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33.33% Worlds Destiny / Chapter 1: Worlds Destiny Chapter 1-Survivors and Goals
Worlds Destiny Worlds Destiny original

Worlds Destiny

Author: Natalie_Sanders555

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Chapter 1: Worlds Destiny Chapter 1-Survivors and Goals

** Prologue ***

If only I was strong enough to protect them, if only the world wasn't invaded by zombie, this world wouldn't have turned out to be so....destroyed. But now that I'm still alive, that'll change. I Akari Konichi will change the world's destiny. Changing the World's Destiny.

*** Chapter 1- Survivors and Goals***

My first goal is to find more survivors that are willing to join me on stopping the apocalypse, together we will find survivors and form a huge base home where people will feel safe until I gather a fighting group and extinguish all zombies so that they won't infect anyone else....But sitting down in this run-down mansion, makes me wonder if I'm actually capable of accomplishing that goal."What am I saying" I say as I stand up "It doesn't matter if I can, or can't, I have to try". I started heading out with my gun, right now I have to find better weapons, I remember that the weapon's store was around the corner from my house, I know all martial arts, Karate,Taekwondo,Jujutsu,Judo,Ninjutsu,Tai-Chi,Kyudo, and I'm the best at Kendo.Kendo is one of traditional Japanese martial arts that fights with swords. Ok maybe not All the mar- cutting me off are loud raspy crunching noises, I quickly hid in an alley holding my gun tight, I quietly peek my head out to see what the noise was, crouching there was a zombie eating the flesh of a human.Getting my gun ready to fire off, when suddenly an arrow comes flying from the top of a three story apartment building and goes straight into the zombie's neck, killing it instantly. The figure on the top of the building slowly moves away from my sight. All I could see was the back of the person, dark green jacket,black pants, and a quiver, full of arrows on his back. Maybe he can be my first member of my troupe, he's very skilled at Kyūdō. Kyūdō is the Japanese martial art of archery, high level experts in Kyūdō, may be referred to as kyūdōka, and some practitioners may refer to themselves as yumihiki, so from the look of how straight and silent his arrow was, I'd consider him a kyūdōka."Maybe he'll join once he knows how strong I am" When I arrive at the weapon's store, I noticed some fresh foot prints, someone must have been here. All of the swords were all well-made, but two Excalibur swords in the back caught my eye.The Hilt of the sword was a beautiful shade of black, when I picked it up I could feel the light weight, but at the same time, the blade was sharp enough to cut through, bricks, stones....metal even. As I was about to swing the swords, I hear a deep but gentle voice coming from behind me, " What are you doing here?" The gentle voice asks, when I turn to the person, I'm shocked to see the same boy who was skilled at kyudo, today must be my lucky day, " Am I not supposed to be here" I say as I slide the two swords into my scabbard, and walks to the boy, getting a closer look at him, he looks about my age, 14 maybe?, but different, he has two piercing's, one above, and one below his eyebrow. " Those swords are Excalibur, they can cut through anything, one wrong move and it could slice your head open" Confused, I look at the two swords, then back at him "I know that, but I'm skilled in most martial arts, including Kendo, so you shouldn't be worried about me" How considerate of him, despite his looks, he seems like a nice guy.He looks at my swords then back at me. "I'm not worried about YOU, I'm worried about it getting into the wrong hands, those swords are capable of hur-" I take back what I said about him, he's a total douche-bag "What are you, It's guardian? I'm not like that at all, you can't just go around judging people when you on't even know them yet, t-that's just, not rig-" Interrupting me, he says "I get it, sorry bout that, I'm Kiyoshi Akabane, 15 years old, you?" I guess he's not that bad "I'm Akari Konichi, age 14 years old, my mission is to gather a troupe and extinguish all zombies, will you be the first member of The Phantom Troupe" Thinking about what I just said, it sounded cringe, he knew that I just started this troupe and had no other members, and yet he just smiled and said " Sure, I'll join your troupe" That was easier then I thought, and so that's how The Phantom Troupe begun their journey to change the World's Destiny.

Natalie_Sanders555 Natalie_Sanders555

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my first novel that I've made.As a kid I loved making comics and watching anime, one day I hoped that I'd be able to become a manga artist or a novelist.Since this is the first novel I've made, please tell me if you see any mistakes so that I can fix them and become a better novelist.


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