

I don't want to see Ellisa's tears dripping down her cheeks when she worries for somebody. I don't want Ichijou to experience any pain and regret from the mistakes that he has made.

My parents. Even though I don't really care about them anymore, I do wish to find out what happened to them and how did they died,

But before I made my decision, the prophecy that Lucifer told me before came to my mind,

"Based on the ancient prophecy, the deepest sins that lie within you will slowly reveal upon yourself and used to play with your sanity. Those who succeeded on this test will be reborn into a better being and gain a superior knowledge of this world they will live in." is what I remembered she said,

Is this what she meant about playing with my sanity? I don't feel like I'm turning crazy, though. Was all of that a lie? Besides, why should I believe in the Devil when I can believe in myself. Then,

"At what cost..." I responded to the shadow,

"Embrace the darkness I just bestow upon you and let me take over your body completely. You can rest forever while I finish the job you couldn't do," the shadow said to me,

Taking over my body for good?- Why would I want that. But I don't know. My mind is blurry right now. I took some time to think about it before making the decision.

"Give me a moment to think," I replied,

Minutes if not hours, had passed. I don't know how long I've been here right now. After a while, I slowly lost my thoughts and didn't think of anything, especially what I decided to choose. Everything turned vague; who am I? Why do I want to live so badly? Letting him taking over isn't that bad of an idea, right?- Eventually,

"I guess... giving it a try won't hurt..." I responded,

Ellisa's POV

The blob of liquid no longer surrounding Kiseki, but instead, it looked like it was consuming him. His hand slowly turned black, and his eyes were glowing red. After that,

"This fool let me take over him in no time. HAHAHAHA!- I will enjoy every second of my new life in this body," is what Kiseki said next,

It sounded so odd. Why is Kiseki saying something like that?- Somehow, Kiseki no longer act like himself right now. He dashed straight to the other Cyclops within the area at lightning speed and acted even crazier than he was a few minutes ago.

He pounded the monsters continuously with all kinds of artifacts that he pulled out, and his attack almost hit us on the ground too. Each swing he made, each strike he executed, resulted in the building around us crumbled and nearly flattened the groups,

"Watch out! Move away from there!" I shouted,

"What is wrong with him?!- Can't he see that we're all down here?!" Cicily responded angrily,

He is careless right now. Why did he act like this? All the lust that came from him didn't seem right. Moreover, is he trying to protect us or getting us killed?!-

The eerie smile on his face is getting wider and wider every time he strikes those Cyclops,

"HAHAHAHA! You foolish buffoon! I will eliminate all of you!" Kiseki screamed,

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